Sexy Survey

Sexy Survey

25 Questions to ask your spouse to improve your love life! Just print our free surveys and make a date night out of it!

We ALL know how important communication is in marriage.  And I’m pretty sure we ALL want an amazing love life.  {Am I right?!}  But for some reason, many couples feel awkward or uncomfortable discussing the more intimate aspects of their relationship.  

Well, today we are going to make it EASY to do!

With the help of one of our favorite designers, Leah Aldous, we’ve made this printable couples survey with… 


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These 25 Intimate Conversation Starters are sure to break the ice and improve your love life!

Yep, we’ve done all of the work for you.  
All you have to do is print our free HIS and HERS surveys and make a date night out of it.

 Get some yummy snacks and drinks and settle down on the couch together to fill them out.  Then swap and read each other’s answers.  (And don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or to dig even deeper.)  


If this is still a little out of your comfort zone- be brave!  If you want to have more passion and romance with your spouse, then both of you need to be open and honest about what your likes and dislikes are.  You know what they say, “Knowledge is power!”

Whether you struggle in this area OR you already have an amazing love life- this is for you!  There is ALWAYS room for deeper understanding when it comes to your spouse.

Do you feel like you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling with your spouse? Check out Diva Central for even MORE great ideas on getting it back!


{You can grab your free download at the end of this post. Because we LOVE you!  You’re totally welcome.}

While you’re at it- don’t forget to fill out our printable “Favorite Things Questionnaire” and “Love Quest Survey” too!


They are both GREAT for getting to know and serve your spouse even better! In fact, my husband and I have decided to make a tradition of it and fill them out every year. After all, we’re always changing and growing so we want to make sure our marriage is too! 


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5 Responses to Sexy Survey

  1. As a teacher, I gave my boyfriend the questionnaire as a homework assignment. We both filled it out and had such a great conversation along with sharing our answers. Needless to say, the conversation sparked and we had a very intimate evening! LOVED THIS!! He even suggested we fill this out every 6 months to keep that communication open!

    1. So glad you were able to use it, Yvette! And what a great idea to fill it out every 6 months- just to keep the communication open. I love it!