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XES Book Giveaway

Why Church Girls Tend To Get It Backwards

…and how to get it right.

*Includes a set of 10 exclusive printables!

XES Book Giveaway Printables

Diva Central Exclusive Printables

Things are really heating up in Diva Central! This week you can enter to win this fabulous book was written by Joy McMillan who has a signature style for both warmth and transparency. You’ll discover why sex is under attack in the Christian subculture and how you can fight back to make the intimacy in your marriage more incredible than ever before! You will also learn about how you can cultivate a safe environment to speak openly about sex with your spouse and why carving out time for intimacy has the potential to transform your marriage. While this giveaway is exclusive to our Diva Central Community members, you can purchase a copy of this book from Amazon or from the SimplyBloomBlog.


Marriage Evaluation Cards

Marriage Evaluation Cards Printables

One of our most recent Diva Central Book Club reviews was for “The Marriage Story”. It is such a powerful book, that we created these fun printable cards to go along with it! For date night this week, simply print off these Marriage Evaluation Cards printables to see where you and your spouse feel your relationship is at regarding some of the most important marriage topics. This is designed to gauge where each of you feel you could improve in your relationship and to open up constructive conversations. Set goals for you relationship so you can start tackling those areas you BOTH need to improve on.


“Half-Full” Printable

Half Full Printable

To change things within our marriage, the best place to start is with ourselves. Understandably, change is hard! Once we begin to dissect the things about our self that need changing, we can start to get down about who we are. In actuality, we should be doing just the opposite. By deciding to make those changes we are creating a better self and that is a positive thing! By keeping a positive outlook you are keeping your eye on the prize. Now, there may be ups and downs along the way, but through it all the prize of a happy and everlasting marriage shines bright. The Dating Divas have created a simple, yet elegant piece of wall art you can hang as a reminder to remain optimistic. We have 100% confidence in you!


10+ Hottest Summer Date Night Ideas

summer date night ideas

The temperatures are rising, so it’s time to heat up your date night ideas. As SUMMER is upon us, so are sunny days and romantic nights. We have for you 12 of the Hottest Summer Date Ideas. Whether it’s trying something new like fishing or sharing a night under the stars snuggling, we promise your romance will heat up and we don’t just mean the temperature {WINK}. This date round-up and many others are exclusive to our Diva Central Community members. Not a member? Join today!


Marriage Masters Program

This 26-Week done-for-you program will turn your marriage into the relationship you’ve always dreamed of with your spouse!

Marriage Masters Program

With this completely Done-For-You Program, you’ll get:
• 6 months of encouragement & inspiration
• Audio Sessions
• Fun Downloads
• Great Ideas to Implement each Week
• Tip Sheets to Print & Display at home
• Thoughtful & Enlightening Articles
• Weekly Email Reminders

PLUS you will have 6 months of access to Diva Central, our online Community, at no extra charge!

AND when you complete all 26 weeks, you’ll get our Virtual Swag Bag, stuffed with the greatest goodies to bring even MORE bring joy & happiness into your marriage, even after you’ve completed the Program!


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