Surprise Can: DIY Gift For Spouse


We are going to surprise your spouse with a gift that will turn an ordinary canned good into an extraordinary creative gift. This Diva Central EXCLUSIVE DIY project is easy, quick, and romantic which will be a great “just because” or for a “cheer-up” gift! Seal your gift for your spouse with a printable SWAK card {Sealed With A Kiss!} and place it into their packed lunch. Imagine his surprise!!!

Surprise Can DIY Gift Pin

Diva Central Exclusive Printables

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We’ve provided The Surprise Can for your spouse to enjoy as often as possible. This printable bundle features gorgeous printables from one of our all-time favorite designers: C Dot Love

This exclusive Surprise Can kit includes:

  • A list of supplies needed to create your surprise gift
  • Tutorial on how to create your surprise can
  • 5 unique and creative twists for your surprise can
  • A SWAK can topper, note card, and prompt note slips as well as blank slips for you to write whatever you want on as well
  • Ideas on how to present your surprise gift

This DIY thoughtful and romantic gift for your spouse is the perfect way to show your love, spark a little romance, or to cheer-up your spouse. 

Surprise Can Romantic Gift Printable Pack

Now sit back and enjoy your spouse’s surprise when they open your DIY gift for them!!!

What are you waiting for? Go and grab these printables now! 

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Start your SURPRISE CAN DIY GIFT adventure with your spouse TODAY!

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  1. Just an FYI if you use one of the smooth can openers you can open it on the bottom and glue it back on (it will fit like a lid) and then the top will still have that “POP” when it opens. 🙂