February 27, 2010

Goin’ To The Movies...


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I am ALL for creative dating….less “dinner & a movie”….and MORE unique dating experiences!!  BUT – there are just SOME movies that you MUST watch on the “big screen.”  {Clear throat} Ummm….Avatar…..for one!!  We LOVED that movie and we were so glad we splurged and saw it in the theater!

But who says you can’t throw a little “extra” into that date as well??  I’m a huge fan of the website Executive Homemaker and I first saw this idea on there.



When the next BIG movie comes out that you and your honey can’t wait to go see…try this quick & easy idea!!  Create a “movie ticket” earlier in the week and place it on his pillow…it will definitely get him even MORE excited to watch it with his honey!!
I created mine in Microsoft Word….so you can easily download it and change the info and the movie. Just go to the website of the movie you are wanting to see, right-click on the picture/image you want, and paste it into the word document I created.  (Don’t forget to delete the Avatar picture first…)  There are TWO tickets on the download…’cuz YOU need one, too!!  Enjoy!
Click here for the Movie Ticket download!
P.S. Click on the gray “download” button on the left and not the green one on the right….after you click on “HERE”…

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  1. Kristen says:

    I like this idea. Thanks for sharing!

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