February 26, 2014

“Lucky in Love” DIY Keychain


Constant reminder of your endless love!
Looking for a thoughtful and inexpensive gift for the spouse?!  This DIY keychain, now EXCLUSIVE to our amazing Diva Central Community, is personalized with your own initials and message. Your spouse will LOVE it and be able to carry it with them everywhere!


The Dating Diva Community Exclusive

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This easy DIY project is super cool and masculine enough for that guy in your life or meaningful and sweet enough for the lady  in your life! The DIY Lucky in Love Keychain tutorial includes:

  • 1 printable {created by the super talented Leah Aldous} to attach to your finished product and give as a gift
  • Materials list for creating the keychain
  • Instructions on how to create the keychain and input the message/initials
  • Helpful video

DIY Lucky in Love Keychain Printable Diva Central Exclusive

Perfect! Now you have a thoughtful and super cute gift to give!

Sign up for a FREE trial of Diva Central today to get our 7 Day Love Quest Challenge! Once you become a full member for just $9.97 a month, you’ll have access to the gorgeous printable you see.

CREATE Your Lucky In Love Keychain TODAY!


Diva Central Signup!

***We called the U.S. Mint and were able to talk to a representative to make sure using U.S. coins in our craft wasn’t breaking any laws. She let us know that making crafts/projects/jewelry with them is completely fine as long as there isn’t any fraudulent intent.***

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Recent Comments

7 Responses to ““Lucky in Love” DIY Keychain ”

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    I love that you got all the tools out for this!!! Such a cute idea and it looks super easy! I might have to try this! Thanks girl! xox

  2. Tara Tara says:

    I think this is such a fun idea! I’ve stamped a penny before and I think it’s even cuter in person when you can see it. Plus.. this is actually a craft that most guys would be comfortable sporting! Great present idea!

  3. Cami Cami says:

    LOVE this idea!! Great job Julie. It is super cute!

  4. Lisa says:

    I have all my supplies and then had a brain fart. I am collecting pennies to represent the years we were married and also the birth years of our kids. I am still debating what to have as my background disk. Love these ideas!

    • Julie Julie says:

      Lisa, what a great idea!! I love that you are collecting pennies with years that have meaning, that will make it just that much more special:)

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