March 16, 2010

Lucky You…To Be Married To Me!


I found this CUTE idea HERE….and decided this was the PERFECT gift to place in my husband’s car in the morning…(you could ALSO have this at the end of Kristen’s AWESOME “Treasure Hunt“…)
…so I made my sign…
Download Lucky Sign Here here!
(There’s a front & a back….cut them out and glue them back-to-back.)
I found a smaller paint can at Michael’s for only $2.99…and filled it with some of Jamie’s FAVORITE treats…that were St. Patrick’s Day colors, of course!!
A CLOSER look at the YUMMY treats…
I had some scrapbooking paper left over from my “Luck Blocks” and I quickly decorated the top…
….and I am FULLY expecting a HU-MONG-O kiss for this!! {WINK}
Have a WoNdErFuL St. Patrick’s Day!!

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4 Responses to “Lucky You…To Be Married To Me!”

  1. Kristen says:

    SO wish you would have posted this earlier, guess I will have to save this one for next year.
    All the guys at Jamie's school are gonna be soOOoo Jelous that he has such a cool wife!
    LoVe It!

  2. Kalee and Mike says:

    I just love this Blog!!! Thanks for all that have put all the work into making it! Its the BEST!!!

  3. Allison says:

    My sister in NV told me about this blog–so funny when I saw your picture–my old neighbor! Great blog! Hope you guys are doing good in your new place.

  4. Anna says:

    Im so happy to find this! I dont celebrate valentines day because I hate the holiday but my favorite is St. Patricks day so I think my husband will be so happy to get this :) Also I think your husbands need to give mine a 101 in this romance thing…lol it takes the fun out of it if Im the only one doing it.

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