November 30, 2010

Guess What!?!


 Thanks to all of YOU….we are a finalist in the Top Ten Marriage Blogs of 2010!  {SQUEAL!!}
We feel purdy special!  We would LOVE to continue on and hopefully be one of the actual top ten blogs….but we definitely need your help!  One more voting round….and we will be in debt to you forever!!  We PROMISE to come up with some super amazing date ideas….{WINK!}
Just copy our URL: and click HERE to be sent to the “Voting Booth”.  Leaving a comment counts!  :) Just let them know that you are voting for The Dating Divas….
….and we will get RIGHT on planning those spectacular dates for ya!  :)  

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2 Responses to “Guess What!?! ”

  1. Luis Merino says:

    Question for the Divas:
    How many HUSBANDS (if any) follow you ladies? I know, I do. I get loads of excellent date ideas that never fail to impress my lovely wife. You guys aren't only awesome for wives, but for clueless husbands.

    Keep up your awesome work, and I will make sure to vote for you! :)

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