March 24, 2010

Technical Difficulties…


The “Grab A Button” on our sidebar is currently not working…
…give me a day and I will get ‘er up and running…so don’t “grab” it quite yet! :)

Edited To Say: All fixed! Wahoo! I just learned a TON about Blog Buttons…kinda a crash course!
 Feel free to GRAB it now! :)

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One Response to “Technical Difficulties… ”

  1. The Wade Family says:

    Thank you for doing this! What an amazing idea! I now have so many "dates" I can't wait to do! I was so creative before we got married- and yep- jobs, kids, etc have gotten in the way- and to be honest- my creativity is now severely lacking! No more!!

    I was wondering, if at some point, you could add a subscription box onto the page. That way I could just enter my email and your updates would be sent directly to my inbox. Sometimes it's just a little easier to get info that way- at least for me. (hmmm, maybe that's selfish- I don't mean it that way!) I know feedburner has a free one. Anyhow- just a suggestion.

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