August 2, 2013

10 Crazy-Fun Summer Date Ideas


Let summer go out with a bang and make August rock in romance! Today we have 10 super crazy-fun summer date ideas! Scoring you brownie points over and over again!


I went back to August 2012 to find and share with you some of our best posts! We had a good month that is for sure! Let’s check them ALL out!

#1- Mall Dare Date, need I say more? If you are planning on shopping, throw a game into your night and enjoy!


#2- Love is a Battlefield Date, total guy date! Have fun ‘battling’ with your man!

Erika - Love is a Battlefield pinterest

#3- Sudoku Date, game on! Have a fun competition with good ‘ole Sudoku!


#4- Secret Agent Date, <—- click the link because it is a secret!

cami-guest blogger- secret agent date- glass

#5- Get the Scoop Date, my favorite kind of date. You can’t go wrong with a treat!

Candice-Get the Scoop-Pinterest

#6- Pool Party Date, perfect weather to throw this party! Hurry, it will be cold before we know it.


#7- Couples Cafe Date, romantic dinner?? Yes, please!

Becca-Couples Cafe-Pinterest

#8- The Price is Right Date, pure fun is what this one is about! DO.IT!

saring-price is right-pinterest pic

#9- Follow Me Sexy Tease {Intimate Date Night} If you’re already blushing, save this one for last.


And last but not least… dun-dun-dun…

#10- Our “Kids” Date Night Envelope, all for the kids! And your kids WILL love it!!

robin-kid date night envelope-board-mm-pic edited

And here are some great marriage tips that any marriage could use at any given time.

Marriage vs Finances, Love or War?, Tips and Tricks to making money work in your marriage!

The Anatomy of an Arguement, We share 5 strategies for REAL results to arguments that you can use today!

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2 Responses to “10 Crazy-Fun Summer Date Ideas ”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    LOVE all of these ideas! So fun to look back at our older posts. :)

  2. Candice Candice says:

    Great roundup of ideas, Wendy!

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