WIN “Valentine’s Day Date Baskets”

Valentine’s Day Date Baskets

Love is in the air, friends!

We are celebrating February, 14th 2014 with an incredible giveaway that you won’t want to miss!

Are you ready for this?! TWENTY-EIGHT of our FAVORITE bloggers have put together amazing Valentine’s Day baskets filled with everything you will need for a fun, romantic night!  That’s right, ladies… no more stressing over what to do or scrambling at the last minute to pull together a memorable evening.

Valentine’s Day is 100% planned for the lucky recipients of these twenty-eight gorgeous baskets! 

Each of our blogging friends {and us} are giving away a unique themed date night basket valued at over $100 each to make your evening something you will treasure forever!

Here’s a peak at all 28 giveaway baskets:


Are you ready for a chance to enter 28 AMAZING Giveaways AND meet some of our favorite blogging friends?  Welcome to The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Basket + Blog Hop!!

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Want to sneak a peek at what WE are offering?? Our date basket has it all- romance, mystery, adventure, and fun!



Click on each link to view each site, and enter to win their “Valentine’s Date Night” basket. If you receive an error message, click to the blog’s home page. So much inspiration, right?!?

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We knew exactly which dating adventure we wanted to share with our fabulous readers!  Our MISSION: VALENTINE Date is sure to spark some romance and leave his heart pounding!

Here’s what’s included in this darling collection:

Candice-VDayGiveaway-Basket Collage 2- numbered

1.) Romance 101: After your sweetheart completes his Valentine MISSIONS and solves all the CLUES, these items might come in handy!  What’s included?  A set of 6 heart shaped votive candles, 2 sets of rose petal soaps, a Lavender scented bath fizz disk, a box of beautiful rose petals, and a charming eye mask (wink!).  We’ve also included a $50.00 Visa gift card so you purchase any additional supplies you might need to make this a night to remember!

2.)  A set of bubbly glasses embellished with rhinestones- perfect for your favorite sparkling drink! Cheers to YOUR relationship!

3.) A ready-made Valentine’s Day banner complete with card stock heart embellishments– a perfect way to set the scene for LOVE!

4.) MISSION: VALENTINE printables!  This fun game is all prepped and ready to go!  Clues are safely tucked inside decorative envelopes and all the Mission tasks are attached to the outside.  We’ve even included some extra ribbon, a file folder, and a red sharpie– yup, that’s right– all the details are done!! All you need to do is place all the cute envelopes in the right spot and stock your fridge with a can of whipped cream!


Ready to WIN a fabulous, already prepped Valentine’s Day date?!? You can enter up to EIGHT times – see all the different ways below!

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{Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. It ends on January 24th. All 28 bloggers will individually email the winner of their V-Day Date Night basket as soon as the giveaway is over. Winners will need to respond within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen. Once we hear back, the winner of the basket will be posted in the post above.}

About the Author: Candice

I married my college sweetheart and am a mama to 2 adorable Shih-Tzu puppies. I have a passion for making handmade cards, discovering new recipes, and savoring travel adventures abroad.

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  1. Love this give away! But I messed up… auto correct changed my email to and that is so wrong. Is there a way to fix it? Its for subscribing to your email. 🙂 which I already am, just typed it wrong in the rafflecopter

  2. My most memorable Valentine’s Day occurred in college. A guy at the guy asked me what I was doing for VD. Totally threw me for a loop. At first I was aghast, then I realized he was asking me to the movies. What a hoot. I went, but so did my roomie. Funny memory and night. lol

  3. Mines not all that romantic. It was just a fond memory I had of all my valentines days. My father would always get me a small box of chocolate that had Elvis on it and a single flower, the one you’ll buy from the corner stores 🙂

  4. Such a cute basket! I love this giveaway idea from all you creative gurus! I always want to come up with something, but my husband is the creative one in our relationship so hopefully I can win one of these and give him a great surprise!

  5. My favorite Valentine memory is when I surprised the whole family with a fun Valentine’s day dinner and dessert. I decorated the table and had special Valentines at everyone’s place setting. They really loved it.
    I also loved the time I set a little table up in front of the fireplace and surprised my hubby with a romantic dinner. (kids were at our BFF’s house for the night).

  6. My favorite Valentine’s Day was my first one with my daughter. She was less than a month old at the time! That was the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!

  7. This past Valentine’s Day was pretty great. I was still recovering from a c-section and not up to going to a restaurant, so my husband made us steak and potatoes and garlic roasted veggies and got me strawberries and lactose free ice cream, so basically all my favorite foods in the universe! I liked it much better than any restaurant!

  8. I so love this giveaway!!!! And Valentine’s Day is one of my most favorite times of the year… Last year was our first year as a married couple… and our wedding themes was “Dreams Do Come True.” We vowed on that day to a lifetime of forevers and making each other dreams come true… I had never been to a concert in my life… and Beyonce had just announced the “Mrs. Carter Tour.” When the tickets went on sale my sweet hubby purchased a pair for us and made one of my wildest dreams come true!!!

  9. We’ve never really done much for V day except maybe get each other a card. We tell each other how much we love them many times a day, so never really saw the point in going overboard for 1 day.

  10. My husband and I have only been married a couple of years, so my favorite memory is actually from when I was in college and we had a Valentine’s party combined with Halloween – “Valloween”. We rewrote the lyrics to love songs to be about zombies, ate lots of candy, and played funny games. The whole room was decorated in cobwebs and Halloween stuff with paper hearts stuck everywhere. It was hilarious.

  11. It may not be the most romantic but it was the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day ever. My boyfriend who is now my fiance had to work. To top it off Valentine’s Day is also his birthday and we both were broke. He So while I was at work and before he headed to the Coast for his job he found all the money he could find and bought a heart shaped flowered plant and a very sweet card that just explains exactly how he feels about me. He placed it on my bed so that when I got home I would find it. The next day we celebrated our own special Valentine’s Day with a good meal and homemade chocolate covered strawberries.

  12. My favorite was early in our dating relationship – my then boyfriend now husband – bought me You’ve Got Mail and Serendipity on DVD and we watched them together. (He’s most definitely a macho man so chic flicks aren’t his thing.) I thought it was so sweet.

  13. My husband once worked for a company that had Valentine grams as a charity fundraiser every year. Each Valentine-gram came with a note and a balloon…He always came home with a huge bouquet of pink & red balloons! So Fun. Our daughter loved to play with those balloons!

  14. We’ve only had a few Valentine’s Days together, but getting to spend some time together, even if its just cooking a delicious meal at home is always fun!

  15. My favorite Valentines day memory is two Februarys ago when my husband proposed. It was totally unexpected since I was still at college three hours away and it was a Tuesday. He had visited me the weekend before so I thought the teddy bear he gave me was it. Instead I came home from the gym Tuesday to find flower, a ring, and him!

  16. I have a fantastic memory. After the birth of our 6th child, born on February 4, my husband took me out to a romantic dinner on Valentines Day. This particular restaurant happened to have dancing. He knew I loved to dance but we had not done much at all as a couple. It was such a special night.

  17. When my husband and I first started dating it was right around Valentine’s day. Actual our first “Real” date was Valentines day which we celebrated a few days early…I remember how he got dressed up in his roommates clothes and shoes because his weren’t fancy enough! So cute!

  18. What a great giveaway!!

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memory was the year my bf surprised me in my apartment by preparing me a really nice vegetarian meal (he even made delicious butternut squash soup). It was very romantic, simple and sweet.

  19. My favorite V-Day memory is when my now-fiance gave me a huge bear that had a cloth heart stitched to the stomach that had reasons why he loved me on it. It was the most adorable thing ever.

  20. My husband and I went ice skating at an outdoor skating rink one year and it was a BLAST! I am hoping to do it again sometime!

    Thank you for putting this all together! I am so happy to participate and can’t wait to enter all of these fabulous giveaways!

  21. Our first year of marriage I came home on Valentine’s to a HUGE bouquet of flowers on the back porch (placed there so our three dogs wouldn’t mess them up) and chocolates and flower petals on our bed in the bedroom! So sweet!

  22. We had only been married a few years are were both working evenings (and I was also in school full time). We got home and he gave me the most pathetic, beat up bunch of alstroemerias. This still makes me smile. He then told me how beautiful they had been in my wedding bouquet. He got some hubby points and we both got a good laugh 🙂 I love my husband so very much. A date night would be fantastic-as we now have two children under 3….

  23. My first valentines with my then boyfriend, now husband. We were engaged and said we weren’t gonna do a big thing for valentines because we were saving for the summer wedding. He surprised me with a homemade candle lit dinner after work

  24. I work in the fine jewelry industry so I always work up to and usually Valentine’s day. Last year my husband showed up to take me out to dinner after a long day!

  25. The first Valentine’s Day I spent with my husband we had just gotten engaged the day before. We had all of our bigger plans the day before, so we decided to have a picnic inside. It’s been a tradition ever since. 🙂

  26. My favorite memory of Valentines Day with the hubs was when we were both home with a cold and flu… It was the best and worst at the same time. He took care of me and I took care of him. We coughed and sneezed while snuggled on the the couch watching comedies and action flicks all day. ♥

  27. My husband and I began dating on Feb 15th, so we have always combined V-day and our anniversary into one awesome date night/weekend 🙂 This year we’ve been together 7 years! (Married for 2.5)

  28. My husband and I danced for a dance team and had practice the evening on our first Valentines Day together. So, he had a heart tablecloth, tea light candles and music for a romantic kids meal dinner at Wendys. We still get a kids meal for our dinner 🙂

  29. Honestly my favorite Valentine’s Day was when my Dad brought my S-10 truck to me all the way from Ohio. He bought it brand new and gave it to me. It was suppose to be given to me on Christmas, but he had to wait until Valentines Day to give it to me. It meant so much to me!

  30. I was pregnant on last valentines day and my poor hubby spent the day running around trying to keep up with my slightly changable emotions lol. He is amazing!

  31. My favorite valentines memory was our first as a married couple. We were living in Rexburg at got to go to a Valentine’s dinner and dance at the school. It was a lot of fun.

  32. It was a last minute decision (before we were married)…we were headed to the beach to watch the sunset while enjoying a small bonfire and we were hungry. Stopped at a drugstore for a blanket and next door was a pizza place. Grabbed a pizza and our new blanket and found a cozy spot on the beach to dine by firelight. So simple, but my favorite and most romantic valentine date!

  33. This would be so fabulous for Valentine’s Day!! Reminds me of one of our first Valentine’s Days 14 years ago, when a friend and I sent our boyfriends at the time on a Mission Impossible hunt before our date to find out where we were and what we had planned for the day! Now 14 years later that guy is my husband and I love him more every year!!

  34. 2 years ago, I was pregnant & just days past my due date. My husband and I went out to dinner, and went shopping knowing it would be one of our last nights together. That night I went into labor & we were blessed with our amazing little girl. This will always be one of my favorite Valentine’s memories!

  35. My favorite V-day was the very first one, 9 years ago, with my now husband! We didn’t even get to out on a date that night. We were still in high school and he had a basketball game that evening. It was sweet and simple, we had just started dating; he gave me flowers, chocolate and a teddy bear and I gave him the movie Anchorman; all while sitting in his driveway. Not grandeur at all, but I loved it!

  36. I loved when my husband (then-fiance) got me a mini rose bush for V-day. That bush bloomed more times that I thought possible and lasted for over a year (rare for me), although it didn’t make it to our permanent house, so I could plant it in the yard, like I wanted. 🙁 Still, it was such a fun gift that lasted longer than cut flowers, and it was exciting to see it grow and bloom.

  37. My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary earlier in Feb. so we don’t do a whole lot for Valentine’s Day. We do celebrate with the kids. My kids remember the year I “wrapped” their gifts in brown paper grocery sacks. I had just had a baby and was so tired…..wrapping was just out of the question! =) I guess they were impressed I had enough energy to even get them a gift.

  38. My husband always seems to be the best gift giver… even if we are really broken. He always finds a way to get my everything I want.. things that I don’t even remember I said I wanted until he buys them. One year he bought me so much that I literally felt guilty. It isn’t all about the gifts but him remembering such little things is just so sweet.

  39. My favorite valentine memory (tradition) started when we were first married and had no furniture in our house. So on Valentines day we got Chinese take out, sat on the floor, using boxes as tables, lit a candle and ate our takeout via candlelight. 15 years later, we have been blessed with so much, but each Valentines day we still get Chinese takeout, sit on the floor and eat by candlelight. Its so romantic and has created many memories for us over the years!!!

  40. I’ve only been married 2 years, but the first was the best! We were broke, but my hubby brought me a single rose, chocolates, and a card…did I mention I was preganant?! First trimester, actually. So all the sentiments were hitting my soft spot, and it was snowy and icy outside, and we had some ramen noodles while watching one of our movies. 🙂

  41. My favorite Valentine’s Day was just after we were married. I made a heart dinner (soup, salad, main dish, and dessert!). Everything had hearts…heart noodles in the soup, I even cut the carrot slices in the salads into hearts! We had a romantic candle lit dinner in the middle of our tiny apartment living room! It was so fun!

  42. My favorite V-Day so far is from a two years ago…I had a Valentine Party at the house for my 3 year old and a few friends! It was something different than the typical “date night” we all loved it!

  43. My dad would leave us Heart Shaped boxes full of Chocolates before he left for work in the Morning, we always looked forward to this. Your Basket looks like so much fun!!


    Huggs, Nancy

  44. I’ve only had a few valentine’s days with my man but I remember trying to make it super sweet last year and kind of failing.
    I made a homemade scratch ticket with three different activities on them and one of them was star gazing. so we loaded up the back of his truck with pillows and blankets and drove out to the middle of nowhere and once we got out there we realized how windy and terribly cold It really was! so we only laid in the back of his truck for about 5 minutes before giving up.
    oh well! it’s the thought that counts right? 😛

  45. My favorite Valentine’s Day was five years ago, when I was due on V’Day with our little man. He ended up not coming for another ten days, but Hubs and I took advantage of a special date night to go to a movie, eat my favorite food and spend some time just holding hands while he karate kicked his way around my belly. Lots of love that year!

  46. My now husband wanted to present me with an engagement ring for Valentines Day, but could not wait so we ended up getting engaged on Ground Hogs day (not knowing it at the time) lol

  47. My hubs knows I am a super sucker for mushy gushy love tales so he makes sure to pull out the stops for valentines day! My favorite Valentines night though is always a home cooked meal by candle light, a nice glass of wine, and some cozying up!

  48. My favorite valentine memory was on Valentines day 2013. My husband had just gotten home from a 7 month deployment the week before so we got to go out to eat as a family and just spend time together!

  49. My favorite Valentine’s was the first one I had with my husband. We were young and broke so we didn’t do anything too special but it wasn’t about that for us and we enjoyed it just the same.

  50. One of my favorite Valentine’s memories was when I surprised my husband with a deck of cards that I had hole punched and ringed together to make a book. I attached a tag that said “52 Reasons that I Love You” with each individual card having one characteristic about him that I LOVED. He was completely surprised by it and still claims that it was one of his favorite gifts of all time! I had so much fun making it and reminiscing about all the reasons why he is so wonderful.

  51. I loved Valentines day as a youth. My mom and dad would always drop off a surprise for me at school and have it delivered during class. It made me feel extra loved!

  52. My favorite Valentine’s memory is my first one with my husband while we were dating. I was a poor college student so I made and decorated Valentine cookies for him, but somehow managed to have a large heart-shaped candy box to put them in for him. He gave me a framed piece of art from one of his favorite local artists that depicted the ‘key to your heart’, which I still love to this day! I’m not sure we’ve come anywhere close to being that romantic or mushy for Valentine’s day in the 20 years since! LOL!

  53. Hmm… My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is probably from when I was pregnant with my first baby. I was in the hospital that week because I was really sick. And my husband went out of his way to take great care of me. His birthday is a few days later and I got out on his birthday. He took me to eat where I wanted to go and just got me all set up at home. It wasn’t anything fancy but one of the best ways he could have shown his love for me.

  54. My favorite valentine memory is the first one I spent with my husband. I came over to his apartment and he cooked for me for the first time and he made me a 3 course meal ending with the best chocolate lava cake I ever had. He’s such a romantic and included flowers and candles all throughout his apartment.

  55. The first Valentine’s Day with my guy was incredible! He knew that I was no fan of Valentine’s Day and referred to it as a “Hallmark holiday” and he set out to prove me wrong. He sent me a dozen roses for each month we’d been together (12). He bought a huge box of my favorite chocolates from Christopher Elbow in Kansas City, champagne, expensive perfume. Think of every single romantic Valentine’s Day gift cliché possible and he provided it! He took me out for an amazing dinner followed by a horse-drawn carriage ride complete with warm blankets and a thermos of hot chocolate. He went ALL out. At the end of the carriage ride, he got down on one knee and proposed saying he’d spend the rest of his life making every day Valentine’s Day. Of course, I said ‘yes!’ As we were hugging and crying, we were suddenly surrounded by our families and friends! They’d been hiding in various places in the park and had witnessed the entire proposal. It was magical!

  56. My favorite Valentines Day memory is when my husband bought me a necklace that matched my engagement ring. Along with Roche candy and Sour Patch Kids because those are my favorites.

  57. One of my favorite memories of Valentine’s day was from high school. The student activities committee did fund raising by selling and delivering Valentine’s candy-grams throughout the day. They were filled with all kinds of little candy yummies and had a large heart shaped card attached to it. You filled out the card, paid your money and waited. You could choose the period it was delivered so you could be present when it was delivered or not, if that was what you wanted. I so desperately wanted one but not being a part of the in crowd meant that it was improbable that I would. Imagine my surprise when I got the first one in home room. It was from a secret admirer. The next came during lunch and the last was in my final class of the day. To this day I have no idea who sent them to me but it made my day for certain! They weren’t from my secret crush – at least I don’t think so – but it still made me happy to know that there were people who were thinking of me.

  58. My favorite Valentine’s memories were when my daughter was younger. My husband would take the day off from work and we would go do fun family things like picnic at the park followed by hours playing on the playground, walking around the lake and feeding the ducks, etc. Now that our daughter is in school we still try to do fun things as a family to celebrate but I miss us getting to spend the whole day together.

  59. My favorite Valentine’s memory was the year my dad finally sold one of his custom homes and then surprised my mom and sisters and I with dinner out at a fancy restaurant. I was maybe 14, and it was a huge deal, because things had been so tight financially at home for so long…it was a real treat!

  60. Since I’m still in college, last year my boyfriend drove two and a half hours to come see me. It was the day before a test in one of my most difficult tests so even though I spent most of my time studying, he had the night all planned out with dinner and flowers and helping me study. It was wonderfully sweet of him.

  61. Love love love your website. Love the fabulous dates. My favorite Valentines day memory was from 2013 when we were able to announce we were pregnant with our daughter after 3 long difficult years of trying.

  62. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is last year..I created a sexy and romantic scavenger hunt for my honey. He had to follow clues which took him to different places in the house where suprises were hidden – wine, chocolates, whipped cream :), a massage and more. It was a perfect night and he was blown away by it.

  63. My husband of 10 years took me to my favorite restaurant. He re-proposed with an incredible new ring he picked out on his own. Everyone cheered for us. It was pretty awesome!

  64. My favorite Valentine’s Day would have to be my first one with my husband. One thing I love about him is his geeky yet romantic ways. We had only been dating a few weeks and he brought me a rose, but had forgotten to get a vase, so he brought it in a plastic waterbottle. So cheesy, so goofy, so classically us.

  65. My mom & dad always gave us the sweetest Valentine’s Day gifts when we were growing up. I remember one year she was dropping me off at middle school and gave me a red chocolate rose. I thought it was so fabulous that I never actually ate it. It stayed in the freezer for YEARS!

  66. I think my favorite memory would have to be last years! My mom watched our 3 year old and my boyfriend and I just went to the city and he surprised me with an Iphone and a really nice romantic dinner. I guess when you’re a mom it’s the little sweet getaways that matter even if it’s just a few hours.

  67. In my high school foods class we used to make huge sugar cookies, write a message on them, wrap them up, and deliver them as a fundraiser for a trip. Whoever bought the cookie picked what was written and it was a lot of fun!

  68. My favorite Valentine memory is when my husband took us (our 2 boys and myself) out to breakfast and presented an envelope to me which had tickets for 2 to Hawaii!! He had arranged EVERYTHING!! A sitter for our boys, time off from work, everything!! We left the following weekend. What a great time we had.

  69. My favorite valentine memory is receiving a card every year from my dad. He always manages to find the perfect card, sometimes funny and other times amazingly endearing. Love him!

  70. My favorite Valentine’s memory is my husband surprising me with flowers (he was my fiance then). He’s not all that in to Valentine’s Day, so him buying flowers was a huge deal!

  71. My favorite valentines memory is from the first year my husband I were dating. He surprised me when I got home from work, with a big bouquet of flowers and took me to the restaurant where we had our very first date.

  72. Valentina’s Day has never been a big deal for myself or my husband, so I’d like to change that and make it special. I did spend one Valentina’s day about 4 years ago in the hospital, getting induced with my second boy. It was a good night! 🙂

  73. My favorite Valentine’s day memory is last year when we did an after-the-newborn-twins-go-to-bed fancy dress up date by candlelight at home! No fancy gifts needed for this new mom. 🙂

  74. My favorite valentine’s date was the first valentine’s with my wife. I took her to dinner at Sonic and ate it with sparkling apple cider up on a hill overlooking the city, then went and gave her a private ballroom dance lesson.

  75. Our first Valentines together my husband got me a plant in a pretty purple basket and a card, which he never signed! It became a joke that it was so he could use it over and over!! 🙂

  76. My momma makes us valentines most years and I love them. Also, my hubby has a hard time buying cut flowers so he bought me a potted calla because he knows they are my favorite!

  77. I have two favorite valentines.

    1st: for our first Valentine’s Day together my husband kidnapped me from work (he had gotten permission from my boss beforehand) and we spent the day going to all our “first places” like our first date, first kiss, and the place where we first told each other I love you. And he had a gift waiting for me at each place!

    2nd: It was my first year of college and I was recently dumped. I was heartbroken and homesick. My dad drove up to visit me with my dog and flowers and he took care of me for the day. He also promised that he had taken my mom out the day before.

  78. last year was one of my favorite valentines day. we celebrated with all 4 of our amazing kids by making fondue. The kids all loved it and we were able to spend the day as a family. It was the perfect way to celebrate valentines! 🙂

  79. Last year ! He gave me a huge teddy bear, a ton of roses, a bunch of candy and chocolate. It was the all time best Valentines day ever. I love him !! I don’t think he will top that one ever. Cant wait to see what he does this year.

  80. We usually go out to dinner, but this year I’d like to stay in and fix each other a nice dinner, concentrating on each other. I’ve been busy decorating, and planning special handmade cards and gifts for my guy and kids. Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  81. Great giveaway. Wish I could enter more. Am finding one has to do Pinterest to enter & ‘unlock’ other entry options. Maybe I am the only hold-out vs. Pinterest? I have plenty of ideas & google for when I need it, just not much time for something else. Sweet & special needs children fill my full life. Ah, well, thanks for doing this. Love to you!

  82. My favorite Valentine memory was when I was pregnant with my first baby (a girl) and my husband bought me 13 roses – 12 red, and one pink, for our daughter!

  83. My fav. memory is when my husband I decided to start dating ofically on Valentine’s day. He was dating my best friend but hanging out with me tons. My sister told me he won’t date you if you give the milk for free ( meaning all my time and attention—nothing more:) ) He got me a stuffed cow and and card that said “I bought the cow.” We were offically a couple. 🙂

  84. My favorite Valentine’s memory is from my dad. He always got me gifts. One year, in HS, he bought me this BEAUTIFUL white dress that had a heart cutout near the neck. I felt like his princess.

  85. For our first Valentine’s Day together, I treated my husband to dinner at a restaurant fashioned after some of the gorgeous lodges out west, and he surprised me with tickets to a Josh Groban concert.

  86. Last year both my boyfriend and I got sick at the beginning of February so we stayed apart while we got better. As Valentine’s day approached, I wasn’t sure we’d be well enough to see each other, but he had flowers sent to my house just in case he couldn’t come over, and then he surprised me with a visit and lunch on Valentine’s Day anyway! We had a little picnic in my back yard. It was lovely.

  87. The Valentine’s Day before my husband and I were supposed to be married, he bought me my favorite perfume and had the bottle engraved with a line from our wedding song “Now every February, you’ll be my Valentine.” (Boyce Avenue cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.) He also had dinner from my favorite restaurant picked up and we ate with a beautiful view on a balcony! It was amazing!

  88. The first year me and my husband were married I got him a remote control watercraft for vday that he had been wanting he was so excited so we took it out to a little lake in town and he flipped it over and crashed it within 10 min of putting it into the water lol

  89. My favorite valentines day was in 2012. I went all out for my family and made all types of homemade goodies. The BEST part was that my husband and I had just gotten married and he gave me my first “WIFE” card which was a lovey, dovey mushy valentines day card!

  90. When my hubby came home from work, I had a trail of rose petals and chocolate kisses leading to the kitchen where I had a romantic dinner ready and because we still didn’t take down our Christmas tree yet, I had rose petals all over it too. 🙂 Also heart attacked the living room, on each heart was a reason why I loved him.

  91. My husband suprised me at work, he burst through the door singing one of our songs with flowers and he was covered in valentines candy (taped to his clothes) so cute.

  92. My favorite valentines memory was last year:
    While my hubby was at work, I put together a night at home in our bedroom and went shopping for a cute new outfit. When he got home he took me to dinner and we came home and played a fun game I found on pinterest where you make one of your fitted bed sheets to look like a game board with all sorts of fun things for your love and you. It had everything from love actions to presents, and even some sweet treats and sweet words of love to set the mood.. 😉 We then snuggled up to a good movie. Very fun and very exciting to see my husbands reaction to the night I put together.

  93. My Favorite Valentines Day was the first one with my girlfriend. She surprised me with a trip up north. It was so beautiful and so much fun! I felt so spoiled!

  94. I’m hoping that this year is my favorite Valentine’s Day memory! It is our first Valentine’s Day as Mr. and Mrs.! Last year was pretty awesome, though… My sweet then-fiance made me a lovely breakfast and gave me the sweetest card and the most beautiful roses.

  95. My favorite Valentine’s day was last year which was by first Valentine’s day with my husband. He surprised me by staying home from school to make me a gourmet dinner with appetizers to start and chocolate covered strawberries to finish the meal. Before we sat down to eat he had me dress up in a fancy dress and he wore a suit and we ate by candle light. After dinner I sang and played him a song on the guitar that I wrote for him. Then we watched the movie Valentine’s Day together. It was perfect!

  96. My favorite Valentine memory was a few years ago my husband and I attended a Valentine Banquet and he got down on one knee and proposed to me again in front of 200 people. We had already been married for 20 years. In our hotel room had rose petals all over the bed and 6 bouquets of different flower arrangements throughout the room and bathroom plus some gifts sitting on the bed and a romantic outfit for bed. Very much surprised me. Oh, also, last but surely not least, a Limo picked us up and drove us to our destination, an hour away. It’s a Valentines Day I will never forget.

  97. My husband took me on a train. It was called the Fremont Dinner Train. You got a 4 course meal and a ride to a nearby town and back. When that was over he drove me to where he lived as a child in the country. It was across the road from a very tiny cemetery. He asked if I knew what he loved most about living there, and I had said no. He turned me around, and I was watching the sun still go down at 10 pm. It was magical. then he turned me back around and he was on one knee…. he then handed me an orange ( I had mentioned it was a sign of affection in China). Then he smirked and said that since we weren’t in China that I should reach into my pocket. I did, and pulled out the most glorious of gifts. My engagement ring. Best. Valentines day. EVER!

  98. When I was in Jr. High, me and my best friend felt sorry for ourselves, so we bought a big box of Valentines chocolates. We went to my house and ate the whole thing. It was fun.

  99. My husband and I were apart for 3 months, but luckily I was able to fly to see him for Valentine’s weekend. He surprised me with a night at a bed and breakfast place on an island in the pacific northwest, and a couple’s spa package for the afternoon with dinner at night! It was that much more special of a Valentine’s celebration being together for that weekend!

  100. We usually go out to dinner – but who wants to fight crowds?? My husband always makes me feel special and gets me sweet gifts, even thought my birthday is only a few days before. Would love this for my hubby and I! We need a good romantic and fun night before he leave for 6 months for work!

  101. I think my favorite memory was from Jr High when I got a box of chocolates and a stuffed bear, this was the first time I got anything for valentines day from someone other than my parents.

  102. One Valentine’s Day my husband truly spoiled me with a trip to a local botanical garden, an icecream cake from coldstone, and my favorite candy shipped in from across the country! It was amazing!

  103. My favorite valentine memory is as a kid waking up on Valentines Day finding a special something from my parents right next to my bed. It was the first thing I’d see when waking up.

  104. I still think my favorite Valentine’s Day is one from college where I went on a group date, got flowers from my sweet date, went to dinner and dancing, and a movie aftewards. I loved it!

    1. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is getting a huge bouquet of roses from my hubs when we were newlyweds. He had never sent me flowers before, he said he thought they were a waste of money. Still love that man!

  105. My husband thinks Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. We’ve never done much in the past, but one year he did take me out to dinner. I was pregnant with our first child then. There weren’t any reservations so we waited a long time to be seated. It was nice though once we were able to eat.
    Last year I made a “red” lunch for my homeschooled kids and a special dinner. The family didn’t know what to think. LOL

  106. This is too funny! About 15 minutes ago, I did a google search for Valentine’s Date ideas on a budget. I checked out the results, but none really captured what I was looking for. I came back to Facebook, and your post was the first that appeared on my wall. Perfect timing!!!

  107. My favorite Valentines Day happened 10 years ago. It was the first “real” date my husband and I went on. We were married 3 months later. It’s been a great decade!

  108. My favorite memory is from when my older sisters and I all lived at home, and every year my Dad would buy each of us a little bouquet of carnations in different colors – it was so sweet!

  109. My favorite Valentine’s memory is my first one dating my now husband. It was my first Valentine’s Day with an actual Valentine. We started dating in high school (before we drove) and my sweetheart of a guy walked after school to the florist and bought me flowers and brought them back to school where I was in drama club practice. Such a sweet surprise in front of everyone. 🙂

  110. My favorite Valentines day so far was last year. It was mine and my husbands first together. We didn’t do anything super special, but he brought me a single rose and said that he had been thinking about me all day. 🙂

  111. My now-husband and I had just started dating, and he wanted to make me dinner at my place for Valentine’s Day. As he got started, he noticed the garbage disposal was broken — my landlord hadn’t fixed it yet. Sadly, none of my roommates (nor I) wanted to clean out what was left inside it. So he pulled up his sleeves and, bare-handed, fished out all the gross food stuck in the sink! It may sound silly, but he really scored some points. And he made steak dinner, that was pretty great, too 😉

  112. My favorite Valentines memory is when me and my husband were dating and I made him dinner and then we helped my family out with a project. We were so in love it was perfect!!!

  113. We always switch off planning valentines day, love the last one he planned. It was simple, just alone time. Delicious dinner and a night of just the two of us 🙂 those are my favorite.

  114. My favorite Valentine’s Memory is probably our first one as a married couple. I was pregnant and sicker than a dog so we stayed home and enjoyed a quiet candle lit dinner for two and then snuggled up on the couch for a movie. It wasn’t the best date ever but we were expecting our first baby so it was memorable for sure!

  115. My favorite Vday memory is cooking a really great meal for my now husband last year. He said it was some of the best food he’d ever eaten. Steak with bearnaise, risotto, and aspargus with choc covered strawberries for dessert! Yum!

  116. This website is amazing. Your ideas are incredible. 2014 is going to be so amazing on strengthening the relationship with a lot of new and fun ideas. Thanks for sharing!!!

  117. One of my favorite valentines day is when my husband, who I was dating at the time, gave me an Irish Claddaugh ring and he gave my daughter a matching necklace. He was both our valentines that year and it was one of the most special. Even my daughter remembers that day and that was 14 years ago!

  118. For our first Valentine’s Day together, my now fiance, surprised me by decorating my room while I was at school. We lived 100 miles apart and had dinner plans about halfway that night. I woke up extra early to frost some cupcakes I had made him and set up my room as a surprise for him. I then left for school and he was supposed to be at work all day.

    He left work early, drove the 100 miles to my house and filled my room with almost 50 heart shaped balloons, then met me for dinner at the original place. We had a wonderful double date Valentine’s Day dinner and I was so excited to come home to show him my room. When we got there I kept telling him he couldn’t come in until I told him he could! And as I walked in, I ran into a bunch of balloons!

    I kept them up for almost two months 🙂

  119. My favorite Valentines memory is when my husband and I were dating, he left a big heart card and gift sack on my doorstep early in the morning on his way to work. It had a package of new socks in it and some candies, with the card saying that my smallest need was his greatest concern. He had noticed the week before that all my socks had holes in them. 🙂

  120. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is when I got upset with my husband while we were trying to make a heart shaped pizza and it wasn’t turning out, he was irritating me, and then the pizza dropped on the floor and we just laughed and decided to go out to dinner. Immediately squashed the fight!

  121. My favorite valentines day memory is back in 2011, I was invited to go to a dance but didn’t really want to go. I was skyping with my sailor when I told him I didn’t want to go so he said in a joking manner tell the guy your talking to your boyfriend in a half joking matter. I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not so I ignored it until a little later I asked if he was serious and he said only if you want it to be. I said yes that night and we have been together ever since!

  122. My favorite Valentine’s memory was last year with my boyfriend because it was our first Valentine’s Day together. My boyfriend was at my house when I got home from work with 12 red roses and some beautiful jewelry. He also bought a stuffed toy for my dog! I had just had an operation on my jaw, so I could only have soft foods, so he took me out for soup and Krispy Kremes! It was a great day!

  123. I have only been married a couple years and I love to spend Valentines with my husband because there were too many spent without him 🙂 So pretty much anything that I get to be with him!!

  124. Thanks for the fun giveaway!! I’m always the last minute planner. Valentines is usually saved for my husband to plan, but it would be fun to pull something awesome out of my sleeve and totally surprise him!!

  125. this past valentines was my favorite so far. my birthday is the day before so my husband rented a really nice hotel room for both days. it was nice to spend some time away from everyday life!!

  126. My favorite valentines day was 2/14/93…our wedding day!! But last year was great too,for our 20th anniversary we took a weekend away in the mountains,just the two of us.It was so wonderful

  127. Mine is the time I received a stuffed animal and flowers at work from my hubby. He isn’t normally into sending things on Valentines…so that time was a special memory. A surprise!!

  128. My favorite valentine memory was the first year I was married. My husband decorated our entire room with roses. Roses on the bed, roses hanging from the ceiling, rose petals on the floor. It was the sweetest thing ever! That year I also used on of you Valentine Ideas for him. Thanks for making that Valentines a memorable one Dating Divas!

  129. My favorite valentine memory is 2010 we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy via adoption. We brought home our little guy and had to wait 20 days per state law before birth parental rights were terminated. Valentines day was our 20th day and we knew that from that day on the new love of our life was going to be ours forever.

  130. I think my favorite Valentine’s day was last year!! My birthday is on valentine’s day and so we combined the celebration by going to starved rock state park, getting massages and having a fancy dinner! Then we topped off the night by going in the hot tub and relaxing by the fire! Sooo fun!

  131. My favorite memory has to be last valentine’s day with my hubby, He surprised me by taking me out to dinner at one of our favorite places, I got to spend the afternoon pampering myself a little while I got ready, and dinner was wonderful. The kids went down pretty easily when we got home and the rest of our night was pretty mind blowing too 😉

  132. Our very first Valentine’s together is my favorite. We were 1 month away from being married, and he surprised me with a candlelight dinner. He even found out one of my favorite meals and prepared it himself. It was so sweet!

  133. My favorite valentine’s day memory was when my husband got me a nice blender and that same day we were reading the newspaper on what NOT to get your sweetie for V-day…number 1 on the charts was blender. We laughed hysterically! I guess it’s different when it’s actually what you want!

  134. My favorite valentines memory is going to a singles dance after my friend’s wedding. I saw one of my guy friends who I had informed I was not interested in dating. I saw another girl flirting with him and realized that I actually did like him and wanted to date him. That was a momentous Valentines day because I later married that guy!

  135. My favorite valentines day memory was just surprising my hubby with his favorite papa murphy’s pizza in the shape of a heart, they’re right when they say the way to a man is through his stomach 😉

  136. You are all so creative!!! I love what you are doing and my husband does too! Thank you for helping us keep dating a priority and always very fun! Looking forward to using your inspirations for Valentine’s Day – This prize would help out too!

  137. My husband built a fire in our fire pit outside and had blankets out for a picnic and my favorite music playing. It was so sweet, especially since he is not a very romantic or emotional guy so it was unexpected.

  138. My best valentines day was last year, my husband and daughter cleaned the house and we went to my favorite place to eat, put my daughter down, then cuddled and watched a movie. Wasn’t extra special but was everything I wanted!

  139. Mine was when we had a candlelight dinner at home and we made a delicious cheesecake. It was very romantic. We know have a traditional cheesecake every v-day!

  140. My favorite Valentine’s memory is my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. It was simple but very sweet since we were both poor college students.

  141. A few days before he proposed to me, my then-boyfriend made me dinner for Valentine’s Day and gave me a stuffed teddy bear…. I was hoping for something a little more sparkly and was so disappointed, but I only had a few days to wait!

  142. It was pretty awesome in high school when a friends boyfriend (I’d never even met him, he didn’t go to our school) sent a single yellow rose to me and the girlfriend’s other good friend, in addition to the grand bouquet he sent to his girl. It was so sweet, especially since I was expecting to be left out, be one of the few who didn’t get a flower delivery in front of all my friends at the school, but someone noticed and cared.

  143. I’ve never had a Valentine before! I met my husband right after Valentine’s day last year and we just got married. I am sure this Valentine’s will be my favorite!

  144. My favorite valentines day was when my husband and I were first dating, it was very laid back we didn’t make a big fuss about it. We had a nice dinner and he got me a beautiful potted orchid.

  145. Before my husband and I married, he had purchased something for me to be delivered at my parent’s house on Valentine’s Day. I was living at my parents because I was only 19. Anyway, 7pm rolled around; nothing. 8pm rolled around; still nothing. I was getting VERY upset because I thought he had forgotten. 9pm came and went; absolutely nothing. He was a nervous wreck because he spent a large sum of money on this gift and his girlfriend was pouting … LOL! Finally after several calls to the company he ordered from, it delivered … at 10pm!!!! It was absolutely adorable. It was made to look like a hot air ballon. There was a basket which had a teddy bear sitting in it and was also filled with Hershey kisses. Red ribbons were tied from the basket to 4 red ballons. In the middle of the four ballons was a larger heart shaped balloon that said “I Love You”. The moment it came to the door, I attacked my would be husband with kisses, hugs and lots of I’m sorry’s for getting upset. And like him, the gift was perfect in every way.

  146. My husband took me to a private hotsprings and we dined privately together and on the way home he played a video for me that he made of our kids telling me why they loved me. It was a really special day.

  147. We got engaged right before Valentines Day! He remembered me saying I wanted a limo when I was 16 years old and actually did it years later when we got engaged. It was memorable!

  148. The best Valentines was when he surprised me and picked me up from the airport when I was flying back from saying goodbye to my grandmother (she died a few days later). I was so down, and I had the perfect present waiting to pick me up (literally) and make me smile!

  149. My favorite has to be our first Valentine’s together almost 16 years ago!! He made me dinner, got me a teddy bear, a dozen red roses and a necklace that I still wear to this day!

  150. My favorite Valentine’s Day was the first one with my honey where we went away for a weekend and I was very spoiled with gifts and surprises and a wonderful time!

  151. When we first got married, my husband took me every year to an adorable little locally-owned Italian restaurant on the other side of town. It was always very romantic with live music and no lights other than candlelight. Special memories!

  152. Best Valentine’s Day memory is in 2009. My husband and I had been dating for 5 years, and I knew that the question was coming soon. However, Valentine’s Day came and went and nothing. I was so disappointed. But he knew I was anticipating a Valentine’s Day question, and to throw me off he waited one more week until the 21st! My mom knew that he was going to ask me because he had talked to my dad. That whole week I was so down and wondering what to do and she kept the secret to herself even while I was venting to her. It was pretty perfect in the end 🙂

  153. My favorite memory is when I was about 13 and my dad gave my mom a diamond heart and then he gave my a box and inside was a diamond heart bracelet. I felt so special that day.

  154. I know I should have a favorite Valentines Day memory with my husband BUT my favorite one is when I was little and my Mom would leave treats for us on the front porch, ring the doorbell and run back into the house through the garage.

  155. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is bittersweet. I was with a close friend in a meeting where we got yelled at so badly. It was one of those moments where the room was quiet and you could hear a pin drop. The atmosphere was weird that day after the meeting and I left the room wanting to cry. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day. My friend & I decided we would forget our woes and have a single girl’s night in. We watched girly movies, ate junk food, had girl talk time, and had FUN!

  156. Our first V-day together my husband (then boyfriend) had mono. His mom bought be chocolates from him, but he made up for it by taking me out 2 weeks later and telling me he loved me.

  157. My favorite Valentine’s memory is the year I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day at college. My mom made Valentine’s Day very special for my siblings and me each year. It was the first holiday I wasn’t going to be celebrating at home. My mom sent me a care package full of Valentine’s goodies! It was a great surprise and made me not so sad about being away at college. 🙂

  158. My favorite Valentine’s Day we’ve had together was our first one dating. We had our first major fight the night before over…chips. Oh goodness…made the day all the more better 🙂 We went to Wimberly, TX. Had a picnic and explored the town!!

  159. My favorite memory is of when we were newly engaged, and I made a lasagna dinner for him at my condo. I decorated my kitchen with paper valentine chains, lit candles, and we enjoyed a romantic evening planning our wedding.

  160. My first Valentine’s with my husband is my favorite. He cooked a meal all by himself…steak, twice baked potatoes and asparagus with wine and a delicious strawberry cake. He also decorated the dining room with candles and roses. Couldn’t have been a better night!

  161. Last year I did a Valentine day countdown from your website, and I was surprised by how much my husband liked the corny poems and little gifts. I’m doing it again this year from your site making some tweaks for him.

  162. When my husband and I were first dating (12 years ago) I came over to the place he rented a room and he had decked out his entire room for me. He had a giant pink Pooh Bear holding a flower and mini balloon. A love letter he wrote, some candy, and a beautiful ring with a amethyst jewel (he knew purple was my favorite color). We were so young (19 & 23) but I knew then that he was a keeper. It was the kindest gesture I had ever received, one that was so catered to me, and beautifully executed. 12 years and two babies later he is still my Prince Charming. 🙂

  163. My memories I love from Valentine’s Day when I was kid, was delivering Valentines to our neighbors doorsteps and hiding until they found them. I loved that! Still do.

  164. My favorite valentine was the one right before we got married- my husband spent the ENTIRE day planning a dinner he got all the ingredients for and cooked, set the table with a brand new tablecloth he bought, candlesticks & candles, then rented 5 chick-flicks! And made me a super cheesy cute card & gift. All-time best Valentines night.. and yet to be repeated since we’ve been married- ha! 😉

  165. My favorite Valentines day was last year. I found my husband and few small gifts and then incorporated each gift into a letter. I gave him a Timex watch and reese’s peanut butter cups. And wrote a little story out of them. It was a lot of fun.

  166. My favorite is when my husband took me out on a surprise date and had a dress set out for me, and clues to get my nails done etc. Hope I get this date night! Now that we have kids its a little bit less extravagant.

  167. Many favorites but one special to me was when I was in college and my older sister left fun surprises in my room of my apartment….and she lived far away from me….it meant the world to me that she had thought of me. I need to make many memorable ones for my hubby…..but I love doing fun, special things for our kids on Valentines, they especially love and ask for our “love potion” drink each year 😉

  168. I don’t know that I have a favorite because my husband does a good job of surprising me with something special like flowers or chocolate or wine.

  169. My favorite Valentines was our first as a couple. My boyfriend who is now my husband fixed a candlelit dinner with my favorite meal, had several heart balloons, flowers, and he had wrote reasons why he loved me on hearts he cut out! I still have the hearts!

  170. I love the memory my first valentines day with my husband after we were married. He surprised me with a wonderful meal that he cooked for me a table set with candle light and music and dancing. It was so sweet and he completely surprised me since he did it a few days late when he had a day off of work. It was all waiting when I got home.

  171. My boyfriend surprised me with a dozen orange roses, a movie and book I wanted and included a $50 amazon gift card. I am in graduate school and he was working so we couldn’t do much that day but we ended up picking another day and had a movie date night in. 🙂 One of my favorite valentines because he put so much effort in surprising me and making my day even though we couldn’t do anything that day.

  172. Our first year of marriage we decided to have a “homemade” valentine’s day. I made my husband hand prints with a quote and he gave me a massage with oils, candles, and music.

  173. the valentine’s day before we got engaged my hubby got me tons of wedding mags as a gift – to tell me it was coming, he just couldn’t afford a ring yet… how cute is that?!

  174. My hubbie and I would love this I have put to great use your date night binder. I was happily surprised to see how much He loved it and the game ideas I use from your site. Thank you for helping us connect as busy parents who work and go to school we appreciate all your efforts! 🙂

  175. The favorite Valentine’s memory? hmmm. Spending time with my 1st grader who missed her first school Valentine’s party because she had the chicken pox and inviting all her friends who missed it for the same reason to come over and party. You can see that this was “years ago” when chicken pox was still a common thing..

  176. I just found your site the other day via Pinterest! Love it! Such cute ideas! Tomorrow is the 10 anniversary of me and my husband’s first date. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  177. The month before my hubby and I were married just happened to be February. We had a Valentine’s day that close to our wedding date. He was so cute, and wrote out our Love story for me. 12 years later, I still love reading it!

  178. I just got married this January 10th and I’d really really love to win this giveaway. My husband and i have been in a long distance relationship and this coming February will be our first Valentine to be spending physically together. This would just be an awesome thing to have for a date night.. ^_^

  179. Favorite Valentine memory – a special dinner at a tiny restaurant where only 6 couples were served. It took the entire evening – lots of courses all paired with wines and special foods. Fantastic fun!

  180. My favorite Valentine memory is the time we went to a fancy restaurant with all of the kids. We sat on a rooftop dining area and had the whole area to ourselves. The kids felt very special!

  181. My husband & I have been married 27 years & got married at 18 & 17 respectively! We have 3 awesome kids & 3 wonderful grandkids! We NEED to take more time for ourselves though as our 20 & 23 year olds still live at home!

  182. My favorite Valentine’s memory is when my now almost 21 year old daughter was almost two. My husband bought me a beautiful box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. I had it on the dining room table. I stepped out of the room for a moment and came back to my daughter’s face covered in chocolate, her mouth full of chocolate and a chocolate in each hand! She was in chocolate heaven. 🙂

  183. My fav valentines day was probably the first one I shared with my now husband. We made a promise to not spend more than $10 on each other and we came up with some very creative gifts 🙂

  184. One year after a break up, I was feeling pretty alone. I checked the mail that day to see my mom had gone out of her way to send a care package with valentines from her and my brother. It was something so simple, but it made me feel truly loved on a lonely day! I try and remember since then that the holiday is about helping those we love feel that love by simple efforts made 🙂

  185. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is the first one with my husband. We went to a beautiful dinner, then he gave me a beautiful necklace. It was a little funny though… At dinner he kept saying he was terribly nervous to give me my gift. He wouldn’t stop fidgeting and acting nervous. I thought that he was going to propose! He didn’t for a year and a half (V Day would have been a bit early in our relationship), but when he did it was incredibly romantic!

  186. My favorite Valentine memory happened last year. My hubby worked the night shift and he came home a little early while I was putting our daughter to bed. When I got her down for the night he had made me a bubble bath with candles all around the tub, had two champagne glasses full, and pick up our favorite sushi. I know he was tired but he still wanted to make me feel special and to let me relax. I love my man. 🙂

  187. Great giveaway! My fav memory of Valentines was having the perfect gift for my husband and trying to wait until Feb14th to give it to him! It was a very hard to find collectible I had spent years looking for. He still talks about it years later…he was really happy, makes me smile remembering it now 🙂

  188. For the last 14 Valentine’s Days, we’ve included our kids in our V-day celebrations…love spending time with them and I love how they’ve loved the excitement of all of the red and pink decorations, candy, etc., and then the dinner! I’m sure they’ll be off doing their own thing before too long, so I’m enjoying these times while we have them!!

  189. My favorite memory is last Valentine’s Day receiving flowers from my boyfriend while he was overseas. He wrote in the card, “thinking of you even though i’m 1,567 miles away”.

  190. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is when my hubby and I finally got to get away for the evening for the first time alone in over a year and went out to a nice steakhouse and had a nice quiet dinner alone together, with no kids or anyone hollering “MAMA she took my doll from me!!” or “She hit me first!” It was just a nice, quiet, simple dinner, but it was wonderful to finally have some time alone.

  191. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory was last year. I was traveling for work on Valentine’s Day and pretty sad about not being able to celebrate with my fiance. He surprised me by sending me a care package filled with girl scout cookies, wine, roses, candy…the works! I was super surprised and it made spending Valentine’s Day in a hotel room *that* much better.

  192. Last year, my hubby filled my car with balloons while I was at work and left a box of chocolates and a gift certificate for a massage on my front seat. It was very sweet!

  193. Not really 1 specific Valentine’s day… we usually either go out for dinner(sometimes we make a nice dinner together), spend time with our daughter and give her her Vday gifts, then we snuggle and watch a movie or play a game together… I know we are boring married folk LOL.

  194. The Valentine’s Day before our first baby was born is one of my favorites. My husband bought me something for me and the baby. Then we ordered food in(my favorite way on V-day, no crowds) and we watched a chick-flick and ate our dinner watching the movie in bed (our living room was being remodeled and a huge mess!)

  195. Last Year on Valentines Day, I handmade everything. I made decorations, cut out felt hearts and sprinkled them all over the bed, melted chocolate for chocolate covered strawberries and wrote my boyfriend a love letter <3

  196. Cool Giveaway! This is great, found your blog via the SIT’s Girls, so glad I found you guys, I got to remember to come back and read more! Happy Early Valentines day!

  197. This is going to sound silly, but I loved all the V-Days of my childhood. My mom would set out something sweet for us in the morning…candies and a small toy…and I loved exchanging valentines in school. I love my hubby, but the kid days were the best!

  198. I love this site! I am visiting almost every day now! This is really starting to change our lives. I would love to win this beautiful basket you guys have put together. I always work on V-Day, so it’s hard for us to have a good time, but I think this year may be the V-Day to write about!

  199. My favorite valentine’s day memory was when I was 10 and a secret lover left a bottle of “handmade” perfume on the front door step with a note “I like you”…never found out who it was though, I guess they were too shy to tell me.

  200. Each year we do something new and last year we had no plans and just explored different shops and ended up discovering a cute, quaint restaurant that is now one of our favorites.

  201. Love all the great ideas on your site!

    My most memorable was three years ago when my daughter was a few weeks old. My husband made us an amazing dinner and she cried the entire night. We took turns rocking and trying to calm her. We ate dinner separately. It was quite an experience.

  202. We got snowed in from work one year on V-Day so I made a cute “valentiney” lunch with homemade heart shaped biscuits too. He was out shoveling and just decided to keep doing the whole neighborhood so he completely missed lunch. I was quite perturbed when he came in HOURS later! But making up the rest of the day was fun:)

  203. My favorite V-Day memory is when my husband had long hair. It was gorgeous! (He was gonna be a rockstar). We went to a restaurant and the waiter asked what he could get us ladies to drink. So funny!!

  204. Our very first Valentines Day together, when we were just engaged, my husband made me a romantic dinner at his apartment, complete with candles and dessert. So sweet!

  205. Last year, my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with our kids, making heart-shaped pepperoni pizza, playing games with conversation hearts, etc. Then we went on our own date the next day. It was fun to celebrate twice and get our cute kids involved!

  206. My favorite valentines memory was during the first year of marriage my husband took a week to make an elaborate scavenger hunt….complete with home cooked meal from him 😉 love him!!!