Red, White, and You!

Intimate Independence Day Fun in the Bedroom

The Fourth of July is filled with neighborhood block parties, grills, watermelons, sparklers and fireworks but when all that is said and done, why not make sparks fly in the bedroom as well?! Our red, white and YOU idea is the perfect 4th of July date for just the two of you  to end the holiday celebrations. When the festivities are over, grab your sweetie and have some more fun with a few summertime treats!

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Red, White and You Night

Karyn from If, Actually helped us whip up these fun, Fourth of July printables that are perfect for setting the mood. The patriotic designs are sure to encourage a good time.

Red, White and You Invite

Start getting ready for your night by leaving your honey a little note with a hint about what’s in store. You can even add a couple real sparklers to set the tone! Then, get everything prepped for the night.

Red, White and You Tray of Treats
You’ll Need:

  • Strawberries and/or Raspberries
  • Whipped Cream and/or Marshmallow Fluff
  • Red, White and Blue Tissue Paper
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Pencils
  • Small Bucket or Bowl
  • Marshmallows (Optional)

Fourth of July DIY Sparklers
Make a few of these indoor-safe sparklers. They’re actually super quick and easy to create – plus, they double as fun bedroom toys 😉

DIY Sparklers

  1. Cut two pieces of tissue paper and one piece of aluminum foil to a standard paper size (8.5 x 11 inches). It doesn’t need to be perfect, just close. In place of the tissue paper, you can also use the adorable pattern pages included with the printables.
    Be sure to create sparklers in a variety of solid colors and combinations!
  2. Place them on top of each other and fold once lengthwise. Cut slits randomly along the non-folded side, being sure not to cut all the way to the fold.
  3. Tape a pencil to one end on the folded side of the papers.
  4. Roll the pencil, gathering the paper as you go.
  5. When you get to the end, use a piece of tape to secure it.
  6. Fluff out the papers to create a bursting effect.

Red, White and You Sparkler Notes

Add a few of these saucy notes to the sparklers.

Fourth of July Sparkler Tag

{Hint: Attach the notes upside-down so that when you place the sparklers in the bucket, you can still read them!}

Red, White and You Bedroom Date

Add the sparklers to the bucket, with the colorful sparkler spray, at the bottom so you can’t see it. I filled the bucket with marshmallows to help hold the sparklers in place and hide the colors!

Now, it’s game time! Take turns pulling sparklers out of the bucket. The color(s) of the sparkler determine what you get to use for your turn.
RED means RED fruits.

WHITE means WHITE dips.

BLUE means YOU (as in your spouse)!
Here are some examples of fun:

If you choose a red sparkler, then you get to seductively eat a raspberry  (RED).

If you choose a red and white sparkler, then you get to devour a strawberry (RED) dipped in marshmallow fluff (WHITE).

If you pull out a white and blue sparkler, then you get to involve your spouse in the fun by feeding them whipped cream.

If you pull out a red, white and blue sparkler, then you’ve hit the jackpot! You could feed a strawberry (RED) dipped in whipped cream (WHITE) to your spouse (BLUE).

Guess, what?! This post was inspired by Robin’s original post – what a great idea:

Original 4th of July Date Ideas
You can still get the printables she created by grabbing the Original Red, White and YOU set!

Instead of the Sparklers Game, Robin used The Game of Love.

Whichever ideas you choose, remember to get creative about how you use each item. The important thing is to have FUN with it!

About the Author: Robin

I am a fun-loving, busy mama of 3 little cutie-patooties. I met the man of my dreams when I was in 5th grade! Had a HUGE crush on him then and I still do! I've been married to him since 2004. I work part time as a Dental Hygienist and LOVE it (PS: please floss!)! I love getting messy with my kids, throwing parties, cooking, reading, and playing outside- hiking, camping, water skiing, etc... But most of all, I love to hang out with and date my sweet hubs! Keepin' those 5th grade sparks alive, WOOHOO!

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6 Responses to Red, White, and You!

  1. Awesome idea to combine the Game of Love with strawberries and whipped cream! I made up the Game of Love for my hubby a couple years ago for Christmas, and it is his FAVORITE! Best gift, hands down, he asks to play it often, and he suggests the idea to the young couples we do pre-marital counseling with. 🙂
    It is a little work to get it done, but TOTALLY worth it!

    1. Hi Shayna! If it doesn’t open for you, maybe try clearing your cache or refreshing your browser? It opens fine for me! Sorry for the trouble!