July 10, 2014

A Printable Prescription {Cheer Up Gift For Your Sweetheart}



We all have days when we are down in the dumps, need a cheer-up gift, or need a few words of wisdom!  This printable cheer-up idea is just what the doctor ordered! (PSST…this is also for the husband who has days when he is a major looker, completing all of your chores, and as sweet as can be. Instead of giving this as a cheer up gift turn it into a gift to reward your awesome husband!)

Quick and Easy Printable Cheer Up Gift and Love Note Cards For Husband

With this quick and easy cheer up idea you are going to play DOCTOR by filling out a prescription gift for your husband that will turn his frown upside down!
Quick and Easy Cheer Up Gift For Husband Printable

Isn’t this printable prescription pad so darling?!!!  A huge thank you to  CDotLove for making these simple printables look soo darn cute! Check her out for your future design needs!

How does this prescription work? It takes only a few easy steps:

1. Grab your printables

2. Fill out the patient’s name, your husband of course, list their illness, and date the prescription.

3. Pick from the selected list of cheer up ideas, or add your own, that is sure to cheer up your husband.

4. Fill the special instructions section. List the correct dosage, duration, number of refills, and expiration date for your prescription.

5. Sign the prescription, we need to make sure this is legit!

6. Present your cheer up gift to your husband. Be prepared by grabbing any items needed to fulfill the prescription when you hand the gift over to your husband.

Voila! Easy, right?!

Cheer Up Gift For Husband  Printable with Treat

This lovely and thoughtful printable cheer up gift will take all of 5 minutes to fill out and it will completely light up your husbands day! Spend a few extra minutes gathering any supplies needed to complete your gift for your husband and you’re all set!

We all have 5 minutes to spare!!! So what are you waiting for? Steal this printable right now and give your husband a cheer up gift when he is feeling down or reward him when he is being awesome!

Cheer Up Gift For Husband Printable

PS. Husbands, we don’t want to leave you out! We love it when you play DOCTOR too, so grab this prescription pad printable and fill it out for your wife!!!

Pick up your  Dr. Feel Good – Cheer Up Printables here. 

Trust me you are going to love playing doctor, so check out these fun date ideas that will have you playing doctor over and over again!

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And if you love this cheer-up prescription pad idea you need to check out Knock Knock Nifty Note Pads. They have some of the funniest note pads that are perfect for your home! My favorites are Sweet Talk Note Pad, Apology Note Pad, and “Pep Talk” Paper Picker Upper Note Pad.

For more cheer up ideas and gifts for your husband check out 58 + Easy and Creative Ways To Cheer Up A Loved One


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  1. Tara Tara says:

    This is a cute post, Michelle! I love having “out-of-the-box” ideas to turn to when your other half needs a dose of happiness. XOXO

  2. Becca Becca says:

    SUPER cute! I love it, Michelle!

  3. Candice Candice says:

    This little note is the perfect dose of fun and love for your spouse! Great job, Michelle!

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