May 25, 2011

Quick, Easy, and Free


Wendy - Quick Easy & Free - Pinterest Pic

We all love fabulous ways to show that special someone our love right??? Well, this one is free and easy! What else could you ask for?!? :)

I hate it when the windows fog up in the car in the winter and you turn around to see your little one writing or drawing a lovely picture on the window… can you relate with me? I would never ever have thought to do this on my own. {Thank you… 101 Romantic Ideas, by Michael Webb}

So here we go! Next time your honey is in a steamed up bathroom taking a shower, slip in and write a cute message on the mirror! I’m sure he will see it when he gets out, or he definitely will next time it gets hot and steamy in there!

I wrote my little message and it took my hubby a few days to see it. Because I would NEVER do something like that. {wink, wink} When he noticed, he wrote me a cute message back on the bottom. So priceless!  Your kids will even get to see it too, and then… anytime the mirror fogs up your cute message will be revealed!  And now I patiently wait for my cute kids to leave us a message, too!!

Would you rather so something a little more sexy and romantic romantic… try writing your message in Candy Apple Red Lipstick!!

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3 Responses to “Quick, Easy, and Free”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    Love this idea, Wendy! :) Super cute, easy, & will help your sweetheart to have a FABULOUS start to the day!

  2. Jessica says:

    My husband and I use dry erase markers on the bathroom mirrors to write notes to each other.

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