August 11, 2012

Sit Back and Relax



Who out there has an amazing husband?!?!  Well, I’m sure it’s hard work to be SO amazing, so it is time for your hubby to… SIT BACK AND RELAX!  Here is a quick and EASY way to help your hubby relax!

We’ve got these cute, FREE printable coupons to make it easy for you!  Simply print, cut, and attach to make a little coupon book.  Be sure to fill out each line with what you are going to do to help your hubby sit back and relax!

I put my Sit Back and Relax coupons in a basket with some of the things I wrote on the coupons.  “Redeem this coupon to SIT BACK AND RELAX…. while I take care of diaper duty for the day” (THAT is real love right there!)  SIT BACK AND RELAX…. by watching your favorite movie.  SIT BACK AND RELAX…while I give you a back massage.  SIT BACK AND RELAX….by enjoying your favorite treat!

You know your hubby best and he’ll love whatever ideas you come up with to help him sit back and relax!  Get your FREE Coupon Printable Here and show your honey how much you love and appreciate him… Because seriously, being such an incredible husband MUST be exhausting!

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7 Responses to “Sit Back and Relax”

  1. okay love this idea!!! thank you

  2. Tara Tara says:

    These coupons are DARLING!!! Such a great idea, Jess! Love it! XOXO

  3. Corie corie says:

    This is such a fun, useful idea. Great post!

  4. Jocelyn says:

    Really cute idea! I love this. :)

  5. Rita says:

    Such a fun idea!

  6. Christi says:

    I love this day time is around the corner and we are saving money because we just bought a house :) need a great idea for his b-day and this is it he will love it :) Thanks so much for the idea

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