September 24, 2014

Surprise Can: DIY Gift For Him



We are going to surprise your man with a gift that will turn an ordinary canned good into an extraordinary creative gift.  This DIY project is easy, quick, and romantic which will be a great “just because” or for a “cheer-up” gift! Seal your gift for him with a printable SWAK card {Sealed With A Kiss!} and place it into his packed lunch.  Imagine his surprise!!!

Surprise Can_ Handmade Gift For Him or Her

I ran across this cute surprise can idea on Come Together Kids. I thought the idea was so clever that I had to transform it into a thoughtful and romantic DIY gift for your spouse. This DIY gift is the perfect way to show your love, spark a little romance, or to cheer-up your spouse. 

Surprise Can Romantic Gift Printable Pack

DIY Gift Supplies

You will need a couple of items:

  • cleaned out canned good, any size works as long as it’s something your spouse loves (Eat whatever is in the can, clean, and dry the can before using.)
  • can opener
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • printables
  • pen
  • packed lunch

Head on over to Come Together Kids to follow her quick and easy instructions on how to make your ordinary canned good into a surprise can. 

Check out this great idea provided by Sabrina, one of our fabulous readers, who suggested that if use one of the smooth can openers, you can open it on the bottom and glue it back on (it will fit like a lid) and then the top will still have that “POP” when it opens. Clever right?!!! Thank you Sabrina! 

Surprise Can Gift Printables

The Printables

How cute are these?! C Dot Love rocked these designs! You need to check her out, you will love her creations!

Print these darling designs onto white card stock. Cut the SWAK, note card, and prompt note slips out. Fill out the prompt note slips, there are a few blank ones for you to write whatever you want on as well.

Surprise Can DIY Handmade Gift

Place the prompt note slips inside the clean can.

Maybe you want to add a little more creative ideas to your gift for him or gift for her.  We’ve done some of the extra creative thinking for you! Add a little twist to your DIY gift with these ideas:

1. Romantic Gift Idea- Turn this romantic gift into an over the top sexy gift by adding a sexy note, lingerie, and a bedroom piece into the can. Check out our Intimate Section for a few sultry ideas.

2. Sweet Treat Idea- Instead of filling the the can with prompt notes alone, add in a few wrapped sweet treats to make this DIY gift sweet as can be!

3. Special Gift Idea-For a special occasion, place a cute gift such as a cupcake, little trinket, or gift card inside the can.

4. “Just Because” Gift Idea - You don’t need a special occasion to make your spouse feel special. So pick a day a couple times a month to give your spouse a surprise can. Take a peek at our Show Him The Love or Show Her The Love section for ideas to place inside the surprise can.

5. Cheer-Up Gift Idea - Sometimes we need a pick me up and this would be an awesome idea! Use only the yellow prompt note slips for this sunny gift. Head on over to our Cheer-Up Gift Idea Round-Up for many more ideas that will fit into your can.

Surprise Can DIY Gift For Him

The DIY Gift

Before sealing your can, you can either place the note card inside the can before sealing by folding the card and place among the note prompt slips, or another option is to leave the note card out and give it with your canned DIY gift.

Seal your can with the glue gun and glue the SWAK note on top of the can.  This will give your spouse a little hint at what’s to come!

Place your surprise DIY gift in with a packed lunch you’ve prepared for your spouse, into a picnic basket on your next date night, or out on the counter for your spouse to open during your couples cooking night.

Now sit back and enjoy your spouse’s surprise when they open your DIY gift for them!!!

What are you waiting for, grab your Surprise Can: DIY Gift Printables now. 

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10 Responses to “Surprise Can: DIY Gift For Him ”

  1. Paige says:

    Great idea Michelle! Love all the ways you can spin this! :)

  2. Tara Tara says:

    Such a cute idea… and I am SO in love with that backdrop!!!! XOXO

  3. Sabrina says:

    Just an FYI if you use one of the smooth can openers you can open it on the bottom and glue it back on (it will fit like a lid) and then the top will still have that “POP” when it opens. :)

  4. Jennifer says:

    Such a cute idea and several ways to use it. I have several cans saved already. Thanks Ladies.

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