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It was the hubby’s turn to plan a date night again, and when he does, he does not disappoint!   I have to give him HUGE Kudos for coming up with an idea so creative, super inexpensive, something you can do when the kids are in bed, and something that will make you laugh all night long, and even looking back on it in the future!

First, my husband took our daughter and I out to dinner at a restaurant we have never been to before.  We always love eating at new places and it was nice not having to worry about what to make for dinner, because he had it all covered!  No invitation required. 😉


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After we got home and put our daughter to bed, we made a comfy spot on the couch and turned on the laptop for a funny filled You-Tube video night!

We decided to only watch videos that would be really funny and if it got boring or not as funny as we thought, then we would turn it.  Because my husband and I have quite different sense of humor we took turns finding videos so we could see what each other liked and we ended up laughing at most all the videos together!

(Despite what we look like in this picture, I promise we laughed all night! haha!)

To make this an easy date night for you here is a list we compiled of videos we thought were super funny!

Make sure not to watch them until you and your spouse are sitting down with no distractions, ready for your date night.  You’re going to want to enjoy these videos TOGETHER as a couple.

So when you’re ready just click and enjoy!

#1- The Evolution of Dance

#2- Surfer Dude

#3- Laughing Baby

#4- Sneezing Panda

#5- Star Wars Kid

#6- The Laugh Man

#7- Really Funny Car Ad

haha!  got you on that last one didn’t I?

Now that you’re both in a good mood, go ahead and create a silly video of your own that you can look back on to remember this date night by.  Try turning on a love song and record yourselves singing to each other or do impressions of people you know.

The best part about having my spouse plan our date night would be that I was able to see what HE likes to do for date nights and what HIS expectations would be of me when I plan dates.  This helps in future date planning, your spouse is most likely to plan a date that he would enjoy, hoping that you will enjoy it too.  This date was just as great without any invites or themed food to go along with it, even though I would have gone all out.  My husband doesn’t care about having that, even if it does make the date more interesting (to me), it doesn’t make it any less fun or any less of a date!

About the Author: Kristen

In December 2005, I married the most amazing man who compliments me perfectly. Together we love to travel, discover new places, and live an active lifestyle. We also love our movie nights consisting of a redbox and a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. My interests range from being a momma, to hairstyling, to photography, to crafting, to decorating, to planning, to blogging, to meeting new people, and the list goes on forever...

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12 Responses to YouTube Date Night

  1. Oh my gosh! Bahaha! The surfer dude is awesome! I’m still laughing! I love this idea. Adam and I do this on occasion ’cause it’s like comedy hour on youtube! Thanks for posting these. I haven’t seen some of them before so it will go perfectly for the next time we do a youtube date. Love it!

  2. My Husband & I take turns planning dates. It’s so nice. he will even find a babysitter (even for the over night dates) for all 4 of our kids & he usually surprises me when it’s his turn! I try to surprise him – but I’m not very good at it – I get to excited!! :o) Watching funny youtube — never thought of that one!! thanks! ;o)

  3. What a great idea… always looking for ways to make evenings not so ho-hum, since we can’t go out after our daughter goes to bed. Thanks for your website –> hoping to add some new fun and sizzle to our marriage with some of your ideas!

  4. My husband and I did something very similar to this. Our two boys were with their grandparents for the night, we were so excited to go out and have a dinner date. The weather turned really bad and we did not want to take any chances, so we stayed in. He popped over the laptop and I was like really? Then we started watching old music videos from when we were teenagers, and telling funny things it reminded us of. We had a blast and then he played our song, and the evening was complete. Great memories, fun date night.