October 5, 2013

The 2nd ULTIMATE “Creative Ideas” Contest


Who wants to inspire couples everywhere AND be eligible for a package of amazing prizes from some of our FAVORITE vendors? We thought so!!


We are super duper excited to bring you our second “ULTIMATE Creative Ideas” Contest! We are scouting for the BEST creative ideas across the country in each of the following categories: creative dates, lovey-dovey craft tutorials, quick and easy romance ideas {15 minutes or less}, classy & creative intimate moment ideas, and long distance dating ideas.  Yeppers! We will actually REWARD you for dating that sweetheart of yours! Check out all the prizes from our FAVORITE VENDORS at the end of this post. So, get your creative ideas flowing and brush up on your photography skills because we can’t wait to see what you have to share!

The 2nd ULTIMATE “Creative Ideas” Contest

FIVE super-duper LUCKY winners will be selected. Winners take ALL! {squeal}

Categories to Enter:

Participants can submit up to four ideas to each of the five categories for a total of 20 submissions!! It will need to be completely original and cannot be something we have already posted on our website. Click on the title of each category to browse through what we have previously come up with.

  • Creative Dates Date your mate!! Participants can submit a creative AND inexpensive date idea that they came up with. What is something you have been DYING to make a date out of? We are looking for date ideas that can be done anywhere… no matter WHERE you live! Try to think outside the box of something you and your spouse would enjoy, but that others could easily recreate. If you create a darling printable to go along with your idea, we would love for you to send that in as well.
  • Craft Tutorial We show off fun DIY presents to give to our spouse all the time. Now it’s time for all of YOU to share your best ideas! Submit a creative AND inexpensive DIY craft tutorial with details on how it can be recreated. We would love to see a photo of the materials, maybe some of the steps you went through, and then – the final project, of course! We can’t WAIT to see what you come up with!
  • Quick & Easy With how busy life gets, we don’t always have time to do big or elaborate dates or even gifts. This category is for the most creative idea/way to show love to a spouse… in UNDER 15 minutes! That’s the key to this category! Simple, creative, fast, and meaningful!!
  • Intimate Moments You just gotta keep those sparks flying in a relationship! Participants can submit fun ideas that help keep the passion alive in their marriages. Submissions must be tastefully done and presented in a way that is classy.
  • Long Distance With so many people having to be away from their spouses for long periods of time, we are just LOVING this category! We can’t WAIT to see what you can think up for this! Any creative idea or FUN package that would help close the gap of distance in a relationship can be entered into this category. We would also LOVE to see creative date ideas that couples have used while being apart.

How To Enter:

Participants will be asked to submit the outline of their idea as well as 2-3 {or more!!} GORGEOUS pictures that feature the fun aspects of their idea. Read on for ALL of the details. Please make sure to do EACH step for EACH submission.

  1. Send your submissions into Contest@thedatingdivas.com. Please send each submission in a different email. Reminder – you can even submit four ideas to each of the five categories for a total of 20 submissions – BUT, they all need to be in separate emails.
  2. Please put “CONTEST – NAME OF CATEGORY YOU ARE ENTERING – TITLE OF YOUR IDEA-YOUR FULL NAME” in the subject line of your email. For example, if I were going to enter the “Intimate Moments” Category with an fun idea about using homemade edible candles, I would type, “CONTEST-INTIMATE MOMENTS-HOMEMADE EDIBLE CANDLES-CANDICE MEYER” as my title. Make sense?
  3. In order to share your fabulous ideas with everyone else, we need your permission! Please copy & paste these FIVE “terms” into the beginning of your email. This will give us permission to air your photos and/or idea however we choose.
    • 1.) I understand that The Dating Divas, LLC reserve the right to edit my submission to conform to their submission/editorial guidelines, and they are allowed to re-classify my submission to the category they deem appropriate.
    • 2.) I understand that The Dating Divas, LLC reserve the right to remove my published article if it is found republished elsewhere.
    • 3.) The idea I am submitting is my own work and is not plagiarized in any way. By submission and acceptance of these potential posts, I agree that TheDatingDivas.com is in no way liable in cases of complaints of copyright violations.
    • 4.) I give The Dating Divas, LLC full permission to publish my submission on their site and I understand that there will not be payment of any kind. {Although I would appreciate being one of the winners!}
    • 5.) By submitting an article to TheDatingDivas.com, I agree that I have read, understand, and consent to all of the guidelines set forth.
  4. Pretty please state somewhere in your email where your inspiration for the idea came from. :)
  5. Please write up the entire idea. You can write up the idea & explain how you did it WITH your sweetheart OR if you don’t have time to actually do the idea at this time, you can explain to us how others can do it.
  6. Include 2-5+ GORGEOUS photos that demonstrate and/or show off your idea. We are going to give you a HUGE hint right here. READY? If your photos are dark, dingy, or have a scary background {lol}, then you probably won’t win!! Remember the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”?? Well, that is SO true when it comes to this contest! The more gorgeous your photos are, the more likely you are to walk away with one of these prize packages!! Just be aware of the lighting, background, and if you need to – borrow a neighbor’s nice camera to take a couple pics! These AH-MAZ-ING prizes are soooo worth it!

Length of Contest:

Our Contest begins October 5th, 2013 (TODAY!!!) and ends on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013. The Divas will review all of the submitted ideas and vote on our absolute favorites in each category. The lucky winners will be revealed during the week of November 18th- 22nd when we post all of YOUR creative and inspiring ideas!


The top winner from EACH category will receive a fantastic prize from EACH of these incredible vendors!!! We have teamed up with our VERY FAVORITE companies and they are each donating FIVE $50+ prizes. That’s right, you heard us correctly! Each winner will walk away with A PRIZE. FROM. EVERY VENDOR!!!!

Ready to see all TEN amazing prizes AND 1 SPECIAL BONUS from The Dating Divas team?? 



Take a shopping spree at Vintage Rose Wraps with a $50 gift certificate and pick from their entire product line, including their signature headbands, belts, earrings, and their two new products; ruffle bags and leather cuffs. It only takes wearing a Vintage Rose Wrap once and you’ll see why these fun and flirty accessories have become a must for anyone’s wardrobe!




From the makers of Vintage Rose Wraps, comes the new blog, The Vintage Mother. Check out their fantastic new site for inspiration on “purposeful mothering, giving, and living – with a “vintage” ideal for the modern-day Mom.”  The winner will be one of the first to receive a t-shirt and leather cuff from their shop {OPENING SOON}.




kangacoo designs was Founded in 2008 by Katie Nguyen who had a desire to create fashionable clothes for the everyday girl sizes 3m to 12Y.  The clothing is made with practical but interesting fabrics, lots of ruffles, and is above all, fun to wear!  The line is designed on the idea that childhood is an occasion, dress for it! Winners will enjoy a $50 gift certificate to this amazing store.




Commemorate the love and life you have shared with your significant other with this fully personalized print 8×10 print by Jackaroo Designing Co. Your loves journey is unique and far reaching so memorialize your accomplishments as a couple and look lovingly to your future. Capture dates, miles, and family stats as a beautiful custom print and give as a special gift to always be treasured.




Hot Chick Aprons are made for those with good taste in and out of the kitchen.  These vintage style aprons can heat up the kitchen and spice up your love life! Winners will enjoy a $50 gift certificate to pick out one of their stylish and flirty designs!




Love is in the Wear! Get ready for a romantic get-away with your honey, and whether you are going to a romantic island retreat or a fabulous big-city Broadway show, you’ll look amazing in our dress or swimsuit! Your prize from Diviine Modestee is a $60 gift certificate good for use on any Divinita Sole Swimsuit or Sweet Innocence Dress. Prepare to sparkle and shine!




The Home Executive Day Planner by Picket Fence Publications is a favorite in the blogging and Pinterest worlds! It has a super fun design and is amazingly functional– designed exclusively for the Home Executive of any age. You will receive THREE planners to not only make your life more organized, but the lives of two of your friends as well!




Mya Bruce Designs specializes in crafting beautiful stamped & personalized jewelry.  Lucky winners will receive a new mixed metal design from the MBD premium line, which was created because every woman can inspire and be inspired. This gorgeous piece features a 24″ sterling ball chain, a mini silver bird pendant, and trio of bronze and sterling rectangles to remind us that “with brave wings she flies” and to “live.hope.be” and “dream.”




Burlap, Burlap, Burlap… Rock N Couture can’t get enough of this textile. That’s why they created their fun and functional burlap clutches that are great for everyday, gifts, weddings, and birthdays.  They added this piece to their collection so that you could find your things in a snap.  Though everyone LOVES their signature Rock N Couture bags, these clutches are quick, easy and fashionable.  The lucky winners will choose not one, but TWO different clutches from their fabulous collection!!!!




Whether you want to make something to add to the romance in your relationship, or something to make your home a more inviting place to spend time with those you love, it’s your choice! Say It On The Wall is your one stop shop for all your vinyl needs! (Custom orders welcome!) Choose your own prize with a $50 gift certificate to Say It On The Wall!


In addition to these 10 amazing prizes, we are offering a SPECIAL BONUS!

Each winner will receive a free copy of our e-book: The ULTIMATE Date Night Book!


We’ve gathered all of our TOP dates plus fresh, never before seen or published date ideas…..and compiled them into The ULTIMATE Date Night Book! This is the perfect book to have on hand for planning future date nights!

Start wooing your spouse TODAY!… and taking GORGEOUS pictures to capture the memories.

Need a little inspiration?  Here are links to last year’s winners:

GOOD LUCK & may the most creative readers win!!

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  1. Tara Tara says:

    I am SOOOOO excited about this contest! I can’t WAIT to see what creative ideas all of our readers come up with!! Good luck to everyone! Have SO much fun dating your sweetie!!

  2. Becca Becca says:

    Ahhh- so many FAB prizes!!! Can’t wait to see all the ideas! :)

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I’m getting married next August and I cannot WAIT to use all your ideas to strengthen our marriage!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hey I’m not retired!!! But I did win that long distance date last year…hope I can do another winner this year!

    • Candice Candice says:

      Hi Stephanie! So sorry for the mix-up! We got that fixed now! We LOVED your idea from last year :) Can’t wait to see your creativity this year! Thanks so much!

  5. Jamie says:

    This looks like too much fun! I may have to submit something! I think I have an idea!

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