10 Creative Ideas for Summer Romance

Summer Romance

I can’t believe JULY is already here! We are almost halfway through summer… so we figured we needed to give our readers a BUNCH of really fun summer ideas. I looked back at our posts that aired LAST July and grabbed our most popular posts to share with you today. These are tried and true ideas that both divas and readers alike LOVED.






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You Are The Flip To My Flop

Candice- You are the Flip to my Flop-Pinterest

 You can print off this darling printable to tie to a pair of flip flops your spouse currently wears OR purchase a new pair to attach it to. Either way, it’s a simple, free, and easy way to show your spouse love…. in a matter of minutes! Oh… did I mention that there is a FREE Printable in this post??


National Nude Day

Jess-National Nude Day-Pinterestpic

Get outta town! YES – this is an actual holiday!!  Mark your calendars, ladies & gentlemen… July 14th is National Nude Day!! This is the perfect little free printable to present your sweetheart with FIRST thing in the morning. He’ll be thinking about it ALL day!! Then… that evening, go ahead & prepare one of our fun Intimate Moment ideas! Heck, I’ll get ya started with the super cute “Strip Horse” game below….


Strip Horse

Paige-July Strip Horse-Pinterest Photo

We are always trying to come up with new & fun ideas to keep that romantic spark going in the marriage. Intimacy is SUPER important in marriage… and Diva Paige came up with a creative twist on the school-yard basketball game – HORSE!! Yeppers, Strip Horse is exactly what it sounds like… combining the game of HORSE with losing clothing, one by one. This is sure to provide fun, laughs, AND romance… all in one night. Head on over for your FREE printables!


To Do List – DONE!


A little late on your SPRING CLEANING? This is a FUN way to get the house cleaned quickly. With the kiddos home for the summer, you could also get THEM involved! There’s a reason our readers pinned this idea like crazy last summer! It turns work… into FUN!


Romantic Rooftop Date

Becca-Romantic Rooftop Date-Pinterest Pic

An unforgettable romantic date is only a LADDER away!!  If you have a flat surface anywhere on your roof.. then boy-oh-boy do WE have the perfect next date for you. I fell in love with this idea when I first heard about it… and still need to plan it for the hubs & I. I cannot wait!! It’s simple, creative… and the best part? FREE!! Your own little escape from the crazy busy thing we call life! Just climb up the ladder to your romantic escape… and cuddle the night away. Check out how Becca put HERS together!


A Few Of Our Favorite Things


I looooved this post!!  So much, in fact, that we are using it as part of a presentation we have coming up this month. It’s SO simple, yet SO genius! Angie nailed it right on the head. All you have to do is head over to this post, download the cute printables she created, and set aside time for your spouse and you to fill these babies out. Then – SWAP! You keep his list of “fav things” and he keeps your list of “fav things”… in a handy spot that you can access easily {purse, wallet, car}. When you are out & about running errands, you can refer to your handy-dandy list to grab one of your spouse’s fav things as a surprise! What a great way to help remind us to show love to our spouses.


Exploding Love Box

Sarina - Exploding Box Pinterest

We couldn’t BELIEVE how popular this post was! It has been pinned over 57 THOUSAND times! Readers everywhere were loving how easy this cute DIY gift was to put together! Sarina shows you how she put a SPIN on this project to show her husband how much he’s loved AND to bring back cherished memories they had together. If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up… this would be a GREAT gift to whip up!


The Birthday Bag

Robin-Birthday Bag-Pinterest

Speaking of birthdays…. if you have a loved one’s birthday coming up, then THIS is a great idea! I actually did this one for my hubs last year. Let me just plan this out for you… put aside a night to do the “A Few Of Our Favorite Things” idea mentioned above. THEN – you will be all SET for ideas to fill up the Birthday Bag!! Diva Robin provides you with cute printables to top it all off. We’ve totally “got your back”!


Make Your OWN Tickets

The Dating Divas

The Dating Divas

Sometimes a cute little invite or note to your spouse is all that’s needed to get the anticipation & excitement going. We found the neatest website where you can create your OWN tickets… for FREE! Multiple styles to choose from, you customize the ticket to say whatever you want. You can use this website to create a cute love note OR to create an invite to anything of your choosing. An easy-peasy idea that can be done in a matter of minutes!




Frisbee Golf… With A Twist


This post aired in July 2011… but we HAD to bring ‘er back because it’s such a great idea!! Everyone wants to be outside in the summer… unless you live in VEGAS, like me! LOL  If you have been dying to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine, then this could definitely be what you’ve been looking for. A FUN outdoor game with FREE printables that our cute friend, Colette created… paired with fun little exercises throughout that Diva Cami came up with. Head on over to check it all out!


So WHICH idea are you going to try out first??  So many options… so little time!! You can definitely PIN it all now & come back to it later as well! Have a FABULOUS summer trying out all these cute ideas!!!!

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