56 Gender Reveal Ideas for the Most Memorable Announcement

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Ready to reveal the gender of your unborn baby?? We want to help you celebrate! We dug around for the best gender reveal ideas and BOY did we find the jackpot!


Whether you plan to take the perfect picture for social media, throw a gender announcement party, make a pink or blue treat, or figure out the perfect way to surprise your family and friends, we have got it all the details you will need right here!


In case you were unaware, gender reveal parties are becoming incredibly popular because of the elaborate schemes people come up with to reveal the gender of their baby. After reading through this awesome list, you will totally see why (and then immediately jump on board!)


So, here are the most unique gender reveal ideas and announcement tips we gathered for you!


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Creative Gender Reveal Photography Ideas

Here we have the best of the best gender reveal ideas! These ideas will inspire your own perfect photo to capture the moment you find out your baby’s gender AND reveal it to others! So exciting, right?!

Gender Reveal Using Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes Gender Reveal Photography Ideas | The Dating Divas

Baby Clothes Gender Announcement

Create a beautiful gender reveal announcement using precious baby clothes! You can either hold up a small girl/boy outfit or hang several on a clothesline for a creative reveal! And look at these darling onesies perfect for your own gender reveal photo!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Sweet Treats

Using a Cotton Candy Treat to Announce the Baby's Gender | The Dating Divas

Cotton Candy Treat Announcement

Ice cream, cotton candy, soda, cupcakes, etc! This beautiful photo using colored cotton candy to reveal the gender demonstrates how to use a sweet treat in your announcement photo! One little colorful detail can make the photo. So, brainstorm one of your favorite treats and how you can incorporate it into a creative baby announcement of your own!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Sonograms

How to Reveal the Baby's Gender Using a Sonogram| The Dating Divas

Sonogram Gender Reveal

Sonograms are so special because they’re where you get your first little peek at your baby. Show it to the world, but put a pop of color on it to also reveal the baby’s gender in a unique way! Use a cute colored frame or add some sweet embellishments to a sonogram photo to create an unforgettable gender reveal!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Baby Shoes

Pink or Blue Baby Shoes Gender Reveal | The Dating Divas

Baby shoe announcement

Often one of the first items parents buy after finding out the gender is baby shoes! So tiny and sweet, it’s easy to see why parents love little shoes. Create a darling gender reveal by showing off your newest purchase– and there’s no mess! Moccasins like these always photograph well and are perfect to hang on to for when your little one is learning to walk!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using a Colored Sash

Maternity Photo Belly Sash in Pink or Blue | The Dating Divas

Colored Belly Sash

Throw on a colored sash and show off your belly to reveal the gender of your baby! You can grab some here, here, or here! This is such an easy gender announcement idea because you just tie a pink or blue bow around your cute belly. Let’s see that cute bump!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Bubblegum

Use Bubble Gum to Reveal the Gender of the Baby | The Dating Divas

Bubblegum Gender Reveal

Bubblegum makes for some of the best gender reveal photos! They are so playful and fun! Pop in some bubblegum and blow a bubble to reveal the gender of your newest addition!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using a Chalkboard

Chalkboard Gender Reveal | The Dating Divas

Chalkboard Announcement

I am ALL about quick and cute ideas! I think that is why I always love chalkboard gender reveal photos! Simply grab some chalk and write down the gender of your newest addition! A simple, ready-to-paint chalkboard like this would work perfectly!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Confetti

Gender Announcement Colorful Confetti Blast | The Dating Divas

Confetti Blast Announcement

How fun are these gender reveal photos?! Create a playful reveal with some colored confetti! You don’t even have to shoot it. You could place it in your hands and blow it or throw it. Just grab something like this if it’s a boy, or try this if it’s a little lady!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Balloons

Balloon Gender Reveal Ideas for Families | The Dating Divas

Balloon Gender Reveal Ideas for Families

So here’s a true classic! Add a special “pop” of color into your gender reveal photos by using balloons! Jumbo, round balloons always photograph so beautifully. Grab blue for a boy or pink for a girl!

The Best Gender Reveal Ideas Using Paint

Paint Can Color to Announce if the Baby is a Boy or a Girl | The Dating Divas

Paint Color Photo

This is such a sweet and creative gender reveal idea! As you prepare to paint your little one’s nursery, use a can of paint to reveal their gender! Handprints on your growing belly or an all-out paint fight are also unique ways to announce your new baby’s gender.

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Props

The Best Props to Announce a Pregnancy | The Dating Divas

Umbrella Pregnancy Announcement

There are so many adorable and charming prop ideas to use in a gender reveal photoshoot! You could use a cute book, bows, teacups, Scrabble pieces, etc! Also, you could use a colored umbrella or a clear umbrella letting the color rain down on you to reveal the gender of your soon-to-be babe!

Reveal the Gender Using Paint

Paint Fight Baby Reveal | The Dating Divas

Paint Fight

Looking for a playful way to reveal the gender of your baby?! You might try having a fun paint fight with your spouse using pink or blue paint! This is such a fun way to show your excitement.

Reveal Ideas Using Balloons in a Box

DIY Balloon Box Announcement | The Dating Divas

DIY Balloon Box

This is a creative and interactive way to reveal the gender of your baby! And the best part? It’s fun for the whole family! Put some colored balloons in a box for a fun surprise!

Announcement Ideas in the Sand

Gender Reveal on the Beach Written in the Sand| The Dating Divas

Write it in the Sand

If you live by a beach or are taking a babymoon, try writing the gender in the sand! Your friends and family will be surprised with this fun reveal! Talk about easy and no mess to clean up!

Baby Announcement Using Blocks

Blocks to make a baby announcement | The Dating Divas

Spelling it out in Blocks

Certainly, using blocks to spell out the gender or name of your new baby is a timeless gender reveal idea! Simply pull out some toy blocks and spell out the gender of your baby!

Gender Reveal Ideas Using Your Pet

Pet Baby Announcement | The Dating Divas

Pet Baby Announcement

Gender reveals aren’t just for parents these days— you can also get your family pets involved! Tie a colored scarf, hang a sign, or place baby shoes next to your pet’s paws for a meaningful or funny gender reveal!

Announce the Gender Using Chalk

Write the Gender in Chalk | The Dating Divas

Write the Gender Using Chalk

Grab a piece of colored chalk and announce the gender of your baby! You can either use regular chalk or you could also try out chalk powder for a fun effect! Either way, this is an easy, fun way to make your announcement.

Gender Reveal Party Themes

Make a whole event out of celebrating whether your new baby is a boy or a girl! Check out these gender reveal party themes and involve everyone you love in the big announcement! A healthy baby is most important, but it makes the long 9 months way more fun to celebrate the exciting moments along the way!

Ties or Tutus Gender Party Theme

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Themes | The Dating Divas

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Theme

Use this adorable theme to celebrate your new baby’s gender! This makes for a cute gender reveal party theme because both ties and tutus are so easy to find! We found some darling Tutus and Ties for you to grab!

Moccasin Themed Gender Reveal Party

Moccasin Baby Gender Reveal Theme for a Party | The Dating Divas

Moccasin Party

Okay, can we talk about baby moccasins for just a second? They are darling! That is why we LOVE this idea from Marigold Events! Why not celebrate the gender of your new baby with a Moccasin Inspired reveal party? Too cute!

Time to Reveal the Baby Party Theme

Time to Reveal the Baby Gender Party Theme | The Dating Divas

Time to Reveal

Take a look at this adorable clock themed gender reveal party! So adorable and such a clever and unique gender reveal party theme. From delicious cookies to a DIY cuckoo clock, you too can create a timeless gender reveal party!

Royal Baby Gender Reveal Party

Royal Baby Party Theme Ideas | The Dating Divas

Royal Baby Party Theme

This gender reveal party theme is perfect for any future prince/princess! I am loving all the pops of gold in the decorations!

Milk and Cookies Party Theme

Milk and Cookies Themed Baby Party | The Dating Divas

Milk and Cookies Party Theme

What better way to celebrate the gender of your new babe than with milk and cookies?! I love how she used strawberry milk to represent a girl and chocolate milk for a boy! Be sure to check out all her darling gender reveal party theme ideas!

“Waddle” it Be? Gender Reveal Theme

Waddle it Be? Duck Themed Party | The Dating Divas

Duck Themed Party

This duck-inspired gender reveal party theme idea is the cutest! Seriously, how fun are these party decorations and reveal ducks?! They turn the water pink or blue, the perfect addition to your party!

VOTE in the Gender Election!

Election themed party to announce the baby's gender. | The Dating Divas

Election Themed Baby Party

Are you looking for a fun and original idea? Use this unique gender reveal party theme to celebrate the gender of your new baby. Check out this adorable election-themed gender reveal party! Let your guests cast their votes prior to the “official” gender reveal results!

Ice Cream Social Gender Celebration

Ice Cream Social Party Theme for Gender Announcement | The Dating Divas

Ice Cream Gender Reveal Party

If ice cream has been on your list of pregnancy cravings, this ice cream social gender reveal party theme might be perfect for you! Check out these delicious ideas including a yummy blue and pink ice cream bar! One of the tastiest gender reveal theme ideas!

Boho Inspired Party

Boho Inspired Party | The Dating Divas

Boho Gender Reveal Party Inspiration

This amazing bohemian styled gender reveal party is FULL of awesome ideas! From the tassel streamers to the floral crowns, throw a stylish party your friends and family won’t forget! I especially love the final balloon reveal idea from Michele at the end of the party! Be sure to check out all the beautiful boho details and all of their other gender reveals ideas!

Gold and Black Party

Black and Gold Party Theme | The Dating Divas

Black and Gold Theme

Here is a fun twist on the typical gender reveal party theme! Instead of using pink and blue, use gold and black! Jasmine from Idea! Event+Style asked her guests to come to the party dressed in black if they thought it was a BOY or GOLD if they thought it was a girl! This is such a fun idea and way to get your guests involved!

Gender Reveal Party Games

Get your guests involved in the fun and excitement with gender reveal party games! Activities and games give you all something to do and they also up the anticipation. No one will be able to wait for the big reveal!

Tally the Vote

Chalkboard vote on the gender at the gender announcement party. | The Dating Divas

Take a vote on the baby’s gender!

One great way to get your guests involved during a gender reveal party is to have them cast their votes! Have them write down guesses about the baby’s gender on slips of paper. Tally up the results on a large chalkboard for a fun interactive activity!

Baby Name Suggestion Game

Name Suggestion Game for Big Groups at the Gender Reveal Party | The Dating Divas

Baby Name Suggestion Jars

Another great activity to involve your guests during your gender reveal party is to have them write down name suggestions for your baby on slips of paper! You might even get a good laugh out of this fun idea!

Old Wives Tale Quiz Party Game

Old Wives Tale to Predict the Gender of a Baby| The Dating Divas

Gender Old Wives Tales Quiz

Go through each of these old wives’ tales to try and predict the gender of the baby. You will see how accurate they are when you do the big reveal. Check out all the detail that this idea came from because for their big reveal, they sent guests on a fun scavenger hunt!

Gender Reveal Party Pins

Gender Vote Through Pins Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas

Colored Gender Pins to Wear at the Party

Create your very own DIY gender reveal pins for your guests to wear during your special party! Have your guests choose a pin based on their guess for your baby’s gender! One of our favorite gender reveal ideas because each person gets to wear their vote!

Gender Reveal Jeopardy Game

Baby Jeopardy Party Game for the Gender Announcement Party Ideas | The Dating Divas

Baby Jeopardy Party Game

Here is another fun gender reveal party activity! Bring out the competitive side of your guests with a DIY candy Jeopardy game!

Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Whether you are having a big, themed gender reveal party, or just doing something low-key from home, it’s always fun to have a tasty treat involved! Whip up something perfect for your party, or to just share with your spouse at home! So yummy and so festive!

Hidden Heart Cupcakes

Gender Reveal Surprise Cupcakes | The Dating Divas

Gender Reveal Cupcakes with a Surprise Inside

For a creative gender reveal cupcake, try out a tie-died style frosting! When your family bites into this delicious treat they will be thrilled to fun a colorful surprise! Check out the instructions and you can create these yummy gender reveal cupcakes!

Pink and Blue Rosette Cake

DIY Gender Reveal Cake Ideas | The Dating Divas

DIY Gender Reveal Cake

Isn’t this gender reveal cake beautiful! Use two different colors of frosting (blue and pink, of course) for a pretty gender reveal baked dessert!

Surprise Inside Cake

Surprise Inside Cake Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas

Cake with Candy in the Middle

Why not use colored candy to fill a cake for a fun gender reveal surprise! Get the full “how-to” from Betty Crocker herself!

Piñata Cookies

Sprinkle Cookies Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas

Sprinkles Gender Reveal

Take a look at these darling gender reveal cookies! They are SUCH a cute way to tell your friends and family the gender of your baby! Colorful sprinkles falling out everywhere!

Truffle with Colored Filling

DIY Colorful Truffles Filled with Pink or Blue to Announce the Baby's Gender | The Dating Divas

DIY Colorful Truffles

Here is another delicious sweet treat to reveal the gender of your baby! Check out this sugar cookie truffle recipe from Serene! Simply use food coloring to tint the inside of your truffles for a yummy surprise!

Filled Donuts

Pink or Blue Filled Donuts from Krispy Kreme Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas

Pink or Blue Filled Donuts

Did you know you can request special pink/blue filled doughnuts from Krispy Kreme?! This is such an easy way to surprise and announce the gender of your soon-to-be babe to your friends and family! One of the easiest gender reveal ideas yet!

Fortune Cookie Gender Reveal

DIY Fortune Cookie Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas

DIY Fortune Cookie

I think this idea is absolutely genius! Create a special gender reveal using fortune cookies! Check out all the DIY fortune cookie making details!

Cotton Candy Booth

Cotton Candy Party Booth | The Dating Divas

Pink and Blue Cotton Candy

If you are looking for a sweet treat to announce the gender of your baby, you might try using cotton candy! Check out this darling cotton candy gender reveal booth! And be sure to check out her other gender reveal ideas, too!

Onesie Cookie Reveal

Onesie Filled Cookies Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas

Onesie Filled Cookies

I mean seriously, how cute are these little onesie cookies! Create a unique gender reveal surprise with these fun-filled goodies!

Cake Pops

 DIY Cake Pop Baby Gender Announcement | The Dating Divas

DIY Cake Pop

Cake pops are another great treat for a fun gender reveal! Here is a great recipe for these unique gender reveal goodies!

Gender Reveal Ideas for Family and Friends

After you celebrate with delicious treats and fun games, it’s time for the main event. Gather friends and family for the moment of the actual reveal. We collected some fun ways to reveal the baby’s gender to your family and friends.

Balloon Pop

Pop a Balloon and Let Confetti Fall | The Dating Divas

Pop a Balloon with Confetti

So here’s a classic. Fill black balloons with pink or blue confetti! Have your family and friends gather around you as you pop the balloon and release the colored confetti! Your loved ones will love this exciting gender reveal!

Gender Reveal Darts and Balloons

Balloon Paint Darts Party | The Dating Divas

Balloon Paint Darts

Another fun way to use balloons for a gender reveal is to fill them with paint and attach them to a board! Let your family members take turns throwing darts at the board for an entertaining gender reveal!

Gender Reveal Goodie Boxes

Goodie Box to Reveal the Gender | The Dating Divas

Gender Reveal Goodie Box

Give each of your family members a gender reveal goodie box! Fill each box with colored (pink or blue) treasures and treats! Have your family open their boxes together for a memorable surprise!

Confetti Pull-Down Box

Individual Gender Reveal Confetti Boxes | The Dating Divas

DIY Confetti Box to Reveal the Gender

This is such a great gender reveal idea for families! ESPECIALLY for those families with kids! So have each family member pull their own confetti box for a special and individual surprise!


Fireworks Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas

Blue or Pink Fireworks

Looking for an “explosive” way to announce the gender of your soon-to-be babe? Well, check out this over-the-top idea! Use blue or pink fireworks to reveal the gender of your baby!

Gender Reveal DIY Piñata

DIY Piñata Making Tips Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas

DIY Piñata

Here is another GREAT way to announce the gender of your baby to your family and friends! Fill the contents of a pinata with either blue or pink candy or confetti! Allow your loved ones to take turns hitting the pinata!

Long Distance Gender Reveal Ideas

Are the people you love the most far away? So what! Include them in your big news from afar! Check out these ideas that you can use to surprise people from miles away.

DIY Baby Diaper Card

DIY Diaper Card | The Dating Divas

DIY Diaper Card

Aren’t these DIY gender reveal announcements just BEAUTIFUL?! Assemble your OWN gender reveal announcements and send them in the mail to your family and friends!

Scratch Off Gender Reveal Card

Scratch Off Baby Surprise Card for Your Spouse | The Dating Divas

Scratch Off Baby Surprise Card

This is such a unique way to announce the gender of your baby to those who live far away! Simply send a simple gender reveal scratch-off card for a creative surprise they won’t forget!

Ultrasound Record

Baby Ultrasound Record Keepsake | The Dating Divas

Ultrasound Record Keepsake

Here is another great way to share your exciting news with those who live long distance! Fill out this adorable gender reveal printable and insert it into an envelope with a copy of your ultrasound!

Egg in a Box Gender Reveal Idea

Egg Unique Gender Reveal Ideas for Family | The Dating Divas

Egg Gender Reveal

Here is a darling, unique gender reveal idea specifically for long-distance family and friends! Send a cute DIY egg to your loved ones with instructions to crack it open! Inside your family and friends with find the perfect surprise!

Puzzle Gender Announcement

DIY Puzzle Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas

DIY Puzzle to Find out the Sex of the Baby

I am totally in LOVE with this long-distance gender announcement using spray paint and puzzle pieces! Check out all the details and instructions!

Send Shoes in the Mail

Mail Baby Shoes to Announce the Gender | The Dating Divas

Baby Shoe Announcement

Aww! These gender reveal booties are so precious! Without question, mailing little socks or shoes is a great way to share your exciting news with long-distance family members! We found some Pink Booties and Blue Booties!

Surprise in a Box

Tiny Surprise Box to Send to Family | The Dating Divas

Mini Surprise Package to Find Out the Sex

This is another great gender reveal announcement idea, especially to send to those who don’t live nearby! Whip up a fun-filled package with colored goodies! Your family and friends will be thrilled to open your colorful reveal!

Gender Reveal Card

Card to Mail to Reveal Gender of the Baby| The Dating Divas

Gender Reveal Card to Mail to Family

Use a black and white photo along with a colored photo to recreate this adorable gender announcement idea!

Check out even more posts to inspire your own gender reveal ideas!:


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