100 Gender Reveal Ideas

Okay guys…today we are going to totally spoil you rotten! We know how much you LOVED our AH-MAZING 50 Creative Pregnancy Announcements post, (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you seriously need to ASAP! — it has gone completely viral!) and because we love YOU so much, we have decided to put together even MORE pregnancy ideas! Yup, you read that right! More adorable and creative gender reveal ideas, JUST FOR YOU! You are going to freak out over this list! Get ready, because we have come up with… 


So many creative gender reveal ideas!! Look no further for your next big announcement! #TheDatingDivas #GenderRevealIdeas #CreativeGenderReveals

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Gender reveal parties are becoming so popular, and after reading through this awesome list, you will totally see why! 
Here are 100 SERIOUSLY UNIQUE gender reveal ideas and announcement tips!
We have even split our gender reveal ideas into 6 different categories for you including:

  1. 25 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas for Photography
  2. 25 Adorable Gender Reveal Party Themes
  3. 10 Fun Gender Reveal Party Games
  4. 16 Delicious Gender Reveal Cake Ideas
  5. 12 Gender Reveal Ideas for Friends and Family
  6. 12 Long Distance Gender Reveal Ideas

We have come up with the BEST OF THE BEST gender reveal ideas!!  Are you ready to get started? Let’s begin with…


Unique Gender Reveal Photo Ideas

Gender Reveal Ideas Using Baby Clothes

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Baby Clothes

Sources: {A} We Heart Photography {B} The Chicago Life Blog {C} Ronnie Ruiz Photographer {D} The Letter B Photography {E} Mandy Kay Photography

1. Gender Reveal Using Baby Clothes – We are in LOVE with these GORGEOUS maternity photos! Create a beautiful gender reveal announcement using precious baby clothes! You can either hold up a small girl/boy outfit or hang several on a clothes line for a creative reveal! Our definite daily-deal favorite for kids clothes is Zulily, so if you aren’t a member, sign up! And look at these darling pink onesies and blue onesies!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Sweet Treats

Unique Gender Reveal Announcement Using Sweets

Sources: {A} The Pod Photography Blog {B} J Selby Photography {C} Sonju Photography {D} Epic Danger Photography {E} Ashah Photography

2. Gender Reveal Using Sweet Treats – Ice cream, cotton candy, soda, cupcakes, etc! How cute are the Jones Soda bottles? These beautiful photos demonstrate how to use a sweet treat to reveal the gender of your baby!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Sonograms

Cute Gender Reveal Announcement Using a Sonogram

Sources: {A} Lovers of Love Photography {B} A Thrifty Mom {C} Simply M Photography {D} Gina Zeidler {E} Live Joy Photography

3. Gender Reveal Using a Sonogram – Use a cute colored frame or add some sweet embellishments to a sonogram photo to create an unforgettable gender reveal!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Baby Shoes

Unique Gender Reveal Announcement Using Shoes

Sources: {A} Susanne Ashby Photography {B} Oh Joy! {C} Megan Ann Photography {D} Nicole Paulson Photography {E} Meghan Fuller Photography(link no longer available) {F} Ronnie Ruiz Photographer {G} Rori Dellinger Photography

4. Gender Reveal Using Baby Shoes– One of the first items parents buy after finding out the gender is baby SHOES! Create a darling gender reveal by showing off your newest purchase! Moccasins like these always photograph well, and are perfect to hang on to for when your little one is learning to walk!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using A Colored Sash

Cute Gender Reveal Announcement Using a Colored Sash

Sources: {A} Susanne Ashby Photography {B} Meghan Fuller Photography {C} Mandy Kay Photography {D} Ashley Nicole Johnson Photography

5. Gender Reveal Using a Colored SashAren’t these maternity sashes adorable?! Throw on a colored sash and show off your belly to reveal the gender of your baby! You can grab some here, here, or here!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Bubblegum

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Bubblegum

Sources: {A} The Letter B Photography {B} The Chicago Life Blog {C} Jamado Photography {D} Claudia Landgrover Photography (link no longer available) {E} Rori Dellinger Photography

6. Gender Reveal Using Bubblegum– I think these are some of my FAVORITE gender reveal photos! They are so PLAYFUL and fun! Pop in some bubblegum and blow a bubble to reveal the gender of your newest addition!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using A Chalkboard

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Chalkboard

Sources: {A} Jennifer Fujikawa Photography {B} See Vanessa Craft {C} Susanne Ashby Photography {D} Simply M Photography {E} Lovers of Love Photography

7. Gender Reveal Using a ChalkboardI am ALL about quick and cute ideas! I think that is why I am LOVING these chalkboard gender reveal photos! Simply grab some chalk and write down the gender of your newest addition! A simple, ready-to-paint chalkboard like this would work perfectly!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Confetti

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Confetti

Sources: {A} Andimans Photography {B} The Chicago Life Blog {C} Mandy Kay Photography

8. Gender Reveal Using Confetti Seriously?! How fun are these gender reveal photos! Create a playful reveal with some colored confetti! Grab something like this if it’s a boy, or try this if it’s a little lady!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Balloons

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Balloons

Sources: {A} Christine Choi Photography {B} Baby Bliss Photography {C} Drew B. Photography {D} Nicole Paulson Photography {E} Velvet Owl Photography

9. Gender Reveal Using Balloons– We are totally LOVING these beautiful maternity photos! Add a special “pop” of color into your gender reveal photos by using balloons! Jumbo, round balloons always photograph so beautifully. Grab blue for a boy, or pink for a gal!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Banners

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Banners and Signs

Sources: {A} Nicole Paulson Photography {B} LilyLove Photography (link no longer available) {C} Hello Happiness {D} Vintage Pretty {E} P & W Photography {F} Baby Bliss Photography

10. Gender Reveal Using Banners and Signs– Create an original gender reveal announcement by creating your own DIY banner! Use patterned paper along with other fun materials to make your own special gender reveal sign! There’s also this darling balloon banner or paper one so that they are all done for you!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Paint

Cute Gender Reveal Announcement Using Paint

Sources: {A} The Art of Making a Baby Blog {B} Gina Zeidler {C} Susan Schneider Design {D} Gina Zeidler

11. Gender Reveal Using Paint– This is SUCH a sweet and creative gender reveal idea! As you prepare to paint your little one’s nursery, use a can of paint to reveal their gender!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Props

Unique Gender Reveal Announcement Using Charming Props

Sources: {A} Studio 1208 {B} Meghan Fuller Photography {C} Neely’s Photography {D} Jennifer Fujikawa Photography

12. Gender Reveal Using Charming Props– There are SO many adorable and charming prop ideas to use in a gender reveal photo shoot! You could use a cute book, bows, teacups, etc! The list is endless!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using An Umbrella

Gender Reveal Announcement Using an Umbrella

Sources: {A} Brenda Landrum {B} Recollections Photography {C} Carrie Stroud Photography {D} Almond Leaf Studios (link no longer available)

13. Gender Reveal Using an Umbrella Here is another original gender reveal idea! Use a colored umbrella to reveal the gender of your soon-to-be babe!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Paint

Cute Gender Reveal Announcement with a Paint Fight

Sources: {A} Limelight 31 Photography {B} Nakalan McKay Photography {C} Hilary Mercer Photography {D} Macon Photography {E} Angie Schutt Photography

14. Gender Reveal Using a Paint Fight Looking for a playful way to reveal the gender of your baby?! You might try having a fun paint fight with your spouse using pink or blue paint!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Balloons In A Box

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Balloons in a Box

Sources: {A} Linabell Photography {B} Yuna Leonard Photography (link no longer available) {C} Ashley Hempel Photography {D} Mandy Kay Photography {E} Rebecca Cote Photography

15. Gender Reveal Using Balloons in a BoxThis is a creative and interactive way to reveal the gender of your baby! And the best part? It’s fun for the whole family! Put some colored balloons in a box for a fun surprise!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Crowns

Cute Gender Reveal Announcement Using a Crown

Sources: {A} Nikki Hancock Photography {B} Tara Swain (link no longer available) {C} Susanne Ashby Photography {D} Carolyn Kipper Photography

16. Gender Reveal Using Crowns– Aren’t these crowns precious?! Reveal your newest prince/princess with this fun prop!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Scrabble Pieces

Unique Gender Reveal Announcement Using Scrabble Pieces

Sources: {A} Kairos Photography {B} Peas and Crayons {C} Completely Captivating Photography {D} LaBella Vita Photography {E} Lori Baskin Photographer

17. Gender Reveal Using Scrabble Pieces– Scrabble pieces aren’t just for fun and games these days! You can also use the letters to announce the gender of your baby! Simply spell out whether you are having a girl, boy, or both!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas In The Sand

Cute Gender Reveal Announcement in the Sand

Sources: {A} Memory Montage Photography {B} Animal Craze Kids (link no longer available)

18. Gender Reveal in the Sand– If you live by a beach and are looking for a fun way to announce the gender of your baby, try writing it in the sand! Your friends and family will be surprised with this fun reveal!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Handprints

Unique Gender Reveal Announcement Using Painted Handprints

Sources: {A} Andimans Photography {B} Gina Zeidler {C} Evin Photography

19. Gender Reveal Using Handprints– Throw on a white t-shirt and grab some colored paint to re-create these DARLING gender reveal photos! You can also get your husband and kids involved in this special idea!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Blocks

Cute Gender Reveal Announcement Using Blocks

Sources: {A} Ali Beck Photography {B} Nicole Paulson Photography {C} Chard Photographer {D} Paddington Way

20. Gender Reveal Using BlocksWe are totally in love with these gorgeous photos! Simply pull out some toy blocks and spell out the gender of your baby! 

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Family Pets

Unique Gender Reveal Announcement Using Family Pets

Sources: {A} Nikki & Nicholas {B} Neely’s Photography {C} The Confessions of a Redhead (link is no longer available) {D} Ella Bella Photography {E} Ettevy Photography

21. Gender Reveal Using Family Pets– Gender reveals aren’t just for parents these days— you can also get your family pets involved! Tie a colored scarf, hang a sign, or place baby shoes next to your pet’s paws for a meaningful gender reveal! 

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas With Siblings

Unique Gender Reveal Announcement Using Siblings

Sources: {A} Shone Foto {B} Frenzel Studios (no longer available) {C} Cozy Clicks Photography {D} Mandy Kay Photography {E} Shone Foto {F} Meghan Fuller Photography

22. Gender Reveal Using Siblings– If you are pregnant with your second, third, fourth, fifth (or so on) child, you can use your children to reveal the gender of their soon-to-be sibling!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Playful Props

Cute Gender Reveal Announcement Using Props

Sources: {A} Orange Girl {B} Christine Choi Photography {C} Neely’s Photography {D} Completely Captivating Photography {E} Mandy Kay Photography {F} Meghan Fuller Photography

23. Gender Reveal Using Playful Props If you are looking for a quirky and fun ways to announce the gender of your baby, check out these CUTE photos! You can use whimsical glasses, stickers, banners, and other playful props to reveal the gender of your babe! 

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas Using Chalk

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Chalk

Sources: {A}Andimans Photography {B} Memory Montage Photography {C} JK & Elle {D} Susanne Ashby Photography

24. Gender Reveal Using Colored Chalk– Grab a piece of colored chalk and announce the gender of your baby! You can either use regular chalk or you could also try out chalk powder for a fun effect!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas At Christmas

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas for Christmas

Sources: {A} Danika Diediker Photography {B} A Paper Proposal {C} Grey Likes Baby {D} A Paper Proposal {E} We Heart Photography

25. Gender Reveal At Christmas– If you are announcing the gender of your baby during Christmas, be sure to check out these beautiful photos! Capture some beautiful memories during the most wonderful time of the year!


Unique Gender Reveal Party Themes

Cute Gender Reveal Party Themes and Ideas

26. Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Party– Everything about this gender reveal party by Laura’s Little Party is seriously perfect! From the adorable theme to the decorations, create a memory your friends and family will never forget with this idea from Kara’s Party Ideas! We found some darling Tutus and Ties!

27. Rustic Gender Reveal Party– Do you love burlap and rustic accents? Well be sure to check out this down-to-earth gender reveal party from Catch My Party!

28. Little Mister or Litte Miss Gender Reveal– Darn it! This darling post is no longer available 🙁 But I loved this modern gender reveal party idea from 45Wall Design! Gorgeous designs, decorations, and other awesome ideas to create your own contemporary gender reveal party!

29. Tricycle Gender Reveal Party– Isn’t this tricycle inspired gender reveal party from Miss Party Mom just PRECIOUS?! I love all the thoughtful ideas and elements Kenna incorporated to create the perfect gender reveal party!

30. Moccasins Themed Gender Reveal Party– Okay, can we talk about baby moccasins for just a second? Ummmm…aren’t they are DARLING!!! That is why we LOVE this idea from Marigold Events! Why not celebrate the gender of your new baby with a Moccasin Inspired reveal party! These photos were taken by Tiffany Nicole Photography. Too cute!

31. Pink Vs. Blue Gender Reveal– Do you have any sports-fanatic friends or family members? Well then this Pink Vs. Blue gender reveal party is SURE to be a hit! Make sure check out all these fun activity and reveal ideas from Jessica at Modern Moments!

Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Unique Gender Reveal Party Themes

32. It’s Time to Reveal the Gender Party– Take a look at this adorable clock themed gender reveal party from Lyndsey from Lulu’s! So stinkin’ adorable!! From delicious gender reveal cookies to a DIY cukoo clock, you too can create a timeless gender reveal party!

33. Birds and the Bees Gender Reveal– I love this beautiful and bright “Birds and Bees” gender reveal party! From the theme to the decorations, everything about this party from Michelle of Perfect Parties by Michelle is uniquely perfect! And remember to check out all of her other gender reveal ideas!

34. Royal Baby Gender Reveal Party– This gender reveal party is perfect for any future prince/princess! I am loving all the pops of gold in the decorations from Courtney at Pizzazzerie!

35. Milk & Cookies Gender Reveal Party– What better way to celebrate the gender of your new babe than with milk and cookies?! I love how Paige used strawberry milk to represent a girl and chocolate milk for a boy! Be sure to check out all her darling gender reveal ideas!

36. He or She, Come in to See– This fun gender reveal party from For the Love of Leopard is no longer available 🙁 But it was mustaches for a little man and pink lips for a little lady! There are so many more fun ideas here!

37. Elegant Co-Ed Gender Reveal Party If you are looking for a classic gender reveal party idea, be sure to take a look at these ideas from Christina Clark Events! She even included some bonus ideas on how to involve your male guests! Photos taken by Riso Studio.

Unique Gender Reveal Party Themes

Creative Gender Reveal Party Ideas

38. “Whoo” Will It Be Gender Reveal Party– Link is no longer available 🙁 This whimsical owl gender reveal is SUCH a fun idea! Use an owl theme to announce the gender of your new baby! Lauren from Crave.Indulge.Enjoy has come up with some adorable party activities and treat ideas, including a gorgeous owl-inspired cake!

39. Handsome Fella/Gorgeous Lil’ Lady Gender Reveal Party– Here is another DARLING gender reveal party idea from Cristina at Le Partie Sugar! I love how she used a bright color scheme and bold patterns to decorate this fun party! Not only are her decorations original, but she also included some creative activity ideas including a voting booth and ballots, thank you gifts, and more special reveal ideas!

40. “Waddle” It Be Gender Reveal Party– I think this duck-inspired gender reveal idea is JUST THE CUTEST! Seriously, how fun are these party decorations and game ideas?! Kate has even provided 6 great steps on how to throw the PERFECT gender reveal party!

41. Laboratory Gender Reveal Party– Link is no longer available 🙁 Okay, I totally died laughing when I came across this unique gender reveal party from Rebecca at The First Hundred! Seriously— you need to check this one out! From the decorations to the BIG gender reveal, Rebecca has come up with the ULTIMATE science themed gender reveal party!

42. Gender Reveal Election– Are you looking for a fun and original idea to reveal the gender of your new baby? Then you are going to LOVE this idea from Jen at Sweeten Your Day Events! Check out this adorable election-themed gender reveal party! Let your guests cast their votes prior to the “official” gender reveal results!

43. What Will It “Bee” Gender Reveal Party– This gender reveal party from Libby Lane Press is “buzzing” with ideas! Check out all the details on how to throw the perfect bumble bee-inspired gender reveal party! And be sure to checkout all of their gender reveal ideas!

Cute Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Unique Gender Reveal Party Themes

44. Preppy Giraffe Gender Reveal Party– I am obsessing over this preppy gender reveal party featured on Inspired By This! Don’t you just love this giraffe-themed party with it’s polka dot patterns and gold accents? It is truly the perfect preppy gender reveal party!

45. Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party– If ice cream has been on your list of pregnancy cravings, this ice cream social gender reveal party might be PERFECT for you! Check out these delicious ideas from Kristen Overbary including a yummy blue and pink ice cream bar! One of the tastiest gender reveal ideas!

46. Lace and Lures Gender Reveal Party– I love every detail about this “Gone Fishin'” gender reveal party from Aislinn Kate! Cast your line for a fun gender reveal surprise!

47. Bows or Beaus Gender Reveal Party Okay, this gender reveal is just precious! I love all the fun decorations, props, and game ideas! Use bows and mustaches to throw a fun gender reveal party for the entire family!

48. Gender Reveal Countdown Party– If you are planning on announcing your baby’s gender near or on New Year’s Eve, take a look at this creative gender reveal party from Sarah at Indianapoluxe for some great ideas! 

49. Boho Inspired Gender Reveal– This amazing bohemian styled gender reveal party is FULL of awesome ideas! From the tassel streamers to the floral crowns, throw a stylish party your friends and family won’t forget! I ESPECIALLY love the final balloon reveal idea from Michele at the end of the party! Be sure to check out all the beautiful boho details and all of their other gender reveals ideas!

50. Gold and Black Gender Reveal Party– Here is a fun twist on the typical gender reveal party! Instead of using pink and blue, use gold and black! Jasmine from Idea! Event+Style asked her guests to come to the party dressed in black if they thought it was a BOY or GOLD if they thought it was a girl! This is such a fun idea and way to get your guests involved!


Creative Gender Reveal Games and Activities

Gender Reveal Activities and Games

51. Voting on Baby’s Gender Activity– One great way to get your guests involved during a gender reveal party is to have them cast their votes! Have them write down guesses about the baby’s gender on slips of paper. Tally up the results on a large chalkboard for a fun interactive activity! One of the easiest gender reveal ideas!

52. Baby Name Suggestion Game– Another great activity to involve your guests during your gender reveal party is to have them write down name suggestions for your baby on slips of paper! You might even get a good laugh out of this fun idea!

53. Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt– For the big reveal, send your guests on a fun scavenger hunt!

54. Gender Reveal Party Photo Props– Link is no longer available 🙁 Print off some fun gender reveal photo props (bows, mustaches, bow ties, etc.) for a fun interactive activity for your guests! Invite your guests to select a prop based on what they think the gender of your baby will be and pose for a fun and memorable photo!

55. Gender Reveal Party Pins– Create your very own DIY gender reveal pins for your guests to wear during your special party! Have your guests choose a pin based on their guess for your baby’s gender! One of our favorite gender reveal ideas!

56. Wishes for New Baby Activity– This is a great and meaningful activity, perfect for a gender reveal party! Prepare slips of paper, pens, and envelopes for your guests to write notes to your future babe! Your child will definitely cherish these thoughtful letters in the future!

Unique Gender Reveal Games

Gender Reveal Games and Activities

57. Gender Reveal Teams– Another great way to involve your guests in your gender reveal party, is by having them select “teams”- Pink vs. Blue! You might even encourage them to pick sides by wearing PINK or BLUE to the party! Don’t forget to take pictures of each team!

58. Gender Reveal Group Quiz – Question: Were more boys or girls born after World War 1? The answer is BOYS! You can use fun questions to test your guest’s knowledge for a fun gender reveal activity! You can either find your own questions or use this gender reveal quiz from Through Clouded Glass!

59. Gender Reveal Jeopardy Game– Here is another fun gender reveal party activity! Bring out the competitive side of your guests with a DIY gender reveal Jeopardy game!

60. Gender Reveal Old Wives Tale Game– Darn this link is no longer available 🙁 But you can predict the gender of your baby with some Old Wives Tales!


Gender Reveal Party Treats

Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

61. Gender Reveal Tie-Die Cupcake– For a creative gender reveal cupcake, try out a tie-died style frosting! When your family bites into this delicious treat they will be thrilled to fun a colorful surprise! Check out Dessert Now, Dinner Later for instructions on how to create these yummy gender reveal cupcakes!

62. Gender Reveal Rosette Cake– Isn’t this gender reveal cake from I Am Baker beautiful! Use two different colors of frosting (blue and pink, of course!) for a pretty gender reveal baked dessert! For a full tutorial on how to create this gorgeous rose effect, click here!

63. Fun-Filled Gender Reveal Cake– Why not use colored candy to fill a cake for a fun gender reveal surprise! Get the full “how-to” from Betty Crocker herself!

64. Cookie Dough Sandwich Gender Reveal Okay is it just me or do these cookie dough sandwiches look deeeeeeelicious! Don’t forget to fill these goodies with a pink or blue center! Check out the recipe on Sweet Twist of Blogging!  And be sure to check out her other gender reveal ideas, too!

65. Confetti Gender Reveal Cookies– Take a look at these darling gender reveal cookies from Lisa at Wine and Glue! They are SUCH a cute way to tell your friends and family the gender of your baby!

66. Gender Reveal Truffles– Here is another delicious sweet treat to reveal the gender of your baby! Check out this sugar cookie truffle recipe from Serene! Simply use food coloring to tint the inside of your truffles for a yummy surprise!

Unique Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Treat Ideas

67. Gender Reveal Doughnuts– Did you know you can request special pink/blue filled doughnuts from Kripsy Kreme?! This is such a easy way to surprise and announce the gender of your soon-to-be babe to your friends and family! One of the easiest gender reveal ideas yet!

68. Filled Gender Reveal Cupcakes– Yum yum! I love this simple idea from Iowa Eats Girl! Use colored frosting to fill a cupcake for a special gender reveal surprise!

69. Gender Reveal Fortune Cookies– I think this idea is absolutely genius! Create a special gender reveal using fortune cookies! Check out all the DIY details from Jenna at Mom, The Intern!

70. Blue and Pink Gender Reveal Cotton Candy– If you are looking for a sweet treat to announce the gender of your baby, you might try using cotton candy! Check out this darling cotton candy gender reveal booth from Ceebee! And be sure to check out her other gender reveal ideas, too!

71. Ombre Gender Reveal Cake– Create a stylish gender reveal cake with this unique ombre effect from Style Me Pretty Living!

72. Gender Reveal Cream Puffs– So if I am being 100% honest, I am totally addicted to cream puffs. There… I said it! I think that is one reason I am so in love with the idea of using them to reveal the gender of a baby! Get the full instructions on how you can create your very own gender reveal cream puffs at Sweet Twist of Blogging!

Cute Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Unique Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

73. Gender Reveal Cake– Use food coloring to create a special gender reveal cake! I especially love this cake from Amanda at Amanda Cupcake where she layered variations of the same color for an interesting effect!

74. Onsie Gender Reveal Cookies– I mean seriously, how cute are these little onsie cookies! Create a unique gender reveal surprise with the fun-filled goodies!

75. Gender Reveal Oreo Cookies– How cute are these chocolate covered gender reveal oreos! And the best part? They are SOOOO easy to make! Check out the FOUR ingredient recipe at Love To Be in The Kitchen!

76. Gender Reveal Cake Pops– Cake pops are another great treat for a fun gender reveal! Rose from Rose Bakes a great recipe for these unique gender reveal goodies!


Gender Reveal Ideas for the Family

Gender Reveal Ideas for the Whole Family


77. Gender Reveal using Silly String– Pass out cans of pink or blue silly string to your friends and members of your family. Don’t forget to wrap the cans in white paper so they don’t know the color inside! On the count of three, have your loved ones spray you and your spouse with  silly string! Your family and friends will LOVE this interactive gender reveal surprise!

78. Confetti Gender Reveal Poppers– Link is no longer available 🙁 You can either purchase or create your own DIY confetti poppers! Give each family member their own popper for a fun blue or pink confetti surprise! One of our favorite gender reveal ideas!

79. Confetti Filled Balloons– Fill black balloons with pink or blue confetti! Have your family and friends gather around you as you pop the balloon and release the colored confetti! Your loved ones will love this exciting gender reveal!

80. Gender Reveal Darts and Balloons– Another fun way to use balloons for a gender reveal is to fill them with paint and attach them to a board! Let your family members take turns throwing darts at the board for an entertaining gender reveal!

81. Gender Reveal Goodie Boxes– Give each of your family members a gender reveal goodie box! Fill each box with colored (pink or blue) treasures and treats! Have your family open their boxes together for a memorable surprise!

82. DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Box– Create your very own Gender Reveal Confetti Box! Be sure to gather your friends and family around you when you pull the string to reveal your special surprise! One of the most fun gender reveal ideas yet!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Creative and Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

83. Friends and Family Balloons in a Box Reveal– This link is no longer available, but we mentioned above how you can take an ADORABLE gender reveal photo with a box filled with colored balloons, but this is also a great way to share the news with your family! Let your friends and family members actually open the box for an exciting reveal!

84. Individual Gender Reveal Confetti Boxes– This is such a great gender reveal idea for families! ESPECIALLY for those families with kids! Have each family member pull their own confetti box for a special and individual surprise!

85. Gender Reveal Fireworks– Looking for an “explosive” way to announce the gender of your soon-to-be babe! Well check out this over-the-top idea from Every Saturday is Waffle Day! Use blue or pink fireworks to reveal the gender of your baby!

86. Gender Reveal Pinata– Here is another GREAT way to announce the gender of your baby to your family and friends! Fill the contents of a pinata with either blue or pink candy or confetti! Allow your loved ones to take turns hitting the pinata!

87. Giant Gender Reveal Puzzle– Talk about creative gender reveal ideas! Take a look at this giant gender reveal puzzle idea! Let your family and friends put puzzle pieces together to discover the gender of your new baby!

88. Gender Reveal Story Game– I am SO in love with this gender reveal story game! It’s a FANTASTIC way to get everyone you love involved! Check out all the details from our very own Diva, Candice!


Creative Gender Reveal Ideas for Long Distance

Gender Reveal Ideas for Long Distance Family Members

89. Sonogram Gender Reveal Card– Looking for a way to share the news long distance? You might try printing off copies of your sonogram and attaching it to colored cardstock like this idea from Lisa Kristie! Your loved ones will love receiving this special surprise in the mail! One of the cutest gender reveal ideas!

90. DIY Baby Diaper Gender Reveal Card– Okay, seriously! Aren’t these DIY gender reveal announcements from Kristi Murphy just BEAUTIFUL! Assemble your OWN gender reveal announcements and send them in the mail to your family and friends!

91. Gender Reveal DIY Pull Card– Check out this interactive gender reveal card from Candimandi! It is the perfect way to surprise your family and friends who live long distance! This card has a special pull tab to reveal the gender of your baby! Too cute!

92. Scratch Off Gender Reveal Card– This is such a unique way to announce the gender of your baby to those who live far away! Send a simple gender reveal scratch-off card for a creative surprise they won’t forget! One of our favorite gender reveal ideas!

93. Ultrasound Record Gender Reveal– Here is another great way to share your exciting news with those who live long distance! Fill out this ADORABLE printable from Paging Supermom (find download HERE) and insert it into an envelope with a copy of your ultrasound!

94. Gender Reveal Egg in a Box– Jess from Style Me Pretty Living came up with this DARLING gender reveal idea specifically for long distance family and friends! Send a cute DIY egg to your loved ones with instructions to crack it open! Inside your family and friends with find the perfect gender reveal surprise!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas for Long Distance

Long Distance Gender Reveal

95. Mini Envelope Long Distance Gender Reveal– Create this cute long-distance gender announcement with only a few supplies! Grab some mini envelopes, confetti, and washi tape to create this adorable reveal idea!

96. Small Puzzle Gender Reveal– I am totally in LOVE with this long distance gender announcement using spray paint and puzzle pieces! Check out all the details and instructions from Robin at Kee Creative!

97. Tiny Booties in a Box Gender Reveal– Link is no longer available but Aren’t these gender reveal booties precious?! These announcements created by Debra at How Cute Are You? are a great way to share your exciting news with long distance family members! We found some Pink Booties and Blue Booties!

98. Surprise in a Box Gender Reveal– This is another great gender reveal announcement idea, especially to send to with those who don’t live nearby! Whip up a fun-filled package with colored goodies! You family and friends will be thrilled to open your colorful reveal!

99. Long Distance Photo Gender Reveal Card– Use a black and white photo along with a colored photo to recreate this adorable gender announcement from Our Homegrown Spud!

100. Balloon Gender Reveal for Long Distance– Link is no longer available. But this fun idea from Michelle from Just Watching My Garden Grow! Send a pink and blue balloon to your long distance friends and family! Have them blow up the balloons to discover the gender of your newest addition! Wrong color has a small hole in it!

We cannot wait to see your fun gender reveals! And make sure to check out our Maternity photoshoot Ideas as well as our Newborn Photoshoot Tips and Ideas!

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I’m an energetic, church goin’, competitive, family lovin’ gal who is addicted to all things DIY (except for cleaning)! I feel lucky to have married my high school sweetheart and find myself falling more and more in love with him each day! I took pride in my education and career but fully believe I have it all by getting the opportunity to stay at home with my crazy little boy!

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18 Responses to 100 Gender Reveal Ideas

  1. Make this baby shower the stuff of family legend with one of these clever gender reveal ideas ! Whether the parents are being surprised, or the whole family is getting into the fun, here are 19 ideas that will knock your compression socks off!

  2. Brilliant ideas. I didn’t known It was such a big thing until my wife told me we were doing a Christmas reveal with all the family there. I thought it was a bit cheesy, but her reaction on the day was worth it.

  3. My husband and I recently had a gender reveal party and it was a blast! We actually used this post to “vet” different general reveal ideas…so thanks a for that! We ended up creating our own concept – a star wars theme! We turned on a light saber we had made – pink for girl and blue for boy. We’re having a daughter. So so much fun!

    1. Michelle, that is so exciting! Congratulations! And what a fun way to do it! I am a big fan of Star Wars and think I might need to replicate that one. Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing that adorable idea! 🙂 XO

  4. Thanks for featuring my gender & name reveal cards at #89. I didn’t think they’d get noticed by anyone, so it was a nice surprise to get a referral notification from here. It also made me discover your beautiful website. Win win! 🙂