100 Ways to Love Your Wife

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Tips & Ideas to Show Your Wife Love

“It’s the little things that mean the most.” How many times have you heard {or said} that to your spouse?! It’s SO true! The small moments every day add up to a lifetime of love and happiness. Sometimes though, it’s hard to remember to actually do those little things for your spouse. Or maybe your spouse really wants to do those “little things” for you but doesn’t really know where to start. Well, the Divas and our readers have come together to help out and give a few examples of ways that our spouses have made us feel loved. We all took the opportunity to brag on our spouses and the result was 100 easy ways, that you can totally steal, to make sure your wife knows exactly how you feel about her! You can read through these ideas and use them as inspiration to love your wife whenever she needs it. It’s like a huge hint box! A go-to resource when you’re stuck and need a quick idea to make her feel loved!

100 Ways to Love Your Wife

To keep all these ideas organized and make it easy to find what works for you, we’ve split all our ways to love your wife into 5 categories:

My advice? Go ahead and pin this right now OR send it on to your spouse with a *wink* as a little hint – you’ll both be glad you did!

40 Ways to Love Your Wife Every Day

Don’t let every day be ordinary – make her feel special all the time!

Ways to Love Your Wife Every Day

1. Snuggle – We have snuggle time every night without the kids so we can focus on one another and get caught up. Hint: You could try the Cuddle Kit!

2. Hold Hands – We touch all the time – hold hands or whatever. We fall asleep holding hands or spooning every night.

3. Take Care of the Baby – My hubby has really stepped up to help take care of the baby lately. Nothing makes me feel more loved.

4. Chat – We make time in the morning to just sit and chat.

5. Help Getting Ready – My husband will put my purse by the door, fill my gas tank and even go to the grocery store for me.

6. Walk – Sometimes we just go for a walk around the block holding hands and talk about our day.

7. Provide Household Help – When he helps around the house it is a big plus!

8. Take Initiative – Do something without being asked!

9. Support Her Interests – Supporting me in my interests and pursuits that matter to me personally.

10. Text – Send a text message and tell them how they make you smile. Hint: Try our Love Texts!

11. Cook Dinner – Fixing dinner after a long day at work.

12. Caress Her – The hubby plays with my hair sometimes.

13. Keep Her Hydrated – He basically follows me around with a glass of water!

14. Be Kind – I don’t think my husband has ever raised his voice at me. He’s always SO gentle and respectful, even when we’re having disagreements!

15. Say Thank You – He lets me know that he’s grateful for all the little things I do around the house. It’s nice to know he notices and all he has to do is say, “Thanks”!

16. Pray – I enjoy having a spiritual connection with him. It feels so special when he prays with me or I know he’s praying for me.

17. Hit Snooze – Those rough and especially cold mornings where the alarm goes off and neither of us wants to move, so he hits the snooze button, rolls over and puts his arm around me. I melt.

18. Say Goodbye – My hubby always remembers to hug and kiss me before he leaves for work in the morning – even if I’m still snoozing in bed!

19. Get the Mail – He checks the mail every day since I usually forget!

20. Do the Driving – I hate driving on the freeways and he’s always been so respectful of that – and willing to take over the wheel.

21. Do Laundry – After laundry day, he always helps me put the sheets and pillowcases back on the bed. Saves me a ton of time and effort and it’s really sweet!

22. Give Status Updates – He set up his phone to automatically send me special texts when he gets to work and when he leaves so I always know he got there safely and when I can expect him home!

23. Get Out of the House – Since I stay at home all day with the little ones, I can get a little stir crazy. He’s started taking me on a weekly picnic (sometimes we just go in the backyard) so I can take a break and get some fresh air! Hint: We’ve got some fun picnic ideas to help!

24. Take Out the Trash – My husband knows that I hate dumping the garbage! It is by far my least favorite task at home so he thoughtfully took that over without ever having to be asked. Just a simple reminder every day of how much he cares!

25. Send Lunch Texts – I ADORE getting texts during the day that say “I love you” or something else just to let me know he’s thinking of me. We make sure to do this around each other’s lunchtime. Sometimes he even sends love songs or memes. 

26. Use Pet Names – I actually like when my husband comes up with a funny nickname for me. It’s like our own inside joke and it makes me feel like we’re even more connected.

27. Be a Finder – I am always losing my phone and he is always finding it. If I ask if he’s seen it he jumps up and starts looking OR he already knows where it is!

28. Smile – He makes it a point to look directly into my eyes and just smile a really genuine smile. Hint: For more on this easy idea, check out The BEST Marriage Tip.

29. Public Praise – I like when he makes an off-hand comment to someone else about how much he loves me and I overhear it. It feels more sincere and meaningful.

30. Send Links – We communicate via email during the day and we’ll send each other links to funny videos or interesting articles, then we have stuff to talk about when we get home.

31. Cover with a Blanket – I love that when I fall asleep on the couch and I wake up with a blanket over me. It’s so sweet that he’s thinking of me even when I’m napping.

32. Warm a Towel – He throws my towel in the dryer while I’m showering so I come out to a warm, soft towel to dry off with.

33. Surprise with Candy – I find candy in my coat pocket in the winter. He knows I have an insatiable sweet tooth, so he sneaks them in there whenever he can.

34. Remember Favorite Foods – I know this sounds silly, but whenever he makes dinner, he makes sure that my plate has more of whatever food is my favorite. If we’re having mashed potatoes, he knows they’re my favorite so he piles them on my plate!

35. Make a Special Drink – I’m not a coffee drinker, so my husband makes sure I have tea every. single. morning. 

36. Kiss on the Forehead – To me there’s just something so much more romantic about a kiss that’s NOT on the lips… it feels so casual and comfortable, but also purposeful and sentimental.

37. Warm the Car – I absolutely despise the cold, so he always goes out and turns the car on for me to warm it up – before work in the mornings and if we’re going out together at night.

38. Say Hello First – He makes a point to say “Hello” and give me a kiss the second he comes home – he doesn’t do anything else first, I even win out over the kids!

39. Ask Questions – If I’m telling a story or talking about my day he always encourages me on by asking questions about whatever it is I’m saying so I know he’s really interested and listening.

40. Embrace Her – I love the way that he puts his arm around me when we’re out. I feel like he’s proud to be with me, plus I love the affection.

20 Ways to Love Your Wife on Special Occasions

Be ready for the next birthday or anniversary with a few sweet tricks up your sleeve!

Ways to Love Your Wife on Special Occasions

41. Write a Personal Song – My husband wrote me a song for Mother’s Day. It made both of us cry! It was so sweet. My sister played the guitar while he sang. Love that man! Hint: If you aren’t quite so musically talented, try a Romantic Playlist.

42. Give Favorites – He spoiled me for my birthday, our anniversary, and graduation with makeup from Sephora, chocolate candy, and gifts from Bath & Body Works.

43. Plan a Trip – We love taking holiday trips together instead of gifts.

44. Initiate a Favorite Activity – My husband buys me fun, vintage inspired dresses then dresses up with me.

45. Let her Shop – One time on my birthday, my husband dropped me off at my favorite store with a bunch of cash and said “I’m taking the kids to play at the park. Don’t call me to pick you up until ALL that money is gone!”

46. Be a Great Parent – On Valentine’s Day he left a flower, a love note, and a box of chocolates for me AND EACH of our kids on the table next to our breakfast. I thought it was soooo sweet that he included our girls too. That made me love him even more.

47. Personalize Gifts – For Christmas he bought me a silver bracelet personalized with a short, engraved note from him. I love bracelets. But a bracelet with a personal note from him is EVEN better!

48. Dance at Home – One year we were planning on going to a couples Valentine’s Dance but our babysitter fell through and we couldn’t find anyone else to watch the kids. Instead, we had our own private dance for two. He bought snacks, blew up balloons and everything.

49. Let the Kids Help – On my birthday and Mother’s day, besides buying me a gift, he also takes our kids to the store so they can each pick out a small present for me. He lets them pick what they think I’ll like. I think it’s so sweet that he’s teaching them how to love and treat their mom, even from a very young age.

50. Plan a Massage – For my birthday last year, my hubby planned out the whole night. I had no part in it. He surprised me by taking me to go get massages. I had been saying I wanted one FOREVER, but I never thought that’s what we were doing.

51. Create a Date Night Countdown – For our anniversary one year my husband planned a whole week of date nights leading up to he day! Every night when I would get home from work there was an envelope taped to the front door instructing me on what I needed to do to get ready for our date that night! It was SO much fun and I looked forward to and thought about the fun surprise I would have after work every day! One night was dinner and a movie, one night we went mini golfing, another night he had signed us up for a “learning scuba” class at the local pool!

52. Pick Fresh Flowers – For Mother’s Day I get flowers from our backyard instead of the store. He puts so much time and effort into choosing the right blooms and arranging them just so.

53. Start a Tradition – Every year for our anniversary he picks up doughnuts from the same {amazing} bakery in the next town over. We pretty much only get them on that day so it’s really special.

54. Reminisce – We still celebrate our “dating anniversary” and he’s made it a tradition to retell the story of how we met and all the things that attracted him to me. Somehow every year it’s a little different. Hint: You could even recreate an old photo!

55. Send Snail Mail – For birthdays and holidays he plans ahead and actually sends a card to me in the mail! I guess it’s pretty easy for him, he just has to remember it in advance, but I absolutely LOVE getting it in the mail! Hint: Try sending a gorgeous postcard!

56. Breakfast in Bed – My hubby works nights and he will from time to time stop in the mornings on his way home and grab breakfast. We then get to have breakfast in bed together before the kids wake up in the morning. It is such a fun way to spend a few minutes together and makes it feel like a special occasion! Hint: Use the Breakfast in Bed Kit to make it really special!

57. Arrange for Childcare – We don’t live near much family and we don’t have much to spend on a sitter so when we want to make it a special night, he does all the prep and planning to get someone to watch the kids.

58. Extend the Occasion – He always turns my birthday into birthWEEK! He caters to me all week long.

59. Make Eye Contact – If we’re out in large groups and get separated, talking to other people, I find him looking at me from across the room. I love that he’s thinking about me and keeping tabs on me even when I’m not next to him.

60. Try Something New – He always encourages me try new things even if I’m a little reluctant. We make birthdays and anniversaries all about NEW things – restaurants, activities or foods. We like to think about all the things we haven’t done yet and sometimes we’ll even make lists of everything we want to try!

10 Ways to Love Your Wife Through Difficulties

When hard times hit, you’ll be prepared with a few quick ideas to show her how much you care!

Ways to Love Your Wife Through Difficulties

61. Surprise Clean Up – When I have to stay late at work or at grad school (or have had a really stressful day) he surprises me by cleaning the whole kitchen and downstairs!

62. Give a Special Treat – He will bring me home a treat when I’ve had a particularly bad day:) I’m all about the food!

63. Send Timed Texts – I told him once that I realized that 3:00 in the afternoon is the hardest time of day for me because everyone’s getting tired and bored, so now he sends a text with a funny picture, meme or quote at that time. It helps me get through that rough part of the day and gives me something to look forward to.

64. Make Time to Relax – When I’m having a really rough day, he’ll come home and send me upstairs to relax and take a bubble bath or read a book and totally takes over with the kids – making sure they get dinner and baths and everything. Totally like Superman swooping in to save the day.

65. Give Girl Time – When I’ve had a rough week he’ll suggest that I get out with my sisters or girlfriends while he watches the kids. Or sometimes he sends me to the salon to get my hair done. It means the world. Hint: Let her set up a Girls Night Out!

66. Pamper Her – When I’m feeling really sick {AKA pregnant and miserable} or have a bad migraine and can’t fall asleep, he’ll give me a massage, a foot rub or brush my hair. It means a lot that he doesn’t just roll over and go to sleep, but that he cares about trying to help get me comfortable.

67. Have Patience – I’m super emotional (always) but he never gets tired of the waterworks or the girly freak-outs! Basically, he has endless comforting abilities and is beyond patient.

68. Fulfill Small Needs – So, let’s just say it was “that week” of the month. I am usually a pain during this time. One month he showed up with a chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Diet Coke and Motrin. Needless to say, I was one happy girl that he thought of me and brought me all of those gifts.

69. Find Solutions – I love to create with my sewing machine, but I get super stressed if it doesn’t work the first time. I recently had my machine in the shop and it didn’t fix all the problems. In the midst of me laying on the ground trying to take deep breaths, he was looking up a brand-specific workshop so I could take my machine in again. He always looks for the specific need that he can help with. He knows he can’t change my stress-y ways, but he can find someone else to fix my machine.

70. Listen – When something is bugging me he makes a big show of putting distractions out of the way. He goes totally over the top and it always makes me laugh, but then in the end he just sits and listens intently. It’s exactly what I need.

10 Ways to Love Your Wife on Date Night

Make sure your next date night stands out as one to remember and one where she feels extra loved!

Ways to Love Your Wife on Date Night

71. Hop in the Car – Go for a car ride. Funny conversations always come about. Hint: Try our Cozy Car Date!

72. Make Surprise Plans – We often plan date nights together but I really LOVE when he surprises me with a date night – scheduling a babysitter and making plans on his own and everything. Surprises are just so fun and make me feel so loved.

73. Keep Her Dry – On rainy dates, he always insists on bringing the car around to the front of the building or restaurant so I don’t get as wet. So chivalrous!

74. Plan a Thoughtful Surprise – One night he completely surprised me and took me to a painting class, which is so not like him. We had so much fun painting and talking. One of my favorite dates!

75. Do the Prep Work – Sometimes we just stay in for date night, clearly the Divas have plenty of great at home dates. When I say I want to do one, if I’m still working on Friday, he will cut out all of the printables and the stuff we need for the date. I just think it’s so sweet that he is willing to help me get date night ready.

76. Be Appreciative – He makes me feel loved when he recognizes the effort I put into looking good on date night! It’s a special time and I put in special effort and it’s nice to know that he can see the difference between the me who is teaching 100+ kids a day and the me who just wants to be 1 on 1.

77. Let it be Lady’s Choice – I love when he lets me pick the movie or restaurant we’re going to, but I seriously love it when he picks something that he knows is one of my favorites. He’ll use his “turn” to choose something that is clearly my choice. How selfless is that?!

78. Have Enthusiasm – My husband gets really excited for our date nights. He usually dances around the kitchen singing made up songs or changing the lyrics to songs to include “date night”. It’s hilarious, plus it gets me even more excited too!

79. Be a Gentleman – My guy is kind of old-fashioned. He’s always holding doors and pulling out my chair for me. It really makes me feel like royalty!

80. Give Undivided Attention – He started a rule on date night – no cell phones. If we’re leaving the kids at home with a sitter, we’ll always have one for emergencies but we absolutely don’t use them – not even to google those nagging questions that come up in conversations! Hint: Try our Time to Unplug Date Night.

20 Ways to Love Your Wife Just Because

These ideas are absolutely perfect for any day or any time and for absolutely no reason at all. Just love.

Ways to Love Your Wife Just Because

81. Do the Dreaded Chore – When we were first engaged he asked me what my least favorite chore was. I told him it was cleaning bathrooms and he said, “Okay, you’ll never have to clean bathrooms anymore. I’ll take care of that.” And in the 10 years we’ve been married, he has. I still think it’s the most romantic thing ever. Every time he cleans a bathroom I fall more in love with him!

82. Write love Letters – He writes me a love letter every Friday in a special notebook. It makes my week every time! Hint: If you don’t know where to start, try our Love Letter Kit.

83. Send Romantic Quotes – My husband will randomly send me a sweet quote or song lyric that reminds him of me. I love to know that I’m on his mind. Hint: Try these Romantic Quotes to get you started.

84. Finish a Project – Usually if we’re working on a project around the house together, we’ll get started and then it ends up sitting around unfinished for a while until one day he makes the time and gets it totally finished. I’m always so shocked and it make me feel like the things that matter to me matter to him, since I’m usually the one who wanted it done in the first place!

85. Write a Lunch Note – I bring my lunch to work every day and sometimes I find little notes inside – handwritten on a napkin – you know, like when I was a kid and my mom used to do it. I think it’s really sweet! Hint: Don’t know what to write? Try our fill-in-the-blank Lunchbox Love Notes.

86. Say Random “I Love Yous” – He’ll just randomly stop what he’s doing, look up at me and say “I love you so much!” It’s like I just crossed his mind and he had to say something.

87. Listen and Follow Through – One time I brought up that I wanted hanging plants for our front porch, the very next day he came home with yellow flowers to hang on the porch AND yellow flowers are my favorite!

88. Knock Down Webs – I love being outdoors but can’t stand spiders or their icky webs. When we go on hikes, he always goes first to clear out the spider webs!

89. Speak Up – Generally I get along with my in-laws, but if there’s ever something where we don’t see eye to eye on, he is on my side right away and to defend me.

90. Social Media Surprise – My husband created a Pinterest account just so that he could see what I was pinning and use those ideas to give me surprise gifts and treats!

91. Leave Dashboard Notes – My car has one of those keypad entries so my husband uses the code to get in sometimes during the day and leave little notes on my dashboard! Hint: Try these Car Love Notes.

92. Shower Together – Sometimes he’ll surprise me by hopping in the shower with me in the morning – it’s nice to be able to spend a little time together before a busy day.

93. Play Our Song – If he hears our wedding song on the radio, he immediately calls me. If I don’t answer, he just leaves a recording of the song on my voicemail.

94. Give Specific Compliments – It makes me feel loved when he tells me something very specific that he loves about me, in the moment when I’m doing it. 

95. Make Breakfast – We both love having a healthy shake or smoothie for breakfast {Shakeology is our favorite}. Since he leaves super early in the morning, he makes two shakes – one for him and one for me. He takes his with him and puts mine in the fridge for me. It’s just a little thing that makes my mornings go smoother and lets me know that he’s thinking of me.

96. Clean the Car – I literally get giddy when I go get in my car and realize it’s been cleaned inside and out by my hubby! It’s one of those things where I don’t notice how bad it gets until it’s magically clean!

97. Leave Mirror Notes – Sometimes he writes me a note on the bathroom mirror with dry erase marker or in the shower with shower crayons. It’s always a great way to start the day. Hint: You could even just print off some sticky notes and put them on the mirror!

98. Take Over a Chore – We have sort of set tasks that each of us do to keep the house (mostly) clean and I love when I find out that’s he’s surprised me by doing one of mine.

99. Leave Surprise Flowers – One time I went to drive the kids somewhere and found that he had stuck a beautiful flower in the door handle of my van before leaving for work.

100. Let Her Sleep – One morning he turned off the alarm before it could wake me up and quietly got out of bed without disturbing me. He kept the kids quiet and they let me sleep for an extra hour and a half.

Now you can use all of these sweet examples to go out and shower your spouse with little moments of love OR maybe you recognized some of the little things your spouse already does for you that you weren’t taking notice of before, and now you can fully appreciate how awesome he already is! Lucky YOU!

And THANKS so much to all of our readers who took the chance to brag on their sweet hubbies and share these great ideas!

For more specific ways to love your wife, check out 100 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse, according to their love language!


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  1. I totally agree that 100 ways to love your wife. Things that we should avoid ; never hurt her feeling, never cheat, never lie, never betray, always be open, always keep good communication, always praise her, always feel relaxed, always enhance sexual life, always know her needs, always keep her in good mood, always protect her, always cherish her, and many more.

  2. These are all such fabulous ideas! To me, little things are the hardest but mean the most. It shows that we are really thinking about each other in the busiest of times (not just during date night). I’m with Gabby, how can I secretly pass this along to the hubs? 😉

    1. Haha, thanks – he IS pretty awesome and he does a ton of these sweet, little things but I also LOVED all of the ideas we got from our readers!