50 of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas to Give to Your Man in 2020

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Perfect Christmas gift ideas for men are easier said than done, right? In general, men tend to buy what they need, so what’s left to gift them? Have no fear! We’ve gathered the best list of Christmas gift ideas that include DIY, practical, quality-time oriented, and even DELICIOUS gift ideas to wow your man this Christmas. The perfect Christmas gift for him is definitely on this list! 😉

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The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men in 2020

Merry Christmas to your MAN! One (or two or three!) of these gift ideas below is sure to make your man’s Christmas merry and bright! Both DIY and order-friendly gifts included!

An "All About You" basket makes a great gift to give your husband for Christmas | The Dating Divas
All About You Basket with a variety of flirty and free printables

1. All About You Basket: This Christmas, make it all about HIM! Put together this adorable gift basket that you can customize just for your man, complete with their favorite things! Make sure to include the adorable “manly” printables! 😉

A woman holding sexy love notes for her husband | The Dating Divas
Woman holding a sexy and free love note to gift to her husband for Christmas

2. 25 Sexy Love Notes: These love notes are a great addition to any gift. Let him know just how much he’s on your mind!

A movie night kit of essentials for a perfect Christmas gift ideas for him | The Dating Divas
A movie night gift idea for him that includes all the movie night essentials

3. Movie Night Date Basket: Lights, camera, action! Movie lovers, this gift idea is for you!

A man holding a Exploding Love Box for a wonderful Christmas gift | The Dating Divas
An Exploding Love Box gift idea he will love

4. Exploding Love Box: This is such a fun and unique way to write a love letter. Each page brings you to a new thought or idea and you can add beautiful pictures to make it even more special!

A man trying out his Man Apron this Christmas | The Dating Divas
Man wearing his DIY Manly Man apron

5. DIY Manly Man Apron: The perfect gift for the man who loves to help out in the kitchen — an apron made with just a simple sack towel!

A man and woman playing a kissing game for a Car Make Out Date | The Dating Divas
Gift a Car Make Out Date to ensure quality time and connection with your spouse

6. Car Makeout Date: Surprise your man with an adorable make out date night to get the Christmas cheer started! Let him know that all you want for Christmas is HIM!

A necktie pouch for personal belongings | The Dating Divas
Simple homemade pouch for husband to use this year. 

7. Necktie Pouch: Here’s a simple DIY gift idea: A homemade pouch to keep personal belongings safe, using a 7″ metal zipper, some shape-flex woven interfacing, and some fusible fleece.

Santa Baby chocolates for a romantic gift idea | The Dating Divas
Santa Baby Chocolate Gift Idea for Him

8. Santa Baby Chocolate Wraps: The perfect thing to get your husband (or boyfriend) for Christmas: chocolate! Check out how this cute gift can become a flirty invite as well!

Trophy Husband T-shirt for an Easy Christmas Gift Idea | The Dating Divas
“Trophy Husband” T-shirt Gift Idea

9. Trophy Husband T-Shirt: DIY gift idea alert! You can actually make this one! Let your husband know that he’s your “Trophy Husband” with a simple t-shirt and this heat transfer starter kit.

A bowtie gift idea for Christmas in 2020 | The Dating Divas
Man wearing his handmade bowtie for Christmas

10. Bowtie: This Christmas, surprise your man with something out of the blue! And you can even give him the option to pick out the fabric himself! Bonus: This will be a handsome addition to your family Christmas pictures. 😉

Clever Candy Gift Tags | The Dating Divas
Candy with clever candy tags as a cute gift idea

11. Clever Candy Tags: You can say almost anything with these clever candy tags. I love being able to send a message with my gifts that just says “I love you!” a little extra!

Cute gift box to fill with chocolate for an easy gift idea - The Dating Divas
Paper-suit gift box decoration

12. Men’s Suit Gift Box: Aww, these are just too cute for words! A gift box just for him made to look like a fancy suit!

Cuddle Kit for Two Christmas Gift Idea | The Dating Divas
Make a Cuddle Kit with cuddling essentials for an easy Christmas gift idea for him

13. Cuddle Kit for Two: Give your husband a gift that you both will enjoy. This simple gift will help bring you closer together! 😉

Grill rubs for a perfect Christmas gift idea | The Dating Divas
Grill rubs as an easy Christmas gift idea for him

14. Grill Rubs: The perfect gift option for the man who likes to grill! This set includes Brown Sugar Rub, Tandoori Rub, and Greek Rub. YUM!

10 Things I Love About You Christmas Gift | The Dating Divas
10 Things I Love About You free printable kit

15. 10 Things I Love About You Kit: How cute is this?! A fun gift basket for him with cute printables and plenty of options for customization!

A man taste-testing cubicle snacks for energy | The Dating Divas
Husband enjoying a variety of snacks at work

16. Cubicle Snacks: My husband would love these! He’s always forgetting his lunch and I would feel much better knowing he had some kind of snacks that he could eat at work!

A man and woman smelling Christmas items for a gift basket | The Dating Divas
Boyfriend enjoying a variety of smells in a gift basket with free printables

17. A “Scent”sible Gift Basket: I love this! This basket is filled with things that smell good and that your husband regularly uses. Totally practical and super clever too!

A man trying on his suspenders gifted by his girl | The Dating Divas
Man wearing suspenders made from his girl

18. Men’s Suspenders: These are clever and fun! Just grab some elastic and suspender clips along with your sewing machine, and you can make these on your own!

Delicious snacks for a fun gift idea for him | The Dating Divas
A variety of goodies making a Happy Husband Kit

19. Happy Husband Kit: If your husband makes you happy, let him know with this gift basket featuring some things that make HIM happy!

Women creating Storybook gift for Christmas this year | The Dating Divas
Wife creating a Storybook for her husband for a Christmas gift

20. Create Your Own Storybook: A beautiful storybook to tell your story! This is a gift you and your husband will be able to treasure forever.

Mister and Misses matching mugs idea for a Christmas gift for him - The Dating Divas
Mister and Misses Matching Mugs Gift for Him

21. Matching Mugs: Super simple, but perfect for an evening sip of hot cocoa… together!

Engraved candle holder gift idea - The Dating Divas
Sentimental candle holder gift idea for him

22. Carved Candle Holders:  These candle holders would be the perfect addition to make the bedroom an even better sanctuary for you and your hubby!

Photo album gift idea for him - The Dating Divas
Instagram Mini Picture Photo Album

23. Instagram Mini Album: This is such a great gift idea! These mini photo books are beautiful and such a fun way to look back at all your treasured memories.

Picture pillow gift idea

24. Picture Pillow: Pick a favorite photo to print on a pillow. This is such a fun idea and the possibilities are endless!

A Photo Mosaic Christmas gift that will melt his heart | The Dating Divas
Beautiful 2020 Christmas gift for him that will melt his heart

25. Photo Mosaic: This is so cool! You use thousands of pictures to make up one overall picture! What a beautiful gift!

Photo calendar you can customize as an easy Christmas gift idea - The Dating Divas
DIY photo calendar gift with customizable pages

26. Photo Calendar: A visual reminder each month of how much you love him. Also a huge help in keeping him up to date on everything!

Boyfriend loving his Photo Clock Christmas gift this year | The Dating Divas
Husband enjoying his Photo Clock Christmas gift

27. Photo Clock: This is SO unique! A timeless gift your man will treasure forever!

Woman surprising man with a meaningful Christmas gift | The Dating Divas
Wife surprising husband with Open When Letters Christmas gift

28. Open When Letters: These letters are for every occasion and will be something that your husband will be able to use all year!

Sweet Christmas gift idea for him with wedding date in frame - The Dating Divas
Sentimental framed date gift idea for couples

29. Framed Love Art: Aww! A beautiful way to capture your feelings for your hubby that he’ll see all the time!

A man showing off his 100 Reasons Why I Love You Christmas gift | The Dating Divas
Husband enjoying 100 Reasons Why I Love You Book from wife

30. “100 Reasons Why I Love You” Book: Create this book of 100 reasons why you love your man! Don’t worry, we’ve provided inspo ideas in case you’re coming up short on reasons. (100 is a lot!)

Helpful poem-creator to give a sweet poem as a gift - The Dating Divas
Love Poem Christmas Gift Idea

31. Love Poem in an Instant: This is for the men who are all about words of affirmation! Generate a poem in just a couple of minutes — even if you are not much of a poet!

Wife gifting husband with a Gift That Lasts All Year | The Dating Divas
A Gift That Lasts All Year for Christmas

32. A Gift That Lasts All Year: Chocolate and love notes! Sounds like a thoughtful gift to let your boyfriend or husband know you love him! If you like the idea of spoiling your guy with a gift that lasts all year, you’ll love this Sexy Subscription where he gets a sexy bedroom box delivered every quarter! And it’s a gift you BOTH will enjoy! 🙂

A man and woman having fun on their Passport to Love Date | The Dating Divas
Couple enjoying a variety of Passport to Love essentials with free printables

33. Passport to Love: If you and your hubby love to travel, this is the perfect gift for your man! Take him all around the world with this Passport to Love!

Girlfriend gifting the Date Night Money Jar to boyfriend | The Dating Divas
Wife putting together the Date Night Money Jar

34. Date Night Money Jar: If money is tight, this is a fun and creative way to let him know you want to go out with him… and still keep to the budget!

Gift idea for him that will make date nights easier for you | The Dating Divas
Fun gift idea to make date night easy in the future

35. Date Night in a Bag: LOVE THIS! Another fun gift idea to make date night easier in the future!

Wife gifting husband with a fun Christmas gift idea | The Dating Divas
Girlfriend surprising boyfriend with 50 Reasons Why I Love You Jar with free printables

36. “50 Reasons Why I Love You” Jar: This candy-filled jar is a fun and different way to share all the reasons you love your sweet husband! (Emphasis on the sweet!)

Flirty Christmas gift for your man this year | The Dating Divas
Sexy Christmas gift for your husband with free printables

37. Naked Night Invite: Ready for the ultimate Christmas gift idea for men? I’ll spell it out for you: You… N-A-K-E-D! Invite your spouse to have a naked night! He will be glad he opened this sexy gift!

Couple enjoying Sexy Deal or No Deal Date Night for Christmas this year | The Dating Divas
Sexy Deal or No Deal Date Night with free printables

38. Deal or No Deal: This fun and flirty gift idea is so fun! This Christmas, see just how risky your man can be… 😉

A man and woman enjoying date night with The Man Can | The Dating Divas
Couple enjoying The Man Can Date with free printables

39. The Man Can: Now THIS is the perfect gift for any man!

Wood coaster gift idea for him - The Dating Divas
Personalized natural wood coasters gift idea

40. Natural Branch Coasters: Looking for a sentimental DIY gift? These beautiful coasters will bring a little bit of nature indoors and can be customized.

Romantic Wallet Surprise For Him that will melt his heart this Christmas | The Dating Divas
Wallet Surprise Christmas gift for him this year

41. Wallet Surprise: Give your man a variety of gift options in this clever wallet surprise.

Football Blanket Gift for your man this Christmas | The Dating Divas
DIY Sports Blanket gift idea for boyfriend this year

42. DIY Sports Blanket: If you make your boyfriend or husband a football blanket, you can cuddle while watching the game! Now that’s a win/win, right?!

Custom gift for your man this Christmas season | The Dating Divas
The best Custom Dog Golf Head Cover for Christmas gift this year

43. Custom Dog Golf Head Cover – I have personally ordered this for my sweet husband and let me tell you… IT IS AMAZING! Cuddle Clones have great customer service and they truly make the head covers identical to your sweet pups! This has been one of my all-time favorite gifts I have ever given my man.

Candles designed by specific state for a sentimental gift idea - The Dating Divas
State-scented candle gift

44. Homesick Scented Candle – Gift your loved one the comforting scent of their home with a candle specially made for each state! Bonus: the burn time of these candles is 60 to 80 hours. This U.S.-made candle will keep them company for the weeks and months to come!

A funny Christmas gift idea for your man | The Dating Divas
Humorous Custom Face Socks for a Christmas gift idea

46. Custom Face Socks – Anyone with a good sense of humor will appreciate a gift of some unique socks. To create these custom socks, you can upload an image of your face, their face, or a fun group pic, and decide the placement AND color!

Husband enjoying his personalized Knife from his wife | The Dating Divas
Personalized Knife for Him gift idea

47. Personalized Knife for Him – This engraved knife is a spring-assisted multi-purpose folding knife that features sharp and durable black stainless steel blades and a smooth handle that fits comfortably in the palm. This could be a top Christmas gift idea for any outdoorsy man!

An affordable Christmas gift idea that your man will love | The Dating Divas
Easy and affordable Christmas gift idea for boyfriend

48. Portable Charger – Is your man’s phone, tablet, or laptop always on its last legs before day’s end? This is the best portable charger that will give your honey the biggest boost when they’re out of juice!

A adorable Christmas gift that will melt your man's heart | The Dating Divas
Personalized Camping Mug Christmas gift idea for your man

49. Personalized Camping Mug – Such a cute gift idea! These adorable custom mugs are perfect for you and your sweetheart to enjoy together!

Two-person hammock for couples - The Dating Divas
2-person hammock gift idea for him

50. 2-Person Hammock – The best gift if you are looking to snuggle with your man in the woods or in your very own backyard! Made of parachute nylon, this lightweight 2-person hammock provides the most comfortable relaxation! And how romantic, right?

And there you have it! 50 amazing Christmas gifts for him! I’m sure your brain is now buzzing with all the creative ways to show your man you love him this holiday season! Merry Christmas!

Now that we’ve covered Christmas gift ideas for men, if you are looking for more Christmas inspiration, check out these last-minute Christmas gift ideas that will work for anyone on your list! And peek at these ideas next:


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