101 of the Best Grandparents Day Gifts and Fun Activities

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Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

Don’t let National Grandparents Day go by without celebrating the special people in your life with some Grandparents Day gifts! We have a variety of gifts and activities that you can share with your grandparents as a form of love and appreciation. Get the kids involved with Grandparents Day crafts and gift ideas, and let them reap the joy of honoring the elderly people in their life. This time is more important than ever to allow grandchildren and grandparents to get together to learn from each other and enjoy life from a fresh perspective. Let’s take a look at the list!

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To help make your Grandparents Day browsing even easier, we’ve divided our list into the following 5 categories:

When is Grandparents Day?

Recognized in the US since 1978, National Grandparents Day is a time to celebrate those older and wiser individuals in our lives! Grandparents Day is typically celebrated in September and, interestingly enough, many other countries have a similar holiday. Grandma and Grandma are just that cool! Keep reading for some fabulous ways to make this Grandparents day an AMAZING one.

25 DIY Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

Give grandma and grandpa a treat they’ll truly remember this Grandparents Day with these DIY ideas!

DIY gift ideas for Grandparents Day

Gift Ideas for National Grandparents Day

1. Family Tree {Smart School House}Make Grandpa’s Grandparents Day the best one ever with this sweet poem will be rooted in his heart.

2. Love Canvas {Kristy, Exposed!}This darling, yet easy craft is the ULTIMATE piece of home decor for any grandparent. You can even get a set of canvases for a great deal on Amazon!

3. Helping Hands Kitchen Mitts {Trish Sutton}Grandma will always have a helping hand, even when the kiddos aren’t around and she’ll adore this Grandparents Day gift! Don’t forget the fabric paint and the oven mitts!

4. Potted Flower Planter {What to Expect}Who doesn’t love flowers planted in a pot made with love ESPECIALLY when it’s given on Grandparents Day?!

5. Grandma’s Tweet Hearts {Crafty Morning}Make Grandma’s heart chirp when she receives this darling platter.

Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

6. “I Love You Because” Letter {iMom}Kids say the darndest things! How fun will it be to hear their responses to these questions for Grandma?

7. “I Love Grandma Because” Flower {Mama.Papa.Bubba}How easy is this Grandparents Day idea?! Simply list out all the reasons you love Grandma on each petal of the flower.

8. DIY Sharpie Mugs {Oh Honestly}Perfect for morning tea, this cup will be Grandma’s new favorite. All it takes is some plain white mugs and Sharpies!

9. DIY Sun Catcher {The Artful Parent}Catch Grandma’s heart with this DIY gift that’s just perfect for Grandparents Day.

10. DIY Recipe Plate {Popsugar}Pick your favorite recipe, made by Grandma, and place it on a plain white platter like this one for safe keeping.

Crafts for Grandparents Day

11. Mason Jar Vase {Christina’s Adventures}If your kiddo loves painting, then this gift idea is one of the PERFECT Grandparents Day crafts for Grandma. Find your mason jar, here!

12. Kissing Hand {When Life Hands You a Broken Heart, Create Hope} – This link is no longer available darn it! But it is easy enough, all you need is some paint and then you can type up that sweet quote! Grandma might cry over this simple, yet sweet craft!

13. Blow a Kiss {Hora De Brincar E De Aprender} This craft is darling AND includes a darling picture of the grandchild! I dunno if a Grandparents Day gift could get any better!

14. Family Tree Craft {Liz 2.0}Have a family history lesson as you create a cute craft for Grandpa.

15. Family Birthday Calendar {Praktic Ideas}This gift is not only sweet, it’s practical! Never forget the special days of ALL your loved ones.

Homemade Gifts for Grandparents Day

16. Hug Pillow {Ducklings in a Row}Anytime Grandma needs a squeeze from her grandchild, she can hold tight to this gift.

17. Handmade Plates {Mrs. Goffs Pre-K Tales}Kids will LOVE taking part in this craft, and Grandparents will LOVE the outcome.

18. You Are My Sunshine Canvas {Twin Dragonfly Designs}The message and the artwork on this Grandparents Day gift are both beautiful and meaningful.

19. Gallary Art of Handprints {Creatively Living}Grandparents will love having a print from each of their grandchildren to display.

20. DIY Pillowcase {parents}Create one of the most darling Grandparents Day crafts, full of love from the little ones, using a simple white pillow case!

Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

21. Home Made Bouquet of Flowers {One Project Closer}Why buy flowers that will die when you can create an everlasting bouquet?

22. What a Difference a Day Makes {Wee Share}Create a Grandparents Day print with all the birthdays of the grandchildren.

23. DIY Silhouette {According to Kelly}This vintage style gift might be the perfect addition to Grandma’s home decor.

24. Salt Dough Stepping Stone {Hub Pages}This is one of the most unique Grandparents Day crafts we’ve seen and we love that Grandpa can place in his garden all year round.

25. Thumbprint Platter {Simly Kierste}Grab all of the grandkids and create a platter of hearts with thumbprints of everyone. Don’t forget the plain white platter!

20 Photo Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

Make National Grandparents Day picture perfect with these snazzy ideas!

Photo gift ideas for Grandparents Day

Photo Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

26. Photo Candle {Evite}This Grandparents Day tutorial allows you to personalize any candle into something special for the grandparents. You can also get a customized candle through Shutterfly if buying it is more your style!

27. Photo Ornament {Pink and Green Mama}The perfect addition to any Christmas tree, a darling photo ornament is a great gift idea. You can get some custom metal ones from Shutterfly, too!

28. Grandparent Est. Frame {Subway Style}This frame is perfect for new grandparents to help make their first National Grandparents Day a successful one!

29. Photo Planter {Mod Podge Rocks}This planter is something Grandpa can use over and over again and smile each time, using, of course, Mod Podge!

30. Grandkid Picture Board {My Simple Obsession}Create a board that Grandma can swap in and out new photos of all her little loved ones.

Grandparents Day Photo Gift Ideas

31. Photo Block {all Parenting}Create a unique piece of home decor with a photo block of the kiddos.

32. Photo Pendant {Ginger Snap Crafts}Grandma will love carrying an image of her grandchild around her neck to show off any time- especially on Grandparents Day! You can get everything you need to make these tiles from this Etsy shop.

33. Heart Collage Photo {It’s Always Autumn}This is a gorgeous piece of wall art that can encompass all of the grandkids.

34. Photo Memory Quilt {Shutterfly}Grandpa can snuggle up with all his little love bugs with photo memory quilt.

35. Photo Snow Globes {Design Mom}Save those baby food jars for a special Grandparents Day photo snow globe!

Picture Gifts for Grandparents Day

36. Photo Bookmarks {Nearly Crafty} – Darn this link is no longer available but these silly photo bookmarks will give Grandma a chuckle every time she reads her book.

37. Garden of Grandkids {It Will Change Your Life}How cute is this?! For large families, this garden of grandkids is a great gift idea for the grandparents. Again, flowers that never die!

38. Photo Collage Letters {House on the Way} – This link isn’t available anymore but we’ll tell you how to make this Grandparents Day idea a success! Simply create photo letters to that spell out Grandma for a unique gift! Use sweet pictures of your kids and attach them to some cardboard letters!

39. Photo Clock {Landeelu}No one will have a clock like this! Simply grab a few easy supplies (like these clock hands) and fill in numbers with faces of darling grandchildren.

40. Photo Tray {View Along the Way} Let Grandma serve tea on her photo tray! It’s a great conversation piece and an even better Grandparents Day gift.

Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

41. Photo Coasters {Popsugar}Don’t ruin Grandpa’s coffee table, make it beautiful by adding your sweet face!

42. Photo Magnets {I Can Teach My Child}Decorate Grandma’s fridge with fun photos of all the grandkids!

43. Scrabble Pictures {Larissa Another Day}Choose any Grandparents Day themed message to add to a frame using Scrabble letters.

44. Sign for Photo {Prints Inspired by Myah}Create a personalized print and use it for a photo session!

45. Grandma Word Album {Finding Time to Create}Whether she goes by Nana, Grandma, or Mimi, you can create a personal Grandparents Day photo book for her!

15 Food Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

We all love food and Grandparents Day is the perfect time to test out these ideas!

Food gift ideas for Grandparents Day

Snack Ideas for Grandparents Day

46. Monster Trail Mix {Lil Luna}Grandparents will love this yummy trail mix from their favorite little monsters.

47. Best Pop Badge {A Pumpkin and a Princess}A nice refreshing treat for the “Pop” in your life.

48. Donut Tag {Eighteen 25}Sit these yummy treats next to Grandma’s morning tea for a pleasant surprise.

49. Bag of Chips Tag {Eighteen 25}It’s the simple things that can make a difference and a Grandparents Day tag like this will do the trick.

50. Rice Krispie Hearts {Pint Sized Treasures}Get the kids in the kitchen to make a batch of these sweet treats for Grandparents Day.

Food for Grandparents Day

51. Pop Gift Basket {Pretty Providence}Fill a basket of everything “pop” related and fill your “Pop’s” heart!

52. Food in a Jar Gift {One Good Thing by Jillee}There are a variety of Grandparents Day options for this food in a jar idea! Find one perfect for your grandparents.

53. Crazy Cookies {Parkers Crazy Cookies}Send in a picture of Grandma or Grandpa and get fun cookies shaped just like them!

54. Nuts for Papa {Don’t Waste the Crumbs}Grab any can of nuts and add this darling tag for a quick and easy Grandparents Day idea!

55. Can Treats {Our Best Bites}Another great DIY food gift that is thoughtful and yummy!

Food Gifts for Grandparents Day

56. Candy Bouquet {Hip 2 Save}Make your own Grandparents Day candy bouquet with Grandpa’s favorite treats!

57. Fruit Bouquet {Soda Pop Avenue}You can make this yourself or order it from a store – it’s a healthy and thoughtful gift for grandparents.

58. Cupcake Bouquet {Crafts ‘n Coffee} – Darn, this link is no longer available 🙁 But this yummy treat is so gorgeous, Grandma and Grandpa might not even want to eat it!

59. Chocolate Bouquet {A Little Crafty in Your Day}Such a sweet Grandparents Day idea and so easy to make!

60. BBQ Basket {The Dating Divas} – This adorable idea is perfect for grandpa for Father’s Day OR an anytime gift. 

26 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

Crank up the Grandparents Day love even FURTHER with these sweet and thoughtful gift ideas.

26 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

Gifts for Grandparents Day that are Meaningful

61. Personalized Keychain {Metal Expressions}This Grandparents Day gift allows Grandma to keep adding rings for each new loved one that joins her family.

62. Kids Art into Jewlery {Kidz Can Design}Create a personalized gift by turning a piece of art into jewelry for a unique gift.

63. Blessed to be a Nana Shirt {French Fry Designs}Personalize a t-shirt with the names of Nana’s grandchildren.

64. Grammy T-Shirt {Thug Life Shirts}Let Grammy sport her happiness right on her shirt!

65. Stays at Nana’s Sign {Hoppywood12}If this rings true in your family, then this might be just the perfect Grandparents Day gift for Nana!

Thoughtful Gifts for Grandparents Day

66. Willow Tree Grandmother Keepsake BoxGrandma will love this little keepsake for her jewelry.

67. Grandpa Block {Block Set C}Personalize a block for Grandpa full of the names and birth dates of all the little ones.

68. Grandchildren Welcome Plate {2 Honey Bees Crafts} – This exact link is no longer available but we found a similar Grandparents Day framed quote, here! This gift gives me a chuckle. Parents must make an appointment to come to Grandma’s!

69. Personalized Fleece Blanket {Personalization Mall}Let the grandparents cuddle up with the names of all their favorite little ones.

70. Granny and Pops Pillow {Feather Hen}This is the perfect addition to any home decor at Granny and Pop’s house.

Gifts for Grandpa on Grandparents Day

71. How to Babysit a GrandmaThis is a great book to gift Grandma on Grandparents Day as it gives you the perfect activity to do next time you are together, reading.

72. How to Babysit a GrandpaThe same goes for Grandpa. This book will give him a chuckle and great way to bond.

73. 40 Uses for a GrandpaAnother great book to share with Grandpa!

74. 41 Uses for a GrandmaGrandmas have tons of uses, like reading with her favorite little grandchildren.

75. Here comes GrandmaThis is a perfect story for Grandma to share with the grandkids if she lives far away.

gifts for grandma on Grandparents Day

76. Grandparent Picture Sign {The Sugared Plums}The saying on this frame might bring tears to your grandparents’ eyes, but we are sure they’ll love it.

77. This Grandma is Fabulous Sign {Could Chuck Wood} – Darn this darling link isn’t available anymore. But LOL! This sign makes me laugh! I’m sure your grandma will agree and we were able to find a similar one, here!

78. Grandparent Counting Sign {Roxie Flare}Grandparents love to brag about their family, and this Grandparents Day friendly sign allows them to do just that.

79. Grandparents Rules {Vinyl Crafts}Who wouldn’t want to follow Grandparents’ rules?! They are all about having fun!

80. Custom Family Illustration {Ink Lane Design}This is a super neat, personalized image that grandma can display proudly on Grandparents Day or anytime!

Grandparents Day Gifts

81. Every Step Photo {Perfect Little Prints} – This cute link is no longer available 🙁 But we just love the hearts made of the footprints!

82. A Letter Book Between Grandparents and GrandchildrenLet Grandpa share his story while you share yours with him using this Treasure Book.

83. Papa’s First Mate Plate {My Forever Prints}Perfect Grandparents Day gift idea for the grandpa who loves to fish.

84. Personalized Mug {Sammie’s Lettering}Let Grandma sip her morning tea with her favorite kiddos, even if they aren’t there with her.

85. Handwriting Bracelet {Caitlyn Minimalist}Have a bracelet created with your handwriting for Grandma to wear.

86. Long Distance Personalized Photo {Keepsake Maps}A thoughtful Grandparents Day gift for a grandparent who lives far away!

15 Activities to do for Grandparents Day

Let Grandma and Grandpa really join in on the fun this Grandparents Day with these fabulous ideas!

Activities to do with Grandparents on Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day Activities

87. Long Distance Date with Grandma {How Does She}Buy a copy of a book for yourself and one for Grandma. Then set up a weekly story time over the phone or FaceTime.

88. Build a Marble Run {Learn With Play at Home}Let Grandpa’s inner child come out as he helps you build the ultimate marble run.

89. Paint Pottery – Get crafty! Paint pottery or even just a picture together. You could paint these cute heart mugs!

90. Plant a Garden – This becomes such a neat experience for the kids as they watch things they’ve planted grow right before their eyes.

91. Learn and Play a Board Game – Grandparents are the best at teaching you how to play a new game! Grab one and have a very Happy Grandparents Day together.

Ways to Have a Happy Grandparents Day

92. Have a Movie Night – Invite Grandma over for popcorn and the latest kids movie. (Pssst – we love VidAngel!)

93. Go Fishing – Grandpa is the best teacher when it comes to fishing!

94. Read a Book – Reading is a great way to bond and snuggle.

95. Bake Together – Have Grandma share her favorite recipe with you as you bake together.

96. Go for a Hike or Walk – Explore the outdoors and see it through your grandparents’ eyes.

More Ways to Have a Happy Grandparents Day

97. Draw Out a Family Tree Together {Genealogy}This idea not only makes for a happy Grandparents Day bonding activity but a great lesson as well!

98. Grandparents Day Bingo {Teachers Pay Teachers}If you and your grandparents have done the listed activity you can mark it off! Try to get a BINGO.

99. Then & Now Activity {Education}How neat is it to compare times when your grandparents were young to current day?!

100. Make Bird Feeders {Plain Vanilla Mom}Create your own bird feeders and watch the birds flock to them together.

101. Interview with Grandma {The Girl Creative}Learn more about your grandma with this fun facts sheet.

With all of these ideas, you are sure to have a very Happy Grandparents Day- a day your grandma and/or grandpa won’t forget! For a similar idea, check out our Mini Mom and Dad Date Kits for a great bonding experience between parents and children.

And for MORE great activity kits for kids, check these out:

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