101+ of The Best Stocking Stuffers for Him

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men – 100+ Ideas

This is the perfect time of year to really show your special loved one how much they really mean to you. There is NOTHING better than loving someone else and being loved in return. So, we thought we should help you all out with awesome and amazing ideas to use for your spouse’s stocking! Say what?! We have done all the searching for you, and now all YOU have to do is read the list and pick your favorite stocking stuffers for men, and then surprise your spouse on Christmas. Easy peasy!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

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Now, for some of these, you might just need to get an over-sized stocking (or a SUPER-SIZED one 😉 ) to fit them in. OR you can do what my mom did and have most things in the stocking and bigger items surround it {which was SO much fun}!

We’ve organized these stocking stuffers into 7 categories to help make it easier to track down whatever gifts fit your spouse the best!

  • Classic Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Him
  • Couples Stocking Stuffers for Men
  • Customizable Stocking Stuffers for Husband
  • DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men
  • Easy Stocking Stuffers for Guys
  • Practical Stocking Stuffers for Men
  • Romantic Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him
  • Treat Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Here are some amazing stocking stuffers for men to fill his stocking, so have at it…

Classic Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Him

It’s always good to include some of the classic gifts in his stocking. Ties and socks are our go-tos!

Classic Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

  1. Scarf – With it being winter, it’s time to bundle up. Give your hubby this nice scarf that he can wear to work or just on cold days.
  2. Sock it to Him – Include a pair of socks and a FREE printable for a foot massage from you, because every hard working man deserves a good foot massage!
  3. Pocket Knife – A good pocket knife with multiple tools is a great gift for any man.
  4. Pens – If your man can find paper, but never a pen, get him some pens so he can’t ever complain about not finding a writing utensil again!
  5. Mechanical Pencils – If your man would like an alternative to a pen, give him some mechanical pencils.
  6. Lead Refills (for Mechanical Pencils) – My hubby has a million pencils laying around, but can’t use them because he is out of lead. Some refills are perfect for any husband in the same predicament!
  7. Shoe Polish – Every man needs to polish up their shoes once in a while. Any color will do!
  8. Shoe Polish Shine Brush – To go along with the shoe polish, you need a brush to shine it on the shoes. Any man will appreciate this stocking gift.
  9. Shoe Shine Cloth – No polish is complete without a cloth to finish up the shine. This gift is sure to please.
  10. Tie Clip – A tie clip can be given to any man. It will give their business attire a more professional look or dress up an outfit for a nice occasion.
  11. Cufflinks – Every man whether he works in an office or on Wall Street can use a nice pair of cufflinks. Try a pair of classic engraved cufflinks, personalized silver initial cufflinks, or some nice stainless steel cufflinks.
  12. Necktie – Every man needs a new tie once in a while. And a tie is a great stocking stuffer. When wearing his tie, he will always know that it was gifted with love.
  13. Mint to be Together – Every husband appreciates fresh breath. This gift will give him just that along with letting him know how special he is. Get some mints, print off the FREE printable, small container (test tube), and he will appreciate a gift he can take to work with him!
  14. Headphones – Talk about the perfect men’s stocking stuffer. Headphones are great for working out, working in the yard, or listening to an audiobook. Your babe will love these when he pulls them out of his stocking.
  15. Tool Belt – These handy belts make for the perfect stocking stuffer.
  16. Matching Drinking Glasses – There are special occasions in anyone’s life that could call for a little ‘sprucing’ up. Whether it be an anniversary or a football game (my dad loves to pull out a nice glass and pour himself some sparkling cider to watch his games – funny, I know), these drinking glasses are perfect.

Couples Stocking Stuffers for Men

These stocking stuffers for Him are so cute and you can add a little gift to your stocking, too when you buy the set!

Stocking Stuffers for Men

  1. His and Her t-shirts – I know that matching t-shirts are a bit cheesy, but for the right occasion, they can be really cute! They will be sure to put a ‘cheesy’ smile on your man!
  2. Hint Box – In every marriage there are times that you wish your spouse would take a hint and pay attention to small things you want :). I sometimes really try to drop a hint (which usually my hubby gets), but sometimes he just doesn’t quite remember or ‘get it’. {WINK}. So, make these ‘hint boxes’, fill out the strips of paper, and then you each have a list of things you can get without having to try to read your spouse’s mind! In the end, you will BOTH be so much happier – less stress on guessing what the other wants and being able to receive things that are on your list. GREAT!
  3. His and Her Pillowcases – Anyone who likes to go to bed will LOVE these cute pillowcases to sleep on. With these, your spouse will go to sleep thinking of you and wake up with you on their mind still! What a great way to set the tone for the day. There are a variety to choose from like this I love you more set or this Mr. & Mrs.
  4. Date Night Stickers – Give your hubby these date night stickers and plan the week, month, or if you are really ambitious the whole NEXT YEAR’S worth of date nights! Then place these stickers on those dates so you won’t forget!
  5. Matching Mugs – I love this time of year because I get to get out our mugs and make hot chocolate! It’s making me warm just thinking about it. My favorite is the yummy extras we add: mini marshmallows, candy canes, peppermint, etc. Give him these his and her mugs to enjoy some hot chocolate Christmas night. For an added bonus to your honey, include the hot chocolate in the mugs or any ‘extras’ you will have that evening!
  6. Couple’s Journal – Get a notepad, decorate it, and give it to your spouse for you each to journal in of your memories together.
  7. Pillow Talk – Keeping the spark alive in a marriage can sometimes be difficult during all the holiday madness! This printable will help you stay close with fun conversation starters!
  8. Our Love Story Books – All couples have a story about how they met and fell in love. Make a book of your love story using magazines and some FREE printables and give it to your man for him to keep!
  9. ABC’s of Us – Print of the FREE printable cards and then write something special about your hubby for each letter of the alphabet!
  10. 10 Dates for $20 – Put a small jar full of dollar bills and dates (provided by a FREE printable) in your man’s stocking. You now have 10 dates to go on for $20 – you BOTH get to enjoy this gift.
  11. Couple Gratitude Journal – Everyone has heard of a gratitude journal, but here is a little twist to it. Make a gratitude journal for you and the hubbs to share! You each can record things you are grateful for or acts of kindness, etc. You will both enjoy reading each other’s entries AND your marriage will be strengthened. There is nothing better than that!
  12. Year in Review – At this time of year you are reflecting on how the year went, what you did great and ways you can improve. With this gift, sit down with your man and reflect together and record your great moments. This is truly a gift that will last a lifetime.
  13. Couple’s Picture Block – Put a little twist on the normal picture in a frame gift. Make a picture block of the two of you and give it to your hubby for him to display at work or add it to the decor of your house. Either way, it will be a gift that lasts a lifetime.
  14. Designer Ornament – My husband and I have a tradition of getting a new ornament every year, as do a lot of other families. Getting this designer ornament allows you to include any pic and design you want to make it extra special for the year 2013 (or any to follow :))!
  15. Love Magnets – These magnets are so cute AND will help your hubby feel extra special with the love notes you leave hanging from them!
  16. Things You Don’t Know About Me Jar – No matter how long you have been married, there are still SO many things your spouse wasn’t a part of in your life. Fill a jar with a treat or snack of some sort along with slips of paper that your spouse DOESN’T know about you. He can pick a candy and slip of paper each day. Then when it’s empty, it’s his turn to fill it up so you can learn about him too!

Customizable Stocking Stuffers for Husband

Customize something for your hubby and stuff it in his stocking. He’ll love having a little reminder of what’s most important in life.

Customizable Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

  1. Custom Crossword Puzzle – make your spouse a crossword puzzle all about your relationship.
  2. Menu Magic by Design Eat Repeat – print this off with a note letting them know they can pick their own meal, when they would like it prepared, and then on that day, you have a magical meal for them of their choice!
  3. 4X6 Custom Softcover Book – Usually women are the ones taking pics and capturing memories, but my husband is the one that is always asking for pictures of our kids. Personalize a picture book for your hubby so he can take all the memories with him to work!
  4. iPhone 5 Case – My husband is always dropping his phone, so without a case, it would be toast! Personalize a case just for your hubby’s phone so it can be protected and remind him of your love.
  5. Desk Calendar – Everyone needs a calendar to keep track of dates. Why not personalize a calendar for your hubby with pics of your family and that includes special dates like birthdays and your anniversary? What’s great about this is it’s made for his desk so he has your smiling face to keep him happy all day long!
  6. Personalized Hot Cocoa Mugs – Personalize some hot cocoa mugs and add them to your darling’s stocking. Make it extra special by adding your favorite mix and mini marshmallows – Perfect for this time of year!
  7. 5X7 Custom Softcover Book – Want a little bigger option than a normal 4X6 picture book for your hubby? Make him a 5X7 personalized book and include pictures of all your favorite memories together.
  8. I Love You Because Frame – Frame this FREE printable, get some dry erase markers, and give this to your hubby so you can write notes to each other daily!
  9. Personalized Mouse Pad – Every man is on a computer at least once a day. Personalize a mouse pad with a pic of the 2 of your or you and the kids so he can be reminded of you while working on the computer.
  10. Customized 11 oz Mug – If your hubby is a hot chocolate drinker or lover of herbal teas, this mug is just for him. Add a picture of yourself, the kids, a favorite vacation, or his favorite sport. Whichever you choose he will be sure to make sure no one drinks from his mug!
  11. Spouse Subway Art – Let your man know how much you appreciate him by framing words that describe him. All you have to do is go to a site, pick the font, color, size, and directions you want your words to go, print it off, frame it (or put it on a card) and voila, a perfect, FREE stocking stuffer!
  12. Personalized Playing Cards – Add a pic to a deck of cards so you can take them to your next game night with friends. An easy and great stocking gift!
  13. Personalized Leather Key Chain – Trade in your hubby’s old keychain for one with your pic on it. This upgrade is sure to put a smile on his face.

DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Make a little something to stuff into his stocking. The personal touch will be appreciated.

DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

  1. Personalized Candles by A Girl in Paradise – Why not make your own set of romantic candles to use for any special occasion? You can use candles you already have around the house and add your own touch to them, or buy a new set and design them. Either way, these will be greatly appreciated for those romantic moments.
  2. DIY Card {With Multiple Layers} – A stocking isn’t complete without a card! Make this amazing multi-layered card all about your hubby. He will definitely appreciate it.
  3. Origami heart out of a dollar bill – Fold a dollar bill into a heart for a fun surprise!
  4. Wedding Invitation Ornament by From Glitter to Gumdrops – Any married couple has extra invitations lying around somewhere. Put them to use by creating this beautiful ornament for memories that will last forever.
  5. DIY BBQ Rub by Real Simple – For the men that grill, this is the perfect gift. A recipe to make your own BBQ rub. You can’t go wrong with that!
  6. Everything in a Jar by The Gunny Sack – Make a jar full of everything you would need for a certain item {example: Energy jar would include peanuts, energy bar, etc.) and then put the whole jar in your hubby’s stocking. The Gunny Sack has a ton of different options and includes FREE tags and lists for each.
  7. Make Your Own Tickets – Invite your hubby to a fun movie by making your own movie tickets and putting them in his stocking. A fun twist would be to add the DVD if you plan on watching at home!
  8. His Favorite Things – put this FREE printable card in his stocking, have him fill it out, then you have a cheat sheet to go by when out-n-about to surprise him with small items from his list. This is truly a gift that keeps giving!
  9. Alone Time Door Hanger – Everyone needs alone time. Give your spouse these door hangers and let him use them as he chooses. He could have time to himself, with you, or even one-on-one time with one of the kids. These are great all-around!
  10. 5 Senses Gift – Fill your hubby’s stocking with something for each of his senses! It will be a stocking he’ll never forget.

Easy Stocking Stuffers for Guys

These stocking stuffers for him are so simple to pull together.

Easy Stocking Stuffers for Guys

  1. Love Nutrition Label – Get one of his favorite snacks for his stocking and print off this FREE printable at NellieBellie’s site, and attach it to the snack for a perfect stocking surprise.
  2. Coded Love Message – Use a book and write a love message in code. Your spouse will have a great time ‘de-coding’ what you wrote him!
  3. My Favorite Symphony – Get a Symphony bar, print off a FREE printable, and put this cute gift in your hubby’s stocking to let him know his laughter is your favorite kind of symphony.
  4. Check for 100 Kisses – Print off a fake check and write it to your man for 100 Kisses! You BOTH get rewarded with this present!
  5. Break me off a Piece of That! – a FREE cute printable by Creative Juice to attach to a yummy Kit Kat Bar to show your hubby they are really HOT!
  6. Banana Love Note – write a love note on a banana and stick it in your spouse’s stocking.
  7. Apple Gift Card – Get an Apple gift card for your hubby’s stocking and include a cute printable card to go with it (FREE inside this post). ANY man would LOVE a card where he gets to choose whatever music, movies, books or apps he likes. Perfection!
  8. Mad Lib Love Notes – Fill out one of these Mad Libs for his stocking, then have some fun later that night doing a few together!
  9. Passport to Love – Travel the world with your spouse, one date at a time! This is the perfect thing to stuff in his stocking and invite him on a years worth of adventures.
  10. Guess the Flavor Kissing Game – A stocking stuffer that in a win-win! Guess the flavor as you kiss your way through the game!
  11. Foot Balm – This foot balm is perfect for a foot massage and who doesn’t love a foot massage?!

Practical Stocking Stuffers for Men

Sometimes practical gifts are the best ones. These little stocking stuffers will probably get the most use which is what makes them amazing stocking stuffers.

Practical Stocking Stuffers for Husband

  1. Coffee Mug with Lid – Every steamy drink is better with a lid on it AND that auto seal will ensure no spills!
  2. Money Clip – There are some men who prefer a money clip to a wallet and others who want less bulk at certain times. A nice money clip is a great alternative to both.
  3. Car Refresher – If your hubby is like mine, he is more concerned with everyone else than himself. Give him some TLC for his car with these refreshing vent clips.
  4. iPhone 8 Case – My husband is always dropping his phone, so without a case, it would be toast! Luckily this phone case has got him covered!
  5. Beanie (Winter Hat) – Cold weather signifies needing warm clothes. Get your hubby a nice hat to keep his head and ears warm in the winter weather.
  6. Ball Needles – My husband is constantly being asked to pump up our kids’ bike tires and their balls they play with. Every time he goes to pump up one of their balls, he can’t find the ball needle to do so. Get a pack of ball needles for the husband that always seems to need a couple extra.
  7. Memo Notepad – I don’t know about your husband, but mine is constantly trying to find paper to write on, and it seems when he does, it’s an important paper of mine. This memo pad is perfect for the man who never can find paper ? or any organized man too. LOL Now your man will never have an excuse of not being able to find paper again.
  8. 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver – Your hubby will most likely be putting toys together the rest of Christmas day for your kids, or maybe even himself {WINK}. Give him a screwdriver that fits in his pocket so he will be ready for the task.
  9. Face Wash – A clean face is just what your hubby needs for work every day.
  10. Pomade – Most men like to make their hair nice before leaving the house. Help him out with a great pomade or any other hair gel you think he might use.
  11. Batteries – If your man is in charge of the remote OR great at putting together your kids’ new toys on Christmas, batteries will be great for him.
  12. Nail Clippers – Help your man’s hands out by giving him some nail clippers. With his own set, he won’t have to bug you about them anymore.
  13. Driving Gloves – Driving gloves are so great to wear on cold days. Give your hubby nice warm hands for his way to work.
  14. Can of Sharpies – Is your spouse always looking for something to write with? Well, help him out with making this cute can and include all kinds of writing materials like sharpies, gel pens, pencils, ballpoint pens, markers, etc. Now he will have everything right at his fingertips and be one happy hubby!
  15. Erasers – When your hubby’s mechanical pencils run out of the erasers they come with, they will need a replacement.
  16. Shaving Soap – Give your hubby a nice alternative to shaving cream with some shaving soap. Who knows, his skin just might fall in love with it! {WINK}
  17. Note 8 Phone Case – My husband is always dropping his phone, so without a case, it would be toast! Personalize a case just for your hubby’s phone so it can be protected and remind him of your love.
  18. Lip Balm – Winter always dries out skin and chaps lips. Help your hubby counteract that with some men’s lip balm.
  19. Frosted Stein – My man doesn’t drink alcohol, but he sure loves his drinks cold – any man can appreciate that! Get this stein and as he’s drinking his favorite drink he knows he is loved.
  20. Working Hands – Do you have a handyman? This hand cream is the perfect stocking stuffer to let them know you appreciate all their hard work and want to take care of them too!
  21. Socks – Stuff his stocking with some super soft socks. Your man will definitely appreciate some new threads for his feet!

Romantic Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

We love how special these romantic stocking stuffers for men are. Get a little something out of the little gifts you stuff into his stocking.

Romantic Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Husband

  1. Romance Novel Star – Create a romance book cover of your spouse, put it on a book, and surprise him with it in his stocking! He will be surprised with his new HOT body that you create with a click of a button!
  2. Tulip Surprise – Attach a note to 1-2 Tulips with a cute printable that tells your spouse your lips are waiting for HIM!
  3. Naughty or Nice Gift Tag – Include this gift tag in your hubby’s stocking to let him know he is invited for some intimate time after the kids go to bed.
  4. Shower Love Notes by How Does She – Include some washable Crayola Bathtub Crayons in his stocking with a note (that could or couldn’t be a little ‘inviting’ {WINK}) that suggests you and your hubby leave messages to each other each time you get in the shower. Now getting in the shower could be SO much more than just getting clean :).
  5. A Gift for Everyday – Get a jar, and fill it with handwritten notes about why you love your spouse or memories of the two of you. Then he gets to pick one out every day for the next year!
  6. Top 10 Slow Dance Songs – This is a PERFECT way to keep the romance alive during the holidays. Burn these songs onto a cd with a note attached inviting your hubby to dance later on. OR type up the list and print it off with your invitation to dance and have the songs ready to play from your computer or any other electronic device you may have :).
  7. Santa’s Cookies Bedroom Game – Even with all the holiday madness, some intimate time with your hubby is a must! Print off the FREE printables, add some sugar cookies, and put them in your hubby’s stocking for him to look forward to that evening!
  8. Good ol’ Mistletoe – Yep, just plain old mistletoe. Sneak this into your hubby’s stocking and when he gets it out, make sure you have him hold it up so you can give him a big Christmas kiss!
  9. Notes to Make One Happy by Paper Coterie – Include these notes in your hubby’s stocking and attach them to his favorite snacks and make him smile.
  10. Burt’s Bees Chapstick – Take care of your man’s lips! You wanna help him keep ’em extra kissable.

Treat Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stuff his stocking full of all his favorite treats with fun gift tags to let him know he’s loved! These are the perfect, simple stocking stuffers for men!

Sweet Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

  1. Soda Pop Gift Tags – Attach one of these cute FREE printable card to his favorite drink and include that in his stocking!
  2. Gum – Any man who goes to work or school appreciates fresh breath. Give him a gift that is a perfect size for his stocking and freshens him up.
  3. Seven Days of Love – Get a standard Monday-Sunday pillbox, small candies (M&M’s, Lemonheads, Skittles, gum, etc.), print off the FREE printable, and give your hubby a week’s full of love, all in a pill box!
  4. Orbit the Moon For You – A little gum didn’t hurt anyone, so why not pair it with a FREE printable for your hubby’s stocking. Sounds awesome to me!
  5. You’re Dynamite – Get a can of Pringles, tape a FREE printable on it that says “You’re Dynamite”, add a pipe cleaner to the top, and voila – perfect stocking gift!
  6. Husband Survival Kit (for bad days) – Give your hubby a cute gift to help him get through a bad day. Get a bag of M&M’s and write out a poem that prescribes just how many M&M’s your hubby will need to get over his bad mood. It’s sure to put a smile on his face!
  7. 10 Printable Cards with Treats – A stocking isn’t complete without some treats! Print off the FREE printable cards and get the candy to go along to put the perfect touch to his stocking!
  8. Santa Baby Chocolate Wraps – This is one of our favorite stocking stuffers ideas ever.
  9. Big Hunk Candy Bars – Let your babe know how much of a hunk he is with these yummy treats!
  10. Sweet and Salty Trail Mix – A stocking stuffer idea that works for the man who prefers sweet or salty!

Need even more Stocking Stuffer Ideas? Check out our Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Pack!

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If you would like some gift ideas, be sure to check out Our Love Keeps Running and a frugal, DIY I love you picture via text or email.


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