101 Ways to Say Thank You

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How to Say Thank You

When someone does something nice for you, or just spends times doing something for you, they have definitely earned a thank you message. Finding the perfect ways to say thank you can sometimes be hard. Well, don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the perfect and most creative ways to say thank you.  Below you will find…

Over 100 Creative Ways to Say Thank You!!!

Yep, you heard it right,  over 100 creative and unique ways to say thank you for almost any occasion you might need.

101 ways to say Thank You

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Want to know something else?  Most of these thank you message ideas include FREE printables!  What’s even better is that they’re separated them into categories for you.  Below you will find 5 categories to help you craft a thank you message…

  1. 15 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Spouse
  2. 24 Ways to Say Thank You With a Gift
  3. 11 Ways to Say Thank You with Food
  4. 31 Ways to Say Thank You to Teachers
  5. 20 Ways to Say Thank You for Special Occasions

Now, browse through all these amazing and unique ways to say thank you, pin some favorites, and let a special someone in your life know how grateful you are for them.

Ways to Say Thank You to Your Spouse

Your spouse is the most important person in your life, these thank you sayings and thank you message ideas will definitely show how grateful you are to him/her.

15 ways to say Thank You to your Spouse

1-8 ways to say thank you to spouse
 1. 10 Reasons I’m Thankful for you by The Dating Divas: List out 10 reasons why you love your spouse to show your gratitude through the perfect thank you message.

2. Gratitude Journal for Spouse by The Dating Divas: Keep a journal of why you are grateful for your spouse.

3. Gratitude in a Roll by The Dating Divas: Looking for delicious ways to say thank you? Just list reasons you are grateful to your spouse and bake them into rolls for him/her to find during dinner! 

4. List His/Her Best Qualities by The Dating Divas: List your spouse’s best qualities from A to Z. 

5. King or Queen of the Day to say Thanks by The Dating Divas: Every spouse deserves to be spoiled for a whole day.  Give him/her a day off by making him/her royalty for a whole day! Now, that’s how to say thank you!

6. Do His/Her Chores for the Day by The Dating Divas: One awesome way to say thank you is doing your spouse’s chores around the house.  

7. Banana Love Note by The Dating Divas: Give your spouse a special treat by writing a special thank you message in a banana peel. It will be sure to put a smile on his/her face at lunchtime.

8. Mail a Love Note by The Dating Divas: Everyone loves to get mail – I mean snail mail – not impersonal emails :).  Mail your spouse a thank you message/love note to let him/her know you are thinking of him/her.

9-15 ways to say thank you to your spouse

9. Thank You Board by Fancy Little Things: Frame a cute note that says “Thank You For…” and then write a thank you message every day.

10. Thank You Card and Meal Out by Small Fry & Co: Give your spouse this gift and thank you card and have a meal out together.

11. Thankful 4 You Card by KWerner Design: Give your spouse this cute card and write how grateful you are for all the things he/she does for you.

12. Simple Card with Buttons by How About Orange: If you are a simple yet elegant styled person than this card is right for you! Just write your own, personal thank you message and you are finished!

13. Spell Out a Thank You Message with Newspaper Clippings by Everyday HealthClip out a thank you note for your spouse from a newspaper or magazine for one of the most creative ways to say thank you.

14. Connect With Your Spouse by Jenni Mullinix: Every couple needs ‘connecting’ time… what better ways to say thank you than setting time aside to spend with your spouse and making your spouse a priority?!

15. Thanksgiving Love Notes by Happy Home Fairy: If your spouse loves to laugh {and being cheesy!} then these thank you messages are perfect for him/her!

Ways to Say Thank You With a Gift

Finding unique and creative ways to say thank you can sometimes be difficult, especially if you want to give a gift as a thank you, too.  Here you will find fun and creative ways to ‘give’ a thank you.

24 ways to say Thank You With a Gift

16-23 ways to say thank you with a gift1

16. Thank You Candy Jar by U Create: Make a cute jar into a thank you and fill it with hugs and kisses or anything you want!

17. Door Knob Treat by How Does She: Make a cute door hanger, print off a free printable label, and fill a bag with your creative ways to say thank you.

18. Thank You Jam by Simply Kierste: Make some homemade jam and attach a cute thank you message and card to it.

19. Thank You Picture by U Create: If you are lucky enough to be a recipient of a gift send a thank you message in the form of a picture of you actually using the gift. Too cute!

20. Thank You Song by U Create: Email out a thank you message in form of a ‘thank you’ song.

21. Thank You Box by Elizabeth Anne Designs: Make an adorable thank you box and fill it with whatever your heart desires.

22. Gift Tag Holder Bag by Whisker Graphics: Giving a gift card is one of the greatest ways to say thank you, but make it extra special using this cute bag to deliver the gift card in.

23. It “Mint” a Lot Thank You Gifts by Happy Money Saver: Find a great jar, fill it with anything mint… mint foot lotion, mint lotion, mint gum, or chocolate mints. Attach the adorable tag to finish off your creative thank you message.

24-31 ways to say thank you with a gift

24. Thanks a Latte for all You do by My Busy BeehivesAgain, gift cards are amazing, but gift cards to a Latte (coffee) shop are great because even if you don’t drink coffee, the shop is filled with yummy desserts, candies, bakery items, and hot chocolate.  Perfect for anyone, no matter your drink preference.

25. Thankful For You Tag by Sweet Metel Moments: Print off the cute tag and attach it to any small thank you gift of your choice.

26. Scarecrow Spree by Like a Pretty Petunia: Everyone likes a little treat, but why not decorate it a bit with a fun printable you can wrap around your gift? Too cute.

27. Bouquet of Flowers by Chipped Tea Cup: Sending a bouquet of flowers is a great way to say thank you—for men or women!

28. Mineral Bath Thank You by Homespun with Love: Give a thank you gift of relaxation with these mineral bath salts.

29. Autumn Subway Art by It Works for Bobbi: Subway art is such a hot item right now… give a thank you with this subway art.

30. Thank You Card in Different Languages by Creative Momma: There are so many different languages on the earth, why not incorporate a few of them on a thank you card?!  So fun!

31. Make Thank You Art by Chipped Tea Cup: Even if you aren’t artistic you can still make this cute ‘thank you’ – it’s the thought and effort that counts.

 32-39 ways to say thank you with a gift

32. Thank You Printable Sleeve by Emily Giovanni: Get a small gift and wrap it in this printable thank you sleeve.

33. Thank You Gift Tag by Britta Swiderski: Making your own gift tag is perfect because you can attach it to any gift you might choose.

34. Thank You for Being You Gift Card Tag by Skip to my Lou: This ‘thanks for being you’ card tag is great because it is generic enough you can use it for multiple people, but also super special to give.  

35. Chevron Thank You Cards by Skip to my Lou: These chevron-designed thank you cards are perfect to give anyone on any occasion. What cute ways to say thank you!

36. You are a ‘FUN’tastic Friend by The 36th AvenuePrint off these tags for creative ways to say thank you. Just put them to use on a fun medium-sized gift of your choice.

37. Life is a Beautiful Ride Cards by Today’s Creative Blog: Send these cute printable cards to any special someone in your life.

38. Thank You Tube by Spoonful: Put your thank you message in an empty wrapping paper and/or paper towel tube and mail a thank you to whomever you choose.

39. Inscribe “Thank You” on a Plant by Uncommon Goods: Sending a plant to someone as a gift is so unique, but why not embellish it with a thank you message inscribed onto the plant itself.

Say Thank You with Food

Food, glorious food… Everyone has a soft spot for treats. Yummy treats make the perfect ways to say thank you!

11 ways to say Thank You with Food

40-45 ways to say thank you with food
40. Fall Baked Goods with Tag by Anders Ruff: Make some fun fall-themed cookies and use the free printables to deliver them with.

41. You’re O’fish’ally the Best! by eighteen25: Swedish fish are my hubby’s favorite. This cute printable thank you message makes them that much sweeter!

42. You Deserve Chocolate, Thank you by Pioneer Party and Gift: Get a bag, some awesome chocolate and attach this cute thank you saying to make this food thank you amazing.

43. The Difference Between Ordinary and Extraordinary is the Little Extra by Pioneer Party and Gift: Some people aren’t into sweets {crazy right? LOL}, so this cute saying with Extra gum is perfect.

44. Giving Thanks to Someone Who Always Makes Lemonade Out of Lemons by Pioneer Party and Gift: Isn’t this such a thoughtful thank you saying? Pair it with something lemon flavored and you will have a fabulous thank you to give out.

45. What a Peach you are…Thanks by Pioneer Party and Gift: Peach flavored candies are my mom’s favorite. Fill a bag with some yummy peach rings and you will win your recipient’s heart.

46-50 ways to say thank you with food

46. A Box Full of Thanks for You by Pioneer Party and GiftCombine several treats, make it one big yummy gift, and place them all in this cute thank you gift box.

47. Friends are the Chocolate Chips in the Cookie of Life by Thirty Handmade Days: How to say thank you to EVERYONE: Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies so they obviously make the perfect gift!

48. Thanks a ‘Bundt’ch by eighteen25 via Skip to my Lou: Use this bundt cake thank you saying to make someone’s day great.

49. Homemade Jam by Spoonful: You can never have enough homemade jam. Make it extra special with the heartfelt label you can put on it.

50. Personalized M&M Thank You’s by MyMMs.com: I thought that this was soooo cool, go to the site and personalize your own M&M’s to say thank you to a special person.

Ways to Say Thank You To Teachers

Teachers are such special people.  They deserve the best, so these thank you’s are perfect for any of the special teachers in your life.

31 ways to say Thank You to a Teacher

51-58 ways to say thank you to teachers

51. “A” is for…bookmarks by My Busy Beehives: This is a great thank you gift to do as a whole class. Help your teacher remember every student by making these bookmarks as meaningful ways to say thank you, one for each student.

52. You Are Appreciated Ice Cream Cups by Love From the Oven: Ice cream is so yummy but so messy. These cupcake ice cream cups are great because they look like ice cream, but they are actually cake. Awesome.

53. Thank You Banner by My Busy Beehives: Banners are one of the easiest ways to say thank you to your teacher. I love that it’s something that you can hang up and leave up in a classroom as a constant reminder that your teacher is appreciated.

54. Apple Cupcake by Love From the OvenMake a cupcake look like the iconic symbol of a teacher—an apple!

55. An Apple for the Teachers by My Busy Beehives: For those that are more health conscious but still want to say thank you… use this saying with a bowl of apples.

56. Rice Crispy Apple Treats by Gourmet Mom on the Go: I love that rice crispy treats are so mold-able. Shape these treats into apples to put a smile on your teacher’s face. 

57. Thanks for Being Lifesavers by My Busy Beehives: Lifesavers are yummy treats, and perfect for any teacher thank you message and gift.

58. Chocolate Chalkboards by Hungry Happenings: Every teacher works from a chalkboard (or white board).  Make this yummy treat to symbolize how much their work means to you.  

59-66 ways to say thank you for teachers

59. You’re a ‘Cut’ Above the Rest by My Busy Beehives: Use this cute saying to give your favorite teacher a cute gift of scissors.

60. Caramel Apple by Makoodle: Mmmmm, caramel apples are so good.  Give one to your favorite teacher for an awesome snack.

61. Thanks for ‘Quenching’ Our Students Thirst for Knowledge Cups by My Busy Beehives: These water bottles are just adorable and creative ways to say thank you to your teacher.

62. Rice Crispies Treat School Books by Hungry Happenings: Make a bouquet of school books to surprise your teacher with.

63. Chalkboard Frames by My Busy Beehives: Give a gift of a mini chalkboard and chalk.  So cute.

64. Apple Shaped Boxes by Creative Jewish Mom: Be thrifty and make a gift box into the shape of an apple, out of used water bottles. This is really a creative thank you.

65. Apple Oreo Pops by Skip to my Lou: These apple shaped oreo pops are a guaranteed success.   

66. Candy Apples by Lisa Storms: Incorporating chocolate into the ‘apple themed’ ideas is just ingenious!

67-74 ways to say thank you to a teacher

67. Oreo Biscotti Gift by Mom Advice: Put a little twist on the average treat by baking some yummy oreo biscotti. 

68. Printable Candy Wrapper by The Celebration Shoppe: Use these awesome candy wrappers to personalize any gift. 

69. One Smart Cookie by Gluesticks {printables from eighteen25}: Cookies are a hit with any teacher, especially when packaged so cute.

70. Apple Caramel Cupcakes in a Jar by TidyMom via Skip to my Lou: Make some cupcakes in a mason jar and let your teacher enjoy.

71. POPular Teacher Cookie by Bake at 350 and Domesticated Lady: Sometimes a little ‘salt’ is all that is needed among all these sweets. 

72. Candle Wrap by Create.Craft.Love: Get a candle and add a special saying on it to make a great gift.

73. Candy Bar Box by Domesticated Lady: This is a clever way of making an ordinary candy bar extraordinary.

74. Thanks for a Tea-rrific Year! by Crystal and Co.These cute water bottles and iced tea are sometimes just what a teacher ordered and provide the perfect thank you message. 

75-81 ways to say thank you to teachers

75. Bouquet of Mini Cinnamon Buns by Christy Robbins: This idea is just to die for! So fun and yummy at the same time.  Arrange mini cinnamon buns into a bouquet and let your teacher enjoy.

76. Teacher, You Rule by Create.Craft.Love: This fun gift is a great way to show your teacher you care. 

77. Apple Cookies by Sweetopia: These sugar cookies were actually going to be for a reception, but they are perfect for a teacher – especially for his/her own students.

78. We Need S’more Teachers Like You by Domesticated Lady: S’more’s are a childhood favorite so you have to include them on this list today. 

79. Personalized Clipboard by Create.Craft.LovePersonalize your classroom teacher’s clipboard to really make it their own. 

80. Hershey Kiss Thank You’s by Crystal and Co.: ‘Kisses’ are an excellent way of saying thank you.

81. Thanks for Helping me Grow by Queen B and Me: Give a potted plant as one of the most lasting ways to say thank you for all the work your teacher he/she has done for you.  

Ways to Say Thank You for Special Occasions

Special occasions need to have unique ways of saying thank you as well. Here’s a great list for almost all special occasions.

20 ways to say Thank You for Special Occasion

82-89 ways to say thank you for special occasions

82. Party Thank Yous by Make It & Love ItThis homemade gift bag will really impress your party guests.

83. Thank You Banner by Girly Wedding: Have the bride and groom hold up a thank you banner while they are kissing in the background for a thank you for coming to their wedding.

84. Thank You Picture Frame by Girly Wedding: Find a picture that says thank you that a bride and groom can hold up as the newly married couple kiss in the background.

85. Thank You Chalkboard Message by Style Me Pretty: Post a thank you to your guests outside your venue on a chalkboard.

86. Thank You Shirt by Girly Wedding: Holding a thank you sign isn’t for everyone… get some t-shirts, write a thank you message, and then take some pictures of you wearing the shirt as a thank you.

87. Thank You Bag Toppers by U Create: Dress up a normal paper bag with these awesome bag toppers.

88. Thank You Picture by Jetting to the Wedding: Say thank you through a picture, no matter where you are. 

89. Book Smarts by Girly Wedding: Hand out thank you pencils as guests arrive.  

90-95 ways to say thank you for special occasions

90. Hospital Thank You’s by Craftaholics AnonymousHaving a baby is such a special time in a couple’s life together.  The doctors and nurses that help deliver the baby deserve a great thank you message too!

91. Thank You Boxes by Girly Wedding: Make cute little boxes that say thank you on them to help make any group get together a success.  

92. Bridesmaid Thank Yous by That Pretty Invitation: Bridesmaids are such an important part of a wedding. Be sure you thank them properly.  

93. Crocheted Ornaments by Examiner: Make a crocheted ornament for your guests after a unique sweater party.  

94. DIY Paper Vase Favor Bags by OnceWed: Make your own bouquet of these beautiful paper flowers as sweet ways to say thank you.

95. Thanks, You’re Sweet by Living Locurto: Make a yummy treat, give it to those you are thanking, with this cute thank you saying of “You’re sweet thanks!”

96-101 ways to say thank you for special occasions

96. Kissing Thank You Picture: For any wedding, whether near or far, a kissing thank you picture is perfect for all.

97. Printable Party Bag by eighteen25Make these cute bags to hand out after your special occasion.

98. Thank You Plank You by Girly Wedding: If you are wanting more of an antique or rustic look, then hanging these planks to say thank you is to die for.  

99. Phineas and Ferb Thank You Cards by Family Disney: Even kids need ways to say thank you in their own way. These cards are going to be a hit for any kid.  

100. Top of the Table by Girly Wedding: Have a thank you card printed and put on top of placemats before your guests arrive.

101. Thank You to a Fireman by Happy Money Saver: There are lots of different people who dedicate their lives to serving our society.  Make these unique thank yous to say thank you to a fireman (or change it to a policeman, army or navy)

 Wowzers!  Aren’t all those ideas just AH-MA-ZING and creative ways to say thank you?!!! I know you have found at least a few favorite thank you messages by now!

For more ideas check out these 101 Ways to Show Gratitude to your Spouse or these 25+ Sexy Love Letters!


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