2022 Marriage Bundle

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20 marriage resources bundled together!

It’s baaaaaack!! Your absolute FAVORITE bundle of the year is back and better than ever! We’ve gathered all of the best marriage courses, ebooks, and printables together so that you can create a happier and more connected relationship with your spouse!

We believe that marriage matters. 

It can be hard work to focus on making your marriage rock when there are so many other things on your plate. So we want to make it SIMPLE to create the type of marriage you always dreamed of! 

If you want a happier, closer, and more passionate relationship with your spouse, this year’s Marriage Bundle is your answer!

Imagine, with just one click of a button, all of the top marriage courses, ebooks, printables, and date nights will be in your hands! Each resource has been selected to help you have a whole lot more fun, and much fewer issues in your relationship. 

We have teamed up with the TOP marriage experts, bloggers, and professionals to create the ULTIMATE Marriage Bundle!


But… this 2022 Marriage Bundle is only available for a limited time!

This crazy bundle deal can’t stay around for forever, so you’ll need to act fast before this bundle dissolves into thin air!

If you wait too long (after midnight MDT on August 1st, 2022), this deal will be gone forever.

All of these products in our Marriage Bundle are worth OVER $400 if you purchase them individually. But you can grab it RIGHT NOW for ONLY $20 using our link!

Yes, you read that right! $20 for everything that you need to make your marriage stronger, more fun, and more romantic. You are NOT going to want to miss this!

NORMAL PRICE = Over $400!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35



(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

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How does this Marriage Bundle work?

For just 15 days, you only need to make one purchase to save $380 and create an awesome marriage at the same time. If you wait too long (after midnight MDT on August 1st, 2022), this deal will be gone forever, and you’ll have to track down each resource from each expert! No fun. (Plus, waaaaaaay more money!)

The normal SALE price on this bundle is $35, but when you click on our link below, our unique discount code will be applied that SLASHES the price to just $20! (Honestly, that is the same price as just ONE resource in the bundle!)

What is included?

This Marriage Bundle is FILLED with practical tools, secrets, systems, and resources to improve your marriage. One of the best parts of the bundle is that all of the resources cover different aspects of a relationship! You can use each one of them and totally enhance every single part of your marriage, or you can pick and choose the resources that will be most useful to you.

(The crazy part is that even if you only use a couple of these resources, you will still be SAVING money!) 

Take a look at what is included in this bundle:

  • Date Night App With 30 Dates
  • 10 Day Relationship Recharge 
  • Virtual Date Night
  • Better Sex in Your Marriage eBook
  • Creating Partnership Families E-Course
  • Navigating Differences in Sexual Desire Workshop
  • Time Blocking Blueprint
  • Intimacy Revealed: 52 Devotions to Enhance Sex in Marriage
  • AND MORE! (check out all the details below if you want to see everything first!)

NORMAL PRICE = Over $400!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35



(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

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Want a closer look at what’s included?

$20 for 20 products! That’s just $1 each!

This bundle is such a STEAL! If you want to get every single detail that you can before purchasing, we’ve listed out each product and description below. This way, you will feel MORE than confident that paying just $20 to get every single resource mentioned below is exactly what your marriage needs!

1. Positions Matching Bedroom Game by Ultimate Intimacy– Are you ready to bring back the fireworks and passion into your marriage? Need something new in the bedroom? Our non-graphic position cards are the perfect way to spice things up and try something new in a fun way! Over 75 positions!

2. The Marriage Tree eBool by Tandem Marriage– Tandem Marriage knows what it takes to have a thriving marriage because they have been helping couples do just that for over 25 years now. The Marriage Tree is a beautiful and insightful new book that utilizes the analogy of caring for trees as a beautiful new way to see your own marriage and care for it. And it works! You have never read a marriage book like this.

3. Time Blocking Blueprint by A Purpose Driven Mom– Learn how to tackle ALL of your to-do’s (YES! It’s possible!) with doable strategies that make sense for YOUR life. This course covers plans and contingency plans for when life throws you a curveball. Video instruction and ready-made Trello boards help you plan YOUR life in a way that makes sense for YOU.

4. Navigating Differences in Sexual Desire Workshop by Get Your Marriage On!– Do you want sex more or less than your spouse? Is this desire gap an issue in your marriage? Through this workshop by marriage coach Dan Purcell, you’ll learn practical strategies you can implement right away to help the two of you get on the same page sexually. It includes a 16 page workbook and a 1.5 hour video course!

5. How to Have a Strong and Thriving Marriage After Kids by My Love Thinks– In this 90-minute webinar, Dr. Morgan Cutlip explains the most common 4 challenges couples struggle with after kids. And then gives the one secret to success in relationships and offers practical tips and tools to stay close and feel connected when it feels like kids are pulling you apart.

6. Creating Partnership Families E-Course by Dr. Julie Hanks– You’ll want to take notes as you listen to this well researched and in-depth course, full of the most important information on the Partnership Model of Family Organization. Some topics covered in this 80 minute course :

  • Why Partnership Families is necessary
  • Why gender equality starts at home
  • What affects Gender Inequality has at home
  • The Health risks for women that take on the lion’s share of family responsibilities
  • The Dominator Model vs. Partnership Model
  • 8 C’s of Partnership Families
  • What is means to have an Egalitarian Relationship
  • Parenting styles to foster communication and respect
  • How to better teach boys to see themselves as care-givers

7. 4 Week Connection Challenge by Awesome Marriage– It’s easy to get disconnected in marriage. Distractions, screens, relational strife and other things pull at our attention and we forget to connect with our spouse. If you feel more like roommates than best friends, of if you just need some better and new ways to connect, this challenge is for you!

8. Masterful Communication: The Six Communication Styles by Dr. Tamara Fackrell– Transform your marriage communication and have a happier marriage as you master this most pivotal tool. In this course training, you will assess your own communication style, and explore and understand the six styles of communication. You can learn how communication styles unlock your perspective and knowledge for dealing with all communication situations to become masterful at communication!

9. Romance the Write Way by Engaged Marriage– Rekindle the romance (and intimacy) in your marriage with a step-by-step letter writing process that takes less than 15 minutes. Plus, you’ll get our exclusive Love Letter Templates to make it super easy and fun! Includes 40 romantic writing prompts.

10. Designing & Building a Custom Marriage by Emil Harker, CST, LMFT– Do you want a marriage by default or design? Why not use design theory and insights from one of the country’s top marriage and sex therapist to create a custom marriage? In this program you will be guided to work through any frustrations and disappointments with comfort to eliminate unresolved issues and resentments. Create closeness, passion, and intimacy and keep it.

11. Intimacy Revealed: 52 Devotions to Enhance Sex in Marriage by Hot, Holy, & Humorous– From bestselling author J. Parker, you’ll love this devotional book for Christian wives to better understand God’s gift of marital sex. Just a few minutes each week will help you move toward mutual, intimate, satisfying sexual intimacy in your marriage.

12. Making the Most of a Messy Marriage by Jay and Laura Laffoon– We have to admit that we are all a mess at times! Now we are in this thing called marriage and we have a messy marriage! Jay & Laura help you identify areas that every marriage finds messy and unpack the tools needed to make the most of the mess!

13. Better Sex in Your Marriage eBook by Intimacy in Marriage– Do you desire more intimate, passionate and pleasurable sex with the person you married? Sexual connection is absolutely vital to healthy marriage, and this eBook will show you what it takes to get there! Transform your intimacy today with these 5 proven tips! You will be glad you did!

14. My $40,000 Lesson In Marital Communication by Julie Teffeteller– Buckle up buttercup, because Julie Teffeteller’s newest masterclass will completely transform the way you look at communication! She’s boiled down over a decade’s worth of communication studies and some very pricey life lessons and combined them into a lighthearted, humorous, and value PACKED workshop. And as an added bonus, she’s also throwing in her newest eBook – 365 Progressive Conversation Starters!

15. The Dance of Desire – Navigating the Dance of Sexual Pursuit and Rejection by Intimate Covenant– If you’ve been married for any length of time, you understand the delicate dance that plays out in your relationship between sexual desire, pursuit, and rejection. In this video presentation, we’ll look at this dance and what lessons we can learn to help us dance more gracefully in our own marriages. Plus, we’ve provided a printable outline and discussion questions so you can continue the conversation in your own marriage.

16. Growing a Higher Love: 6 Relationship Practices to Deepen Your Love by Dr. Matt Townsend– This edu-taining, 2-hour date night was recorded in front of a live audience of 1200+ people. In a very humorous way, Matt Townsend covers 6 important character building tools, skills, and tricks to strengthen your character and deepen your love!

17. The Marriage Bible Study Bundle +Bonuses by Marriage Legacy University-Couples’ Bible study shouldn’t be boring or hard. The Kerchevals have taken two of their favorite things, the Bible and marriage, to create The Marriage Bible Study Bundle. These engaging, candid, and fun studies will draw you closer to God and one another. You will receive four video workshops, four printable Bible studies, and bonuses to enjoy at home or on the go.

18. Marriage Toolkit Challenge by Denoli– No matter where you are in your marriage journey, this marriage toolkit will be beneficial to you! Join Oliver & Denise Marcelle as they share valuable tools you can use to help you construct your relationship into the masterpiece you’ve always wanted! In each video, they highlight a different tool that is essential in building and maintaining a healthy and thriving marriage.

19. 10 Day Recharge Your Relationship Challenge by Love After Baby– Take the challenge for daily ways to connect with your partner and fill your cup, from conversation starters and date ideas to self-care tips and journaling prompts. No need to do it all! Just pick and choose what feels right- it all adds to your Emotional Bank Account!

20. Pick Your Date Adventure App by The Dating Divas– “What should we do for date night?” — There’s an APP for that! In this app, your choices can lead you to one of 30 completely unique date nights! No more browsing the internet endlessly for an idea that catches your eye, and no more browsing through Netflix before you fall asleep on the couch next to each other. All YOU have to do is open the app and pick your date night adventure, one question at a time!

Grab your bundle of all 20 products for just $1 each!


#1- It’s only available for a LIMITED TIME!

#2- After midnight MDT on August 1st, this deal is gone FOREVER!

What are you waiting for?!


NORMAL PRICE = Over $400!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35



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(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)



Not only do we have the discount code for this steal-of-a-deal marriage bundle, we are also throwing in an EARLY BIRD BONUS!

If you purchase this bundle BEFORE midnight MDT on July 25th, you will receive our amazing 7 Days of Spoiling Kit FOR FREE!

Give the Gift of Love, Time and Attention!

Treat your spouse to a week full of service, spoiling, and sexy surprises! For seven days your spouse will be pampered with gifts of time, love, and attention from you! Our printable kit includes a unique daily countdown to keep your spouse guessing what is in store, plus a variety of activities to help you spoil your spouse!


  • A Unique Envelope Pocket Countdown
  • Activity Cards
  • Suggestions From Our Site
  • Digital Anticipation Texts

But you have to act FAST! All purchases made BEFORE midnight MDT on July 25th will receive this pack in their inbox on the 26th!

NORMAL PRICE = Over $400!

Bundled for a limited time only for $35

TODAY ONLY $20 (That’s over 95% OFF!)


(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

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