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The truth about our marriages is that we are JUST LIKE YOU! Yes, you! The whole reason we started The Dating Divas was because we were tired of hearing our girlfriends get together to complain about their hubbies and get stuck in a negative downward spiral that ultimately led to the demise of their marriages. The lightbulb went on & we all knew we didn’t want to have unfulfilling marriages.

WE recognized we were NOT dating our spouses enough!

What better way to date our spouses more and create that accountability than to LIVE our dates “out loud” on the web? It may also look like every single one of us goes on glamorous dates every weekend, but the truth is – we have SO MANY contributors and you’re seeing all of our BEST dates. We do commit to regular date night, but they aren’t all time consuming and over the top. We do the normal movie and dinner date frequently as well. But our hope in sharing our best dates is to help you think outside of the box and take your level of dating up a notch.

We have normal relationship challenges, just like you. But what’s our secret to going from good to great (it’s a constant process)… other than living our dates “out loud” on the blog?! Well, you’re in luck because after getting email after email from readers asking that very same question – we decided to share all of our secrets!!

We compiled our 26 tried & true ways to keep the spark and romance alive in our ebook,
The A to Z Guide: 26 Ways in 26 Days to a Healthier, Happier Marriage…

We THEN went one step further and put together a printable pack of 12 of our BEST dates from the blog {one each month for the rest of the year} PLUS monthly dividers, instructions, and the downloads for each date in our Year of Dates Binder Set!

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The 7 Days of Love helps you figure out WHAT your sweetheart’s Love Style is and the 30 Days of Love gives you THIRTY ideas you can immediately implement… and your spouse will LOVE you even more!

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