365 Ways to Rekindle A Relationship

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365 Ways For How to Rekindle A Relationship!

Remember that SPARK you had as newlyweds or when you first started dating? The giddy, happy feeling where you just wanted to BE with each other, no matter what you were doing? Being crazy in love is one of the best feelings on earth, and we hope that “honeymoon feeling” lasts FOREVER! It takes work to stay madly in love, and sometimes, we just get lazy. Life takes over – the job, chores, kids, school, and everything else. For anyone who is wondering how to rekindle a relationship, we have the perfect tool to help you rekindle the spark of love. All it takes is a little effort each day, and we’ve done most of the work for you! Check out our…

365 Ways to Ignite the Spark Kit!

365 ways for how to rekindle a relationship! Time to get that honeymoon feeling back! Thank you #DatingDivas #RekindleRomance

Our darling designer Courtney from Paperelli was ON FIRE when she designed these printables for us! (We’re really loving these fire puns, can you tell?!) I love how she made a list of ideas come to life! And those little sparklers? So good! Love you Courtney!

 This printable kit includes-

  • Huge List of Romance Ideas – 365 ideas, to be exact. We’re calling them “Spark Starters!”
  • Monthly & Weekly Love Calendars – So you can schedule each love idea and make your relationship a priority!

365 Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship

For everyone wondering HOW to rekindle a relationship, we’ve got your covered! To reheat that burning bonfire of love you once shared with your spouse, start small. A fire can start and grow from just a tiny spark. We’ve gathered enough ideas to bring you closer together each day for a whole year, compiled into one AWESOME list!

Huge list of romance ideas for how to rekindle a relationship

We’ve broken down how to rekindle the spark in a relationship into 8 categories:

  1. Quick & easy ideas to rekindle a relationship
  2. Service ideas to rekindle the spark
  3. Notes & words with a spark of romance
  4. Intimacy ideas to rekindle a relationship
  5. Time together to spark the romance
  6. Love Gifts 
  7. Ideas for HER to rekindle your relationship
  8. Ideas for HIM to ignite the spark in your relationship

list of romance ideas for how to rekindle a relationship

As you go through the list of ideas for how to rekindle a relationship, some of the romance ideas take no prep at all and are as simple as making eye contact with your spouse while they are talking & really listening. Other ideas to rekindle a relationship get a little more involved, like planning an outing for your sweetie. We’ve even linked some ideas to rekindle the spark on another post on our website to give you even more details and information!

Quick and easy ways to rekindle the spark in a relationship

As you complete each “spark starter,” you can check off the little firework box! So cute and easy!

Little romance ideas to rekindle the spark in a relationship

Rekindle Romance With Spark Love Calendars 

We’ve made it easy to stay organized and motivated with some pretty love calendars. These are blank and generic, so they can be used for any month of the year. Just pencil in the “spark starter” you want to use each day, and you’re ready for success!

Blank Month of Love Calendar for how to rekindle a relationship

If planning a month in advance is a little too far out for you, break it down each week! The weekly to do list makes it easy to remember to love on your spouse every day, at just one glance!

Weekly To-Do List for how to rekindle a relationship

Rekindle the spark of romance in your relationship, starting today!!

Get the

Spark Starters Kit

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A tiny price to invest in your marriage for a whole year!


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