4 Fun & Sweet DIY Carnival Games for Couples

How to Set up a Carnival Games Date Night

Step right up! The best carnival in town has arrived! And better yet, you can attend right from the comfort of your own backyard. For those of you looking for a bit of game action for your next date night, we have created some super fun carnival games that you can print, prep, and play right at home! We’re showing you how to set up DIY carnival games for couples and how you can turn it into the best date night ever!

How to create DIY carnival games for a date night | The Dating Divas
Free printables for DIY carnival games

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Table of Contents
  1. How to Set up a Carnival Games Date Night
  2. Date Night Invite and Carnival Games Score Card
  3. Ring Toss Carnival Game
  4. Knock Down Carnival Game
  5. Bucket Ball Carnival Game
  6. Sexy Fortune Teller

Date Night Invite and Carnival Games Score Card

A cute invitation and scorecard all in one?! SAY NO MORE! Invite that special someone and step right up to a date night full of fun and games! Simply fill in when and where you will host your DIY carnival games date, and then slip it to your spouse! But, don’t lose the ticket! This invitation will also serve as a scorecard for both of you as you complete your carnival games!

A man and woman holding an invitation to a carnival games date night | The Dating Divas
Free printable invitation and scorecard for carnival games

Ring Toss Carnival Game

Ahhh, the classic game of Ring Toss. I bet your childhood self would be so excited right about now for these kids’ carnival games! To set up your game of Ring Toss, you can snag some rings and bowling pins, grab a Ring Toss set, or even search around your house for miscellaneous items to use! We’ve included a fun Ring Toss sign that you can use to display near the game. You can even back it to some cardboard or attach it to a stake in the ground!

To keep score, each person will complete three rounds of 5 tosses. When you’re finished, you can tally up the total number of rings you tossed accurately and write the number down on your scorecard. But, don’t forget, this is just a suggestion! You can choose to play however you desire. It’s your date night, and you make the rules around here 😉.

Bowling pins and rings for a DIY ring toss kids carnival game | The Dating Divas
Printables for a ring toss carnival game

Knock Down Carnival Game

Would it even be a carnival without a couple rounds of Knock Down? Grab some empty cans, plastic cups, or anything else you can find around the house in order to set up this carnival game. You’ll also want to snag a wiffle ball and start warming up that pitcher’s arm! We have even created these adorable Knock Down labels that you can attach to the cans or cups and a Knock Down game sign for some added pizazz.

Simply stack six cans in the shape of a pyramid. To play Knock Down, each person will complete three rounds of 3 throws. Once you’ve completed all three rounds, you can tally up the total number of cans you have knocked over and write it on your scorecard.

A woman stacking cups for kids carnival games | The Dating Divas
Free printable can labels for kids carnival games

Bucket Ball Carnival Game

For this, you’ll need four buckets set up in a straight line, one behind the other. Then, grab the four provided Bucket Ball Scoring Labels and attach them to the back of each bucket using a dowel, with “5” being the closest bucket and “20” being the farthest away. After that, it’s game on! Don’t forget to grab your Bucket Ball game sign and set it up near the game!

To play Bucket Ball, each person will have three rounds of 3 tosses using a wiffle ball. The objective is to earn as many points as possible in the three rounds! After you finish, you can add your total number of points and document it on your scorecard.

Sexy Fortune Teller

“You are in grave danger…of having too much steamy fun!” If you didn’t already work up a sweat from your kid’s carnival games, you definitely will after this one! After a game-winner has been declared, you can then slip your sweetie this sexy Fortune Teller invite! Once in the bedroom, you can each take a turn spinning the Wheel of Fate to determine which actions lie in your future!

Prepping the Wheel of Fate is easy! Just attach the arrow to the spinner by using a brass paper fastener. Place the arrow on top of the spinner wheel, punch a hole through both sheets of paper, and secure them together with the fastener. We predict that you both will really love your last carnival activity!

Printable invitation and spinning wheel for a fortune teller carnival game for couples | The Dating Divas
Free printables for a fortune-teller carnival game

Let’s face it, carnivals bring out the child in everyone, and a little competitiveness always makes for a fun date plan!

So tell us, are you looking for more games to enjoy with your sweetie? Check out this list of 65 outdoor games or our list of 101 outdoor date ideas! You sure won’t be stumped on what to do for date night after these!

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