Fathers Day DIY Ideas

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FREE Fathers Day DIY Ideas!

Father’s Day has such a special place in my heart.  I happen to have TWO special men in my life, my father and my husband.  My kids are so lucky to have him and I am grateful for him, too! And I love that my kiddos can get involved with these fabulous Fathers Day DIY ideas! It’s fun for the whole family!

These free Fathers Day DIY ideas include printables like Father's Day cards, a Father's Day printable questionnaire, and lots of Father's Day printables for kids! #FathersDay #TheDatingDivas #FathersDayDIY #FathersDayPrintables #FreePrintables

All the BEST Fathers Day DIY Ideas!

Having these 2 amazing men in my life, I want the best and most thoughtful gifts to do for Father’s Day.  With that said, I scoured high and low to find the perfect gifts for ANY man.  These are my top FREE Fathers Day DIY printables that I found to share with you that are perfect for any Dad! I am so excited for you to be able to pick your favorites!

Fathers Day DIY printables

1- Superhero Printables by i Heart Nap time: This is probably our favorite of all of the Fathers Day DIY ideas! Every child thinks their dad is invincible and is their hero.  Show Dad just how much of a superhero he really is with this cute Father’s Day printable.

2- Rootbeer Sampler by Homemade by Jill: If your husband loves root beer, then this is the perfect gift for him.  Get lots of different of root beers, this cute DIY printable, and done! Score!

3- Soda “Pop”  Bottles by And We Play: Personalize some soda with some cute, free Fathers Day printables! I guarantee your efforts will put a huge smile on his face.

4- Mr. Fix It by The Dating Divas: What man doesn’t like tools and building things?  Seriously, this is such a cute tool kit with amazing printables, too!

5- King for the Day by The Dating Divas: Every man deserves to be a KING on Fathers Day.  Use these Fathers Day printables to make your man the king he is for a day.

6- Choose Your Own Father’s Day by The Dating Divas: As a woman, sometimes I THINK I know what my hubby wants and plan accordingly.  Instead of guessing, why not let him choose how he wants to spend Father’s Day? That way it really turns out exactly how he wants it!  Genius…

Easy Fathers Day DIY Ideas for All Dads!

Free Fathers Day DIY printables

7- Father’s Day Care Packages by The Dating Divas: If your hubby is going to be gone, this Fathers Day DIY idea is perfect for you.  Create a great care package for your hubby.  Or if you are away from your own dad, mail it off on his special day.  Love it!

8- Father’s Day Bouquet by The Dating Divas: I don’t know many men who like flower bouquets, but I am sure every man will love this bouquet.  Pick Dad’s favorite treats, make a bouquet, then fill out the cute DIY printable!

9- Father’s Day Super Dad Box Set by Lil’ Luna: Let your hubby know he is your superhero. Fill soda pop bottles with fun treats and attach the cute Fathers Day printables!

10- Pop, You Put the Fizz in my Life by Whipperberry: Pick your hubby’s favorite soda pop and attach the printable to create a fantastic gift for him.

11- Father’s Day Photo Collage by Positively Splendid: What dad doesn’t love pics of his kids? Why not make this cute collage for Dad to savor the sweet memories?

12- Subway Art by Pink Ink Doodle: Every man needs to know how amazing he is and this Fathers Day DIY idea tells him just that.

Father’s Day Printable Questionnaire and Other Awesome Fathers Day DIY Ideas!

Free Fathers Day DIY printable ideas

13- Father’s Day Questionnaire by The Crafting Chicks: Have your kids fill this questionnaire out to put a smile on dad’s AND grandpa’s face.

14- World’s Best Pop by The Dating Divas: Print out these soda sleeves and give them to your hubby as a fun Fathers Day DIY gift.

15- I Love Dad Printable by Sweet Rose Studio: This printable set is so much fun! It has a banner and cute DIY printable frames to make your man’s day awesome.

16- Spouse Subway Art by The Dating Divas: Create your own subway art that is customized to fit your hubby like a glove!

17- What a Catch by Lil’ Luna: This is one of the simplest, cutest and most fun Fathers Day DIY ideas.  Get gummy worms, a can, and this perfect Father’s Day printable.

18- My Pop Rocks by Me and My Insanity: There are so many fun things that start with pop! These DIY printables use them all to make a great big gift for your hubby.

Father’s Day Coupons and other Fathers Day DIY Ideas

Free Fathers Day DIY ideas

19- DIY Gift Certificate by The Dating Divas: Plan a getaway for you and the hubbs! Make a gift certificate and then surprise your hubby with it on his special day.

20- Dad’s Stache by The Dating Divas: This is a simple, easy, yet awesome Fathers Day DIY idea for your hubby.  Get your hubby’s favorite snacks, a container and these Father’s Day printables to make this gift.

21- Super Dad Beans by The Dating Divas: Jelly bellies + cute DIY printable = fantastic gift on Father’s Day.

22- Daddy Money by The Dating Divas: Give your hubby a stack of Daddy bills, a menu to choose what to spend it on, and have fun on his day.

23- Gift for Your Superhero by Alpha Mom: Create your own ‘brand’ and give your hubby some great superhero treats.

24- Breakfast in Bed by The Dating Divas: Father’s Day is not complete without good ol’ breakfast in bed.  Surprise your man with this and put a smile on his face.

Father’s Day Party Printables and Other Fathers Day DIY Ideas!

Free Fathers Day DIY gift ideas

25- Soda Pop Gift Tags by The Dating Divas: Use these 4 different tags to attach on soda pop bottles to make your hubby feel so special.

26- Best Pop by Catch My Party {Printabelle}: This printable pack has so many different printable options to let your man know he is the best ‘pop’!

27- Children Themed Father’s Day Party by Catch My Party {Love Party Printables}: Use these fun Fathers Day DIY ideas to create the most amazing party for your hubby.

28- Father’s Day Party – Mustaches by Catch My Party {Sarah Hope Designs}: If you are planning a Father’s Day party for your hubby, these DIY printables will make it perfect.

29- My Dad by Catch My Party {9 to 5 Mom}: I know that my hubby cherishes pics of him holding our kids’ hands.  These printables epitomize those special times for any father.

30- Race Car Theme by Catch My Party {Creative Little Stars}: Plan a race car party with these cute Father’s Day printables.

Father’s Day Printables for Kids and More FREE Fathers Day DIY Ideas!

Free Fathers Day DIY gifts

31- #1 Dad by Catch My Party {Tea Party Designs}: If you think your hubby is the #1 most fantastic dad, then plan a party just for him!

32- Super Dad by Catch My Party {Love Party Printables}: Every dad is a super dad to their kids, so a party based on that theme is fitting.

33- Someone Special to be a Dad by Wine and Glue: Print this saying, frame it and let your hubby know he is a special dad to his kids.

34- #1 Dad Party by They Are Crafty: I know my hubby is #1 in my book, so planning a party for him telling him that is just perfect.

35- Happy Daddy’s Day by The 36th Avenue: Surprise your hubby with a ‘special delivery’ on his Father’s Day.  This Fathers Day DIY idea is guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

36- Dad Party by They Are Crafty: Plan an old fashioned themed party to make your hubby feel fantastic.

Free Father’s Day Cards and More Fathers Day DIY Ideas!

Free and cute Fathers Day DIY gifts

37- Star Wars by They Are Crafty: For the man that loves Star Wars, this is the right party for him.  This printable pack has everything you need so the ‘force will be with you’.  LOL

38- I Call My Daddy, Daddy-O by Morena’s Corner: This awesome printable is great to frame! Give to your hubby to hang in his office or put on his desk.

39- Yesterday’s Home Runs… by Lil’ Luna: Plan a great Father’s Day party with these cute DIY printables shaped like ties.

40- Loved You My Whole Life by Berice Baby: Here you will find lots of different Father’s Day printable options like paper sunglasses spelling dad or a saying that you can frame.  All options can be used for your special dad on his day.

Aren’t all of these so amazing?! I had a hard time narrowing down my search because I wanted to make all them.  They are all fantastic and will help your hubby have the best Father’s day.  If you are looking for more Father’s Day ideas, check this amazing post with Father’s Day gift ideas for all kinds of Dads!!


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