45+ Fun Spring Date Ideas for Couples

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45 Spring Date Ideas

Anyone else love the change of season from winter to spring? It’s starting to warm up outside and I am LOVING it! Without question, the reason I LOVE this time of year is that you can finally enjoy being OUTSIDE again! Additionally, it’s also a fantastic time to get out of your routine of indoor date nights and have fun with your spouse outside. Today, I gathered up a bunch of date ideas that are just perfect for spring, in hopes that you can get out and enjoy outdoor dates too! I even included ideas for spring break dates (if you have more time on your hands), AND several dates to add to your spring bucket list! Most importantly, I just hope you take advantage of being outside and connecting with your sweetheart. Are you ready to see these adorable spring date ideas? Let’s do this!

Undoubtedly once spring rolls around, you’ll be itching to get out of the house and do something fun together. But, what if outdoors aren’t really your thing? Good news! I’ve found a variety of spring date ideas that can fit every single couple, even if you don’t consider yourself outdoorsy. Below you will find…

Basically, I’ve rounded up ALL the best spring date ideas so that you don’t have to think twice once date night rolls around. Browse through all these ideas and get ready to pick your favorites! Then, sit back and enjoy some romantic, active, silly, playful, and SUPER FUN spring dates!

Fun At-Home Spring Date Ideas

Perhaps you’re wondering how an at-home date can be fun. Well, wonder no more! We can prove to you that at-home dates can be THE MOST fun, especially in the spring! Maybe your kids limit you from leaving the house or your budget is tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fabulous spring date with your sweetie right at home. Below are some of our all-time favorite date ideas that just so happen to be doable at home AND are perfect for spring. Not the mention, many would work perfectly as spring break dates when you have a bit more time on your hands! All this to say, you’re going to enjoy some amazingly sweet and spring-y dates at home this year!

Spring Date At Home With Ice Cream
  1. Get the Scoop Ice Cream Date – During the cold winter months, ice cream might not seem so appealing. However, once spring hits, you should break out the ice cream scooper! Enjoy this adorable spring date, complete with a truth or dare activity!
  2. Spa Night – Everyone loves a relaxing night, one full of spoiling and being pampered. This spa date is perfect to get you and your hubby really ready for spring by exchanging back rubs, manicures, and pedicures. By the way, you can’t forget the pedicures to get your feet ready for sandals again!
  3. Cruizin’ to the Caribbean – Not everyone has a budget that allows them to go on a cruise. So that being said, why not bring the cruise to your house on this awesome Caribbean date?
  4. I’ll Bring the Buns – Spring is the perfect time of year to break out your BBQ. Not only do you get to enjoy delicious food on this spring date, but it also has a little ‘spice’ at the end, just for the 2 of you to share! πŸ˜‰
  5. Star Light, Star Bright – Personally, I love looking at stars at night. However, if it’s cold outside, no thank you! Luckily, this stargazing date is perfect for springtime and allows you to go out and stargaze with your sweetie. Additionally, you can take it up a notch but making some s’ mores as well.
  6. Double Feature Date Night – Having a movie night is always a great at-home date idea. But, don’t stop there! Try out this double feature date night, that when done during the spring, will get you so excited for some summer drive-in movies. Also, a DOUBLE movie night equals double the pleasure! πŸ˜‰
  7. Power Outage Date Night – Pretend your power is out and enjoy your whole night by candlelight. Unquestionably, it will really be a romantic evening! Then, take it to the next level by going outside in the end and enjoy the warm weather.
  8. Plane Crazy About You – Hopping on a jet to fly away somewhere? Not so much… Making and flying paper airplanes and other adorable “flying” activities? Yes! With this date and a little imagination, you can be flying sky high with your sweetie all night long.
  9. Believe It or Not Game Date – Who remembers watching the show Ripley’s Believe It or Not? This date is all about it and would make the PERFECT game night for you and your sweetie at home!
  10. Pizza My Heart Date – Did someone say pizza? A classic date night food, but made even better when you make it together!
  11. Cupcake Wars Date – Alright, now this is just plain cute! How about making and decorating cupcakes, competition-style, with your sweetie for date night? This is a perfect spring date that is perfectly sweet!
  12. Home Improvement – Dust off the cobwebs, Chip and Joanna Gaines style, with this fabulous Fixer Upper Date. You’ll love getting a tackle on your house in the spring!
  13. Rooftop Date – Experience a thrill and make some romantic memories on your very own ROOF with this adorable at-home date!

Out of the House Spring Date Ideas

Date night out on the town! That’s what we’re talkin’ about! It can be so refreshing to get out of your house and enjoy a fun date night with your sweetie. However, what’s more fun than enjoying the nice spring weather and going places hand in hand? In our opinion, nothing! So that being said, get ready to check out some of the most adorable ‘out of the house’ spring date ideas that you could try as early as TONIGHT! Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that several of these should definitely be on your spring bucket list. I mean, how could they not when they are fun, adventurous, and may or may not push you out of your comfort zone? Have fun!

Spring Date Idea at the Mall
  1. Choose Your Own Adventure Date – Without question, a planned date is nice. However, there are times that I would love to have surprise after surprise after surprise, which is what this whole date is about. Start this date not knowing how it will end, but enjoy surprises such as car tasks, restaurant options, and more!
  2. Bookstore Scavenger Hunt Date – Maybe your spring looks a little rainier and overcast. How about a trip to a bookstore to find some fun books and avoid the rain? This spring-friendly date has an exciting scavenger hunt component that we know you’ll love!
  3. Progressive Drive-Thru Date – Sometimes it’s fun to just hit the drive-thru for dinner! We love this date because it feels “out on the town” but doesn’t require you to leave your car! Hit up multiple drive-thrus on this progressive adventure!
  4. Museum Scavenger Hunt Date – Just like a bookstore, this museum date would be perfect for a rainy, spring day. You should definitely add this to your spring bucket list!
  5. Chocolate Tour Date – If there’s chocolate involved, you know it’s going to be good! This date is extra fun because you make testing chocolate a full-on experience!
  6. Thrift Shop Challenge Date – You can always find fun things at a thrift store, right? Well, this date is ALL sorts of fun. It’s perfect for a spring date, too!
  7. Target Date Night – When all else fails, go to Target! This date doesn’t have to be super formal, but it can be way more fun than a typical Target run!
  8. Garage Sale Date – We LOVE garage sale season, and it even starts up as soon as the snow melts! Make a day-date of it and explore some local garage sales. This is one of our favorite May date ideas because you can snag some amazing stuff before the summertime rush!
  9. Selfie Date – But first, let’s take a selfie! We love a good excuse to photograph a date, and this is it! Plus, you’ll enjoy capturing the beauty that is springtime wherever you are!
  10. Farmer’s Market Date – Do you have a farmer’s market in your area? If you do, this is a must! Enjoy a stroll through the farmer’s market hand in hand with your sweetie!
  11. Zoo Date – When was the last time you went to the zoo? Why not head there for a day date! Similarly, this is also one of the best May date ideas because you’ll likely spot several newborn animals!
  12. Go-Kart Date – Ready, set, race ya! It’s time to get up to speed with your sweetie on the racetrack!
  13. Amusement Park – Fact: Amusement parks are NOT just for kids! Adults can have fun too, AND this makes for the perfect spring date! Why? Because they often run deals for early season access! Make sure to search online for ticket discounts!
  14. Car Makeout Date – Hop in the car and turn the A/C on blast! This sensual date night involves driving to fun make-out spot, a flirty game to show you how to kiss in a car, a truth or dare game called Kiss & Tell, and a yummy dessert activity called Sealed with a Kiss!
  15. Romantic Picnic – Surprise your sweetie with a romantic picnic basket filled with their favorite foods. This is one of the more top-notch May date ideas because romance + outdoors = WIN!

Sexy Date Night Ideas

Without a doubt, you need a few sexy dates in EVERY season. It just so happens that we have a BUNCH of great options for you that are perfect in the SPRING! Although, we realize not everyone has the same taste when it comes to sexy time. Luckily, many of these ideas can be customized to fit your style! When you’re planning for a sexy date with your sweetie, just remember how special it can be to show a little effort in your relationship. Regardless of the date details, they will simply love that you put some thought into planning a romantic night for just you and them. And, consider all of these spring date ideas as good options for other seasons, too!

Naked Night Spring Date
  1. Naked Night – The concept of this date is very simple: Be naked! πŸ˜‰ Plan a whole date night full of fun, ‘normal’ activities (dinner, movies, etc.), but you must do everything in your birthday suit. Doesn’t this sound fun?
  2. Sizzling Truth or Dare – Truth or Dare is a classic game, but I promise you have never played it having this much fun before! Put a little sass into the old truth or dare game and be prepared for a night of adventure and pleasure!
  3. It’s Your Lucky Night – For this cute St.-Patrick’s-Day-inspired date, make your own scratch-off cards where your spouse will be surprised with how he/she will get ‘lucky’ with you!
  4. Spin the Bottle – Without question, this version of Spin the Bottle is the best! To play, you simply create a sexy board game version of Spin the Bottle and wait for things to get heated up! This is one of our favorite spring break dates because, with some extra time on your hands, you can play for hours! πŸ˜‰
  5. Wanna a Piece of Me? – Imagine your sweetie has to put together a puzzle to reveal something sexy about you. Doesn’t that sound fun?
  6. Make Out Party for Two – Making out is such a fun activity, and this date is dedicated to doing it all night long! This idea works perfectly in the spring since you can likely move your makeout party outdoors! πŸ˜‰
  7. Cinco De Mayo Love Fiesta – Put this on your spring bucket list! This is one of the BEST May date ideas because you get to celebrate a fun holiday AND some sexy time in the bedroom with your sweetie! Ooh la la!
  8. Steamy Shower Games – Ahem, yep, we’re suggesting a steamy shower for two with this one! However, wanna know the best part? You won’t just be showering. Instead, you’ll actually be playing a few games!
  9. Taste the Rainbow Date – In our opinion, nothing says springtime more than rainbows! That being said, this is absolutely the perfect spring date because it involves all the colors of a rainbow. That, AND sexy things to do to your sweetheart!
  10. Guess the Flavor – Who remembers Lip Smackers? The different-flavored chapsticks that were oh-so-popular several years ago? Yeah, you may want to get your hands on a pack of those for this sexy kissing game!

Sporty Dates

Down, set, hike! Here we have a few fun and sporty spring dates that you’re guaranteed to enjoy in the beautiful spring weather! While some healthy competition is always fun in a relationship, we especially love it during date night (or on a day date, too!) Bringing two people together for some fun and laughs is what we’re all about, and these sporty spring date ideas won’t disappoint! Not to mention, several of these would make for some amazing spring break dates because you would have some extra time to try them out! Consider planning a few of these into your schedule during the springtime. And finally, make sure to pack some water along in case you get thirsty playing these fun games!

Olympic Games Activity
  1. Spring Olympics – I LOVE the Olympics and can’t wait for them every year. I might not be able to make an Olympic team, but I know that I can compete against my hubby on this awesome date!
  2. Couples Minute to Win It – Here’s another game-show date idea that you’ll absolutely love! Plus, who doesn’t love a little laughter and fun while the clock is ticking? Get a group of friends together OR challenge just your sweetie to these timed games! Either way, you will undoubtedly have a good time.
  3. Let’s Get Physical – This simple exercise date is dedicated to getting your body back in shape and ready for spring!
  4. A Date Night That Scores – If your hubby is into basketball, then this is the perfect date! Create your own tickets and invite him to a fun-filled sports night that will be sure to put a smile on his face!
  5. Competition at the Park – I am all about having fun with my spouse, especially if it’s in friendly competition with games that I MIGHT be able to win – LOL. For this cute spring date, go to the park and challenge your spouse to some fun-filled games!
  6. Knock it Outta the Park Date Night – Score a few home runs with this fun baseball centered date!  Even if you don’t have a game to go to, enjoy a dinner and a baseball-themed movie at home!
  7. Date Night Madness Bracket – If you or your sweetie are March Madness lovers, you will be obsessed with these ideas! It’s the perfect spring date because the March Madness tournament falls in, obviously, March!
  8. Mini-Golf Date – When was the last time you went mini-golfing? It’s one of the best spring date ideas out there! This date has a few special games to play that we know you’ll enjoy!
  9. Frisbee Golf With a Twist – Mini-golf not your style? No worries! This FRISBEE golf version is also super fun! Plus, it’s perfect to play in the springtime, especially with a big group of friends!

Oh, wow! That was so much fun to gather up these different spring date ideas for you to enjoy! I can’t wait to try them all out, too! The question is, how will you pick which one to do first??

Now, don’t forget to pin this post so you can come back for date ideas week after week during the spring! Once the snow is all melted (or the temperatures are bearable), it’s the perfect time to bust out some of these fun dates!

Happy spring!


I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, because I try to make everything that I do FUN!

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