Top White Elephant Gift Ideas for 2021

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THE BEST White Elephant Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties! And that means you likely need white elephant gift ideas… and LOTS of them! However, we know you don’t want to bring just another boring gag gift to your white elephant party — your gift needs to make your friends laugh out loud all night long! On top of that, why not shoot to have the BEST white elephant gifts that everyone will be trading for?! Lucky for you, this list checks both boxes! 

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Types of White Elephant Gift Ideas

Check out the best-of-the-best white elephant gifts that you can buy or make! We’ve even organized this ultimate list of gag gifts into several different categories so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. Click to be taken straight to that category.

  1. Cheap White Elephant Gifts
  2. DIY White Elephant Gift Ideas
  3. Funny White Elephant Gifts
  4. Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas
  5. Amazon White Elephant Gifts

Keep scrolling for funny white elephant gifts you are undoubtedly going to love! 

Cheap White Elephant Gifts (Under $5) 

The point of a white elephant gift exchange is to get some laughs from your friends and family… And find ridiculous products! You don’t want to spend too much money on the gift itself, though. Here are the best white elephant gifts that are also cheap!

1. Homemade Brown E’s

A Tupperware containing the letter "e" that can be used as inexpensive white elephant gift ideas | The Dating Divas
Printable brown E’s that make inexpensive white elephant gift ideas.

Bring a plate of brown E’s – no baking required! (These are part of an adorable White Elephant Party Kit!)

2. Air Guitar Strings

An empty Ziplock bag with a printable labeled "Air Guitar Strings" - an example of cheap white elephant gift ideas | The Dating Divas
Air guitar strings to be used as cheap white elephant gift ideas.

These hip new air guitar strings make super easy and inexpensive white elephant gifts. (In the White Elephant Party Kit that these come in, you’ll find several other equally inexpensive and funny ideas!)

3. Donut Seeds

Ziplock bag full of Cheerios labeled "Donut Seeds" for cheap white elephant gift ideas | The Dating Divas
Cheerios or “Donut Seeds” would make great white elephant gift ideas.

These cute “donut seeds” will definitely get a chuckle at your next party! (As well as all of the others in this adorable White Elephant Party Kit!)

4. Candy Cane Puzzle

A bag of crushed candy canes that will be given as white elephant gift ideas | The Dating Divas
A bag of candy cane ‘puzzle pieces’ to be used as silly white elephant gift ideas.

Crush up some candy canes to create the ultimate expert-level puzzle!

5. Gift Not Included

White elephant gift ideas that have a card and a set of batteries | The Dating Divas
White elephant gift ideas that use batteries and a silly card.

All you need for this gift are some batteries and a bag. So easy!

6. Stress Relief

A printable stress relief tag to put on white elephant gift ideas |The Dating Divas
Bubble wrap and a stress relief tag make great white elephant gift ideas.

Can we all just agree that bubble wrap is the best stress reliever ever?! Attach a cute gift tag to it from our White Elephant Party Printable Pack.

7. Jigsaw Puzzle

Sawdust shavings that will be used for hilarious white elephant gift ideas | The Dating Divas
White elephant gift ideas that use sawdust as expert-level puzzle pieces.

Another option for a funny puzzle — gather some sawdust from the garage and add this label!

8. Gift Card Roundup

Printable gift card holders for white elephant gifts | The Dating Divas
Printable gift card holders to use for white elephant gifts.

You know all of those gift cards you have with small remaining balances? Put them all together for some funny white elephant gifts! You can even click the link below for some Christmas-themed gift card holders.

9. Exercise Block

Funny white elephant gifts about exercise | The Dating Divas
Funny white elephant gifts that talk about exercising.

Instructions to “walk around the block” for your workout. A silly but cheap idea!

10. In Case of an Emergency

A candy bar inside of a picture frame to be used as funny white elephant gifts. | The Dating Divas
Funny white elephant gifts that use a candy bar inside of a picture frame.

Put this printable inside a frame with some chocolate inside! Pretty much a required item for all mamas out there!

DIY White Elephant Gift Ideas

So many of these DIY white elephant gift ideas are easy to throw together with things you have from home, which makes it easy-peasy to do it yourself!

1. Mounted Stuffed Animal Head

Funny white elephant gifts that you can DIY with stuffed animals | The Dating Divas
Funny white elephant gifts you can make yourself using stuffed animal heads.

Think of the possibilities from the random stuffed animals that you have at home! Hilarious!

2. Surprise Mason Jar Money Gift

A jar of candies and money that make great white elephant gifts | The Dating Divas
Super easy white elephant gifts using cash and candy inside of a glass jar.

While at first this jar appears like the lamest gift at the party, it contains a wonderful surprise!

3. Melted Snowman

White elephant gifts that look like melted snowmen. | The Dating Divas
Melted snowmen in jars make excellent white elephant gifts for hot chocolate lovers.

This is the sweetest DIY gift there is! A jar of hot cocoa with a twist.

4. Cold Hard Cash

Frozen dollar bills that make super funny white elephant gifts | The Dating Divas
Funny white elephant gifts that freeze money inside of a Tupperware.

Grab a freezer jar and freeze a bit of cash inside. Add this printable tag and you have a quick DIY gift!

5. Underwear Chip Bowl

DIY white elephant gifts that make a chip bowl out of underwear | The Dating Divas
Underwear bowls and chips make the funniest white elephant gifts.

This underwear chip bowl is easy to make and is a hilarious gag gift for Christmas!

6. White Elephant Towel

The best white elephant gifts that look like actual elephants | The Dating Divas
White elephant gifts that look like actual white elephants.

Watch this tutorial for actual white elephant gift ideas. Talk about fun!

7. DIY Boyfriend Pillow

A boyfriend shaped pillow that makes for funny white elephant gifts. | The Dating Divas
White elephant gifts that look like a boyfriend pillow.

We could all use an arm around us while watching a movie or falling asleep! What a fun DIY project!

8. Shave & Play Barbie

DIY white elephant gifts using a barbie and a printable gift tag | The Dating Divas
White elephant gifts that you can make yourself from a Barbie.

Barbie has a whole new look — hairy! Learn how to create this gift and get the printable to go with it!

9. Bra Purse

DIY white elephant gifts that you can make out of a bra | The Dating Divas
Hilarious white elephant gifts that turn a bra into a purse.

If you have some DIY craft skills, this would be hilarious to make!

10. Creepy Doll Coat Rack

Arm and leg coat rack made from dolls that you can give as white elephant gifts. | The Dating Divas
Creepy coat rack that you can give as white elephant gifts.

Whether you think this is cool or creepy, funny white elephant gifts like this will have everyone at the party talking!

Funny Gag Gifts for Christmas

These white elephant gift ideas pretty much have no purpose besides making people laugh. It’s like the very best practical joke! Here are a few of our favorite Christmas gag gift ideas that we think will get a big laugh.

1. Bacon Air Freshener

Air fresheners with a sizzling bacon aroma | The Datitng Divas
Bacon-scented air fresheners

Getting into a car with this scent would be quite the experience!

2. Napsack

A prank gift box giving the appearance that the gift is a bag to put over your head in order to nap in unique places | The Dating Divas
A prank gift box advertising a hood to put over your head while napping

This isn’t actually a product — it is a prank gift box. The real gift inside can be something completely different. Check out the link for lots of different options!

3. Toe Tunes

A prank gift box displaying slippers that play music - perfect for a White elephant gift exchange party | The Dating Divas
A prank gift box displaying slippers that play music

Just one more example of a silly gift box! Your recipient will be surprised (maybe relieved) to open the gift to find something else.

4. Toilet Paper Origami

A toilet paper Origami book for a white elephant gift | The Dating Divas
A book with instructions for toilet paper origami

Wouldn’t this be an unusual hobby to learn and master? Imagine the pleasant things you can leave in the bathroom. 

5. Jane Austen Tattoos

Temporary tattoos with images and phrases from Jane Austen's books | The Dating Divas
Temporary tattoos featuring images and phrases from Jane Austen

Nothing expresses the decorum and charm of Austen’s work like these temporary tattoos!

6. Chicken Leg Socks

Socks with images of chicken's legs - a funny white elephant gift idea | The Dating Divas
Socks with images of a chicken’s legs

Embrace your chicken legs with these hilarious socks!

7. Beer Belly Fanny Pack

A group of friends wear beer belly fanny packs | The Dating Divas
A group of friends wear fanny packs that look like beer bellies.

Create the illusion of a beer belly with this functional fanny pack!

8. Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

Color changing mug feature Bob Ross | The Dating Divas
Bob Ross image on a mug that changes color with heat

Reveal those happy trees with a little heat in your mug. This is brilliant!

9. Punderdome

Cards spread out featuring questions where the answers are all puns | The Dating Divas
Cards for a game about puns

A game for anyone who thinks that puns are punny.

10. Muffin Top Muffin Cups

Cups for baking muffins that look like jeans - a funny white elephant gift | The Dating Divas
Baking cups that look like denim jeans

Now having a little overflow is a good thing! These would be the best white elephant gift ideas for bakers.

11. Nose Cups

Paper cups with a nose on the side - a hilarious gag gift | The Dating Divas
Paper cups with the image of a nose

Everyone LOVES these! A hilarious touch to any party!

12. Belly Swim Suit

Swimsuit with a realistic image of a man's upper body - a funny gag gift idea | The Dating Divas
Women’s swimsuit with the image of man’s hairy body

Swimsuit season is right around to corner! Time to get ready. WINK!

13. Toilet Night Light

Toilet seat nightlight display showcasing the different colors | The Dating Divas
Toilet seats lit up with different color lights

One product, SO many color possibilities!

14. Tiger King Puzzle

Tiger King, Joe Exotic, with a tiger featured on a puzzle | The Dating Divas
Puzzle with the image of Joe Exotic with a tiger

Any party gets more exciting with a little Joe Exotic.

15. Tortilla Blanket

A large round blanket that looks like a tortilla | The Dating Divas
A blanket that looks like a giant tortilla

Sleep in a tortilla, and dream of tacos.

Useful Party Exchange Gifts

This section might actually be filled with the best white elephant gift ideas! I love funny white elephant gifts, but they are even better if you can get some use out of them. Here are a few of our favorite items that put the fun in functional!

1. Poo-Pourri

Three bottles of Poo-Pourri, an air freshener for when you poop - a useful white elephant gift idea | The Dating Divas
Three bottles of poo-pourri air freshener

Now here is a useful idea. Mock all you want, this stuff actually works and can be very helpful in a time of need!

2. Nessie Ladle

Kitchen ladle that looks like the Loch Ness monster - a fun white elephant gift | The Dating Divas
Soup ladle kitchen utensil shaped like the Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster floating around in your soup is hilarious, but the spoon itself is actually very useful!

3. Tea-Rex Mug

A coffee mug with a dinosaur picture on it and the words "Tea-Rex" - a useful white elephant gift idea | The Dating Divas
A mug with an image of a dinosaur and the title “Tea-Rex”

We can all appreciate a good pun and a good mug!

4. Pig Mop Slippers

Pink pig slippers used for cleaning the floor - a helpful white elephant gift | The Dating Divas
Pink piggy slippers with mops on the underside

Comfy, cozy, and functional! Walk around in comfort and mop your floor?! WIN-WIN!

5. Tinkle Hair Razor

A woman uses the tinkle razor to remove hair from her face - a useful gift idea | The Dating Divas
Woman uses a razor to shave her face

Yes, there is actually a product invented to shave that peach fuzz off your face — and it is really effective! We kinda love it!

6. Unicorn Shower Cap

A shower cap that looks like a unicorn - a useful gag gift idea | The Dating Divas
A shower cap with a unicorn face and horn

Shower in style! Keep your hair dry and tap into your inner unicorn!

7. Shakespearean Insult Bandages

Box of band-aids with Shakespearean sayings - a funny white elephant gift | The Dating Divas
Package of band-aids with Shakespearean insults written on them

What could help you feel better after hurting yourself more than sporting Shakespearean insults?

8. Dinosaur Taco Stand

A dinosaur meant for holding tacos together at meal time - a funny gag gift for Christmas | The Dating Divas
A green dinosaur figure with a taco on its back

A unique way to keep your tacos upright. Perfect if you are looking for fun, yet useful, white elephant gift ideas.

9. Hot Dog & Bun Toaster

A toaster for cooking hot dogs and buns | The Dating Divas
A hot dog and bun toaster

Here is a product you didn’t even know you needed! We love this retro look!

10. Record Player Tape Dispenser

A tape dispenser that looks like a vintage record player - a useful white elephant gift for the office | The Dating Divas
A record player tape dispenser

How fun is this unique little find? At first glance it looks like a vintage record player, but it is actually a tape dispenser!

11. Dachshund Hot Dog Slicer

A Dachshund-shaped hot dog slicer - unique but useful white elephant gift | The Dating Divas
A hot dog slicer in the shape of a Dachshund

What could be more adorable (and slightly disturbing) than a dog cutting your hot dog into slices?!

12. T-Rex Shower Head

A dinosaur-shaped shower head gag gift idea | The Dating Divas
T-rex shower head

Why not make showering a little more exciting… or terrifying?!

13. Sword Cheese Grater

A cheese grater in the shape of a sword - a practical but funny white elephant gift idea | The Dating Divas
A sword cheese grater

I have a feeling that this one might be the white elephant gift that would be stolen again and again!

14. Shark Salt and Pepper Holder

A shark figurine holds up a salt and a pepper shaker - a fun Christmas gag gift idea | The Dating Divas
Salt and pepper shakers held up by a shark

Salt and pepper shakers are a kitchen staple. This Christmas gag gift would be useful in any home!

15. Bicycle Pizza Cutter

A bicycle-shaped pizza cutter - a useful gag gift for Christmas | The Dating Divas
A pizza cutter in the shape of a bicycle

This one is so clever! A unique pizza cutter that is functional and fun!

And ONE more thing! We love white elephant parties SOOOO much that we put together a complete kit to help YOU host your own epic white elephant gift exchange! Not only does it include the cutest invititation, decor, yummy recipes, and food printables, but you ALSO get 14 ADORABLE printables to pull off hilarious white elephant gifts (many of which are featured above)! Click on the image at the end of this post to check it out!

Amazon White Elephant Gifts

We absolutely love utilizing Amazon around the holidays, don’t you? After all, where can we find hilarious gifts like the following that have fast and free shipping?! Take a peek at some of our favorite Amazon picks.

1 . Golf Club Pens

What better way to liven up a boring desk job than with your own, putt-themed set of pens?

2 . Poop Shoot! Game

This game is guaranteed to get players laughing!

3 . Toilet Timer

Tell your favorite friend that their toilet time is taking just a little too long with this cooky gift.

4 . Paw Socks

Okay, is it just us or are these paw socks strangely adorable?

5 . Donut Blanket

We’re big fans of the tortilla blanket, but this donut blanket is a very close second!

6 . Desktop Bowling Game

Ready, set, bowl! Score a spare or a strike – all without leaving your desk.

7 . Desktop Boxing

Sometimes we all just need to get out a little (and we do mean a little!) bit of aggression.

8 . The Screaming Goat

Of all the random and silly white elephant gift ideas, this one definitely takes the cake!

9 . Emergency Chicken

No need to carry around an emergency whistle or pepper spray. It’s Emergency Chicken to the rescue!

10 . Dad Jokes Book

This silly book of jokes is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

We hope you got some great examples of white elephant gift ideas that will be a hit at any Christmas party! You are officially set with oodles of Christmas gag gift ideas for all of the Christmas parties headed your way! And don’t forget to click on the image below to check out our White Elephant Party Kit!

White Elephant Party

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  1. My teenagers have to take white elephant gifts to school just about every year, and we have a hard time coming up with ideas. This list is perfect! I’m pinning it for future reference!

    1. That’s exactly why we wrote it! To make all of our lives easier when it comes to White Elephant ideas. They can be tricky! Glad it’s helpful for you and Merry Christmas!

  2. I love the “Gift Not Included” idea. Useful and funny and sure to get a couple of confused looks. I’m going to use this one!

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  5. We have a toilet plunger that continues to be gifted so this year I am turning it upside down and adding leaves and flowers for a redneck bird bath.

  6. Some of the ideas you’ve brought up here are really creative. White elephant gifts at their best! I love how you come up with the snowman poop idea. Maybe I’ll try it this year 🙂

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  8. The rules at our party was to NOT spend money but to just bring something you already had at home, but weren’t using. The hubby and I went and bought a bag of adult diapers, opened the package, pulled out one diaper and wrapped up the package. It was a hit! 😀

  9. I LOOOVE this post, Chrissy!! I can’t decide which of these we wanna do! lol Hope none of my friends have seen this post… or we will all show up with the same stuff! 🙂