50 Simple & Quick Romance Tips

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Romance Tips


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We know that you all are just like us – SUPER BUSY!!  And with dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, kids, and jobs– well, there isn’t always a lot of time left over to plan elaborate dates.  In fact, it can be hard to find time to even plan a date at all.  We totally get it!!

And that is exactly why we started our “Love on the Run” series last year!  

Say WHAT?!  You haven’t heard about our “Love on the Run” posts?!  Girl- you are SO missing out!  Well, never you fear- we’re going to get you up to speed right NOW!

Here’s how it works…  

Every Friday we share a a fun and flirty tip that will take you LESS than 10 minutes to do – from start to finish.  

Yep, you read that right- 10 MINUTES!!  All you have to do is check in to get your little “love assignment” – it doesn’t get any easier than that!  You’d be surprised what 10 minutes can do for a marriage.  It’s been almost a year since we started “Love on the Run” and I can honestly say that the year has brought a lot more flirting, teasing, and just plain ol’ SMILING to my marriage.   Did you take the challenge with us this past year?!  We’d LOVE to know how it went!  Let us know in the comments…

And if you’re NEW to “Love on the Run.”  It’s not too late!  In fact, we’re going to make it SUPER EASY for you!  We’ve rounded up all 50 of our “Love on the Run” tips that have aired so far and put them here in one convenient spot, just for you!   Just go down the list and do one every week- for a year FULL of romance.  (Or just pick one out whenever you’re looking to show a little love to your sweetie.)

Do you have an AH-mazing marriage? Check out Diva Central for even MORE great ideas to keep it going strong!


So without any further ado,

Here are 50 of the BEST romantic tips and ideas that can be done RIGHT AWAY in NO TIME AT ALL!



1. Dry Erase Doodles–  Grab a dry erase marker, pick a frame off your wall, and leave a sweet surprise for your love.

2. May I Have This Dance–  When’s the last time you slow danced with your sweetheart?  

3. Wedding E-mail Surprise–  Can you imagine the smile across your hubby’s face when he opens up this e-mail message? 

4.  Boo Love Notes–  With Halloween right around the corner, we have the perfect love note for your BOO.

5.  Candy Love–  And when Halloween’s over, we’ve got a great tip for what to do with all of that left-over candy too!


6.  Quick Massage– Who wouldn’t LOVE a massage from their spouse?  Give ’em the gift of your touch. 

7.  Thanksgiving Love Notes– When Thanksgiving rolls around, use these clever love notes to show your love and gratitude.

8.  Do a ChoreEven after Thanksgiving, keep that attitude of gratitude going with this thoughtful act of kindness.

9.  Video Message– Love notes can come in all shapes and sizes!  Switch things up with a fun video message.

10.  Kiss, Kiss!– Don’t let all that mistletoe to go waste this Christmas season!  Time to pucker up!!


11.  Link to Love– Online videos open up a whole new world of love note possibilities.  Send your spouse a link and dedicate a song just for him! 

12. Lipstick Love– Wish your spouse a Merry Kissmas with this quick and flirty tip.

13.  Say “Yes!”–  Can you say “yes” to anything your spouse requests all day long?!  Take the challenge and see!

14.  Warm Up the Car–  In the freezing Winter weather, your spouse is SURE to appreciate this sweet gesture.  

15.  Red Light Kisses–  This is one of my favorites!  Why not start this tradition for two?  


16.  Check for 100 Kisses–  Grab this printable check from the “Bank of Love” and slip it in his wallet.  

17.  A Heart-y Breakfast–  Make a simple breakfast extra special with heart-shaped eggs or pancakes. 

18.  Spritz the Bed Sheets– Before your man gets into bed, spritz the sheets with a yummy-smelling spray.

19.  Secret Signals– Create secret signals with your spouse so you can freely flirt, even in a crowded room.

20.  Secret Detour– Call your honey on his way home from work to surprise him with a secret detour!


21.  Mail a Love Note– Who says you have to be apart to send a letter in the mail?

22.  Lucky in Love– Are you LUCKY in love?!  Let your spouse know why around St. Patrick’s Day!

23.  Easter Love Notes– Slip this sassy love note into his Easter Basket this year!

24.  Egg Love Notes– These egg love notes are perfect to stick in the fridge this Easter!

25.  Make Dinner Fancy– It’s the little things that make the difference.  Fancy up dinner tonight for a special surprise.


26.  Coded Love Message– Grab the book closest to you and leave a coded message for your man.

27.  Download a Quick Surprise– You don’t even have to leave your house to surprise your sweetie with a little, unexpected present!

28.  Custom Crossword Puzzle– Use personalized clues from your relationship to make a custom crossword puzzle.

29.  My Two-Lips– Let your spouse know you have two-lips waiting for him with this witty idea.

30.  Parking Ticket to Love– This funny love note is disguised as a parking violation!  Can you image his surprise?


31.  Banana Love Note– Use a toothpick and banana for a unique love note to slip in his lunch.

32.  Origami Hearts– Turn a couple dollar bills into hearts to slip into your sweetie’s wallet. 

33.  Shower Attack– Grab a squirt gun and wait until your spouse is in the shower to ATTACK!  😉

34.  Custom Cold Stone Creation– Grab a pint of his favorite ice cream and a couple of his favorite candy bars to pull off this tasty surprise.

35.  Sweet Candy Kisses– Replace the tags of chocolate Hershey’s kisses with your own personalized little love tags.


36.  Best Qualities from A to Z– List your spouse’s best qualities, all the way from A to Z.

37.  Picture It– Take a picture of yourself holding an “I Love You” sign to text to your man.

38.  Message on His Car– Grab some window markers or dry erase markers and leave fun messages on his car windows!

39.  Sassy Desktop Photo– Replace his desktop photo with a sassy picture of yourself!

40.  Kit Kat Love NotePrint off this clever Kit Kat love note that’s sure to flatter your love.


41.  Car or Office Love Notes– Stick these love notes all over your sweetheart’s car or office!  

42.  Nutrition Facts for Love– Print off these “love nutrition facts” and stick them on your honey’s favorite treat. 

43.  Google Love– How clever is this Google-inspired card?  

44.  A Flirty Note– Try leaving this sassy note in your spouse’s wallet!

45.  Initials in a Tree– Imagine your spouse’s reaction when you “discover” this unique love note while taking a walk.


46.  Love Note CardSnag this FREE love note and write a heart-felt message for your husband.

47.  Whispered Invitation – Wait until you hear this sassy invitation you can whisper in your spouse’s ear.

48.  Menu Magic– Grab this printable menu for your spouse to fill out, then present them with a home-cooked meal, made with love!

49.  We Go Together Like…– Sneak this sweet love note into his lunch for a fun surprise.

50.  Pillow Fight– When’s the last time you had a pillow fight?  Start one tonight!


What are you waiting for?  Go reclaim the romance!

 And if YOU have a perfect idea for a “Love on the Run” tip-  let us know in the comments!  We LOVE hearing from our readers!!


Besides my amazing husband, I love a good book, sappy love songs, chick flicks, musicals, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. I have four kiddos at home and they definitely keep life at home FUN!

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  1. I LOVE seeing all of the fun “Love On The Run” ideas all in one place. This post ROCKS!! Great job putting it all together, Becca!! What a fabulous reference for those of us who are in a rush but still want to show love.