Newborn Baby Pic Ideas

Inspiration Ideas for Newborn Baby Pics

Scrunchy little faces, sweet wrinkles, and rolls. Is there anything more precious than a newborn babe?! We think not! That is why today we are featuring the perfect way to savor that precious “newborn stage” with all the best newborn photography tips. Whether you are a skilled photographer or someone who just likes snapping their own photos, we have tips and inspiration ideas for capturing the perfect newborn baby pics. After seeing all the cute baby picture ideas you won’t want to wait to set up your newborn photo shoot!! In other words, grab that camera or start pinning for your photography session! 

Newborn Baby Pic Ideas

We are just LOVING all of the beautiful photography inspiration on Pinterest. {Speaking of Pinterest,  you’re gonna want to pin this baby right now! Trust us! You will want to save these gems for future reference!}

To make browsing easier, we’ve divided them into 5 categories…

So whether you’re looking for ideas for a newborn photo shoot OR just want to snap some pictures of your newborn babe, you’re sure to find lots of ideas below! We want you to document this special time with newborn pictures you love. 

Newborn Photography Pose Ideas

It is always great to have ideas and suggestions for posing your baby in their newborn baby pics! Knowing a couple of poses beforehand that you absolutely LOVE can really help you get just the picture you’re looking for.  As a result, you won’t be able to choose which pictures to put on the wall. I guess there are bigger issues than a perfect photoshoot! There are so many options to consider, not only with family members, but also the baby alone. Here are some of our favorite pose ideas for a newborn photography session.

Newborn Picture Poses

Sources left to right, top to bottom Christie Hobson Photography, Shanna Michelle Photograph,  N Barrett Photography

Newborn Photography Pose Ideas with Family – There is nothing as sweet as a new family member! Snuggle up together as a family and snap a few precious pictures with your newest addition!

Newborn Photography Pose Ideas with Siblings – Be sure to include the baby’s siblings in some of your newborn photos! There are so many great pose ideas to capture the love between new brothers and sisters! We absolutely ADORE Shanna Michelle’s posing of these sweet sibs.

Newborn Photography Pose Ideas with Mommy – Is there anything as beautiful as the bond between a newborn and their mother?! We love simple and beautiful newborn photography of babies with their adoring moms! Sigh!

Newborn Photography Pose Ideas with Daddy – These sweet cuddling and kissing poses are a great way to capture the love between a dad and their sweet newborn! We have loved seeing our husbands turn into the best dads and want to capture those special moments.

Newborn Baby Pic Pose Ideas

Sources  Christie Hobson Photography, Cassidy Brooke, Kelsy Nielson Photography

Newborn Pose Ideas Between Parents – We LOVE the idea of including parents in a newborn photo shoot!  Check out the gorgeous example above of couples snuggled up with their newest bundle of joy!

Newborn Photography Pose Ideas Outdoors – If the weather permits, take your newborn photo shoot outside! Shooting photos outdoors can be a great way to add warmth and color to your pictures! Of course remember to bring along anything your baby might need to be comfortable – spiky grass is not a newborn’s friend.

Parents Kissing Poses – Capture the love between the new parents in your pictures! We love these photos of couples kissing while holding their precious bundle of joy. Your love is the reason you have this precious bundle, celebrate it.

Swaddled Newborn Pose Ideas – In general, newborns love to be swaddled! Wrap up your baby “snug as a bug” in a muslin blanket and snap some beautiful photos!

Newborn Photo Ideas

Sources Heather Telford Photography, Chelsea Lee Photography, Fenn Photos, Kristen Vincent Photography

Newborn Poses on Tummy – Aren’t these photo examples of a newborn lying on their tummy SO cute?! Simply lay out a blanket and gently place a baby on their stomach for a sweet picture!

Holding Newborn Against Chest Poses – Cuddle up with your newborn babe by holding them up against your chest. This sweet newborn photography pose is both serene and beautiful! Face the baby in or out for a newborn baby pic that will be cherished for years.

Parents Blurred in Background Poses – Create some depth to your photos by placing the parents in the background of your pictures! We are in love with this example from a hospital photo shoot. That clear bassinet is baby’s first bed earthside, it’s fun to capture that too.

Newborn Propped on Elbows Poses – Aren’t these newborns babies propped up on their elbows just precious?! Remember that the pics of babies supporting their heads with their wrists are composites – safety first!

Newborn Picture Ideas

Sources Heather Telford Photography, Fenn PhotosN Barrett Photography

Smiling at Camera – Capture the joy of the new parents by having them smile at the camera with their darling baby! We all know those newborn smiles are hard to come by, feel free to focus on the parents’.

Parents Kissing Newborn Pose Ideas – Who doesn’t love kissing a a squishy newborn?! Be sure to take some precious pictures of the parents giving their baby sweet kisses!

Lying Down with Newborn Pose Ideas – Create a serene and beautiful picture by lying down with your new bundle of joy! We are going CRAZY over the gorgeous example above! White blankets always make a good backdrop – especially for a photo lying down.

Newborn Photography Baby in Hands Pose Ideas – Take some close-up shots of a newborn in their parent’s hands! Remember they are only this small for a short time, so be sure to capture their petite size! It’s this short time period that the parents of the newborn will want to remember forever.


The Best Newborn Picture Ideas

Sources Kelsy Nielson Photography, Cassidy Brooke, Blu Hippo PhotographyLove Bud Photography

Newborn over Shoulder Pose Idea – Peek-a-boo! Place your newborn over your shoulder for a sweet newborn photography pose! If you can get a sweet smile like the dad above – you are one lucky duck!

Parents Looking Down at Newborn Pose Ideas – Here is another great pose idea that incorporates the new parents! Capture the emotions and love of the newborn’s mom and dad, by having them look down at their new baby! If you have a little guy and you are doing some of the bare bum shots, be sure to have a PeePee TeePee on hand {wink!} we’ve all seen the photo fails…

Newborn on Lap Pose Ideas – Show off your newborn by placing them in your lap during your newborn photo shoot! This simple pose leads to some beautiful pictures, as well as offering an attractive silhouette.

Newborn Lying on Back Pose Ideas – We love the simplicity of these photos of a newborn lying on it’s back! No props… just a sweet picture of a baby!

Newborn Baby Pic Prop Ideas

Props are a fun way to add personality and color to your photos of a darling newborn baby. For example, do you remember Anne Geddes and her flower babies?! I loved looking at those photos when I was young. However, making babies into flowers might be out, but that doesn’t mean all props are ;P  Flower wreaths are a very popular nod to the iconic Geddes! You can also stage the baby with items that are important to Mom and Dad as well as namesakes. Or a simple colored blanket can set off their darling baby skin. Here are some of our favorite props for newborn photography sessions.

Newborn Baby Pic Prop Ideas

Sources Kristen Vincent Photography, Laura Elyse Photography, Michael Kormos Photography, Heather Telford Photography

Faux Fur Blankets – We love the idea of using faux fur in a newborn photo because it adds texture! Create a soft cushion for the baby by using this comfy material!

Baskets and Crates – Baskets and crates are the PERFECT newborn photography prop because they are so versatile! Not only do they come in a wide variety of shapes and materials, but babies can also be placed in them in a number of different poses! Everyone loves a newborn baby pic with a baby in a basket.

All White Props – Using white props (blankets, chairs, or frames) in your newborn photos give a neutral background to let your baby shine! Not only that, but you can capture the peacefulness of a newborn baby!

Chairs – Chairs can make a funky or sentimental newborn photo prop! Bright, fun chairs are a great way to add a pop of color to your newborn pictures. But if you have an antique chair that’s been passed down it also makes the photo a keepsake.

Perfect Props for Newborn Photography

Sources Angelina Lopez Photography, Kelsy Nielson Photography, Cassidy BrookeLove Bud Photography

Flowers – Highlight your sweet baby by placing beautiful flowers around them! Spring and summer are the perfect season for adding colorful flowers to your newborn photos.

Patterned Blankets – We are IN LOVE with the idea of incorporating fun textures and patterns to your newborn photos! The best way to do that is with cute baby blankets. Be sure to choose blankets that are warm and soft!

Stuffed Animals – Personalize your photos by including your baby’s favorite stuffed animal in your pictures! You can also use the animal to track how much your baby grows each month.

Wedding Bands – Sometimes keeping it simple when it comes to props is the best way to go. Using the parents wedding bands in a newborn photo shoot is a great way to create a simple and memorable photo!

Newspapers and Calendars – Create a unique newborn photo shoot by incorporating calendars and newspaper clippings from the day the baby was born! You can also grab a clock to mark the time of birth!

Props and Holiday Ideas for Newborn Pictures

Sources Chelsea Lee Photography, Kristen Vincent Photography, Southern Charm Portraits, Rainbow Eleven .

Stretch Wraps – Wraps are the perfect newborn photography prop because most babies like to be swaddled! Wrapping up a baby gives them a sense of comfort and security. Stretch wraps are also a great prop to include in your newborn photos because they can be used in a variety of different ways! And while we LOVE this shot by Chelsea Lee Photography, don’t attempt it on your own! Read up on newborn posing safety to keep your bundle safe and secure.

Hats –  From a simple knitted hat to a fun character beanie, hats are a great way to spruce up your newborn photos! {And as an added bonus, they are a great way to keep a baby warm during their photo session!}

Newborn Photography Props for Fall – If your baby is born during the fall season, grab some fun props like pumpkins, acorns, and cute knit hats for a special newborn photo session!

Newborn Photography Props for Spring – Doing a newborn photo shoot during the spring? Be sure to include some fun props like bunny rabbit hats, carrots, and bird nests for creative newborn pictures!

Newborn Photography Props for Christmas – If your baby is born during the Christmas season, grab some creative props like ornaments, Christmas lights, and cute knit hats for a special newborn photo session!

At-Home Newborn Photography Tips & Idea

There is something so beautiful and special about capturing a new life, especially in their own environment! Instead of using props and planned backgrounds, try incorporating the baby’s family and surroundings for a unique lifestyle approach to newborn photography. In addition to capturing the baby, you are also capturing what your home looked like at the time baby came home. Nothing is more precious than capturing the day-to-day moments in a baby’s life! These are truly the newborn baby pics you will be looking at again and again.

Newborn Picture Ideas at Home

Sources Michael Kormos Photography, Jennifer Boyle Photography,  Cassidy Brooke.

Newborn Photography Ideas on the Rocking Chair – One of the great things about lifestyle newborn photography is you get the opportunity to document the family’s day-to-day activities with their newest addition. Don’t forget to document a parent rocking their newborn to sleep for a sweet memory!

Newborn Photography Ideas At Home in the Crib – A beautiful way to tell a story through newborn photography is by taking pictures of a baby in their crib! It’s these moments that the statement “a picture is worth 1000 words” is true! Imagine looking at photos of the baby as they grow up in that little crib.

Newborn Photography Ideas At Home in the Nursery – Taking a newborn’s pictures in the nursery is such a great idea! Not only do you capture the sweetness of a newborn, but also the personality of the the family in their environment! The new addition will love to see these photos years from now. Have you ever wondered what your room looked like as a baby? When you have your photos all complete, make sure you display one.

At Home Newborn Photo Ideas

Sources Cassidy Brooke, Michael Kormos Photography, Kelsy Nielson Photography.

Newborn Photography Ideas At Home on the Bed – A great way to get pictures of a family with a newborn is by photographing them on the master bed! Not only is it a very personal space, but it also helps to show just how tiny the baby is!

Newborn Photography Ideas At Home on the Couch – Another intimate place to get a great family picture with a newborn is on the couch! It is a great spot to get close and snuggle as a new family. And be real – it’s where you are all spending most of your time… Maybe kitchen newborn baby pics are next! 😉

Month by Month Baby Milestone Pictures

Capture the growth of your newborn with creative monthly baby photos! This is all the rage with posts done monthly informing friend and family of new developments. In addition to being adorable baby pic, it helps to keep loved ones up to date – especially those far from home. Here is a little creative inspiration for capturing your baby’s monthly milestones!

Monthly Newborn Baby Pic Photography

All About Baby Monthly Photos and Stats – Use this unique idea shown above from Tonya at Tonya Teran photography to document your baby’s special milestones each month! These photos are seriously priceless!

 Belly to 12 Months Baby Photos We love these monthly baby photos from Simply Rosie! Capture the growth of your newborn baby from pregnancy to twelve months!

Monthly Baby Pictures on a Quilt – Anyone can take pictures each month on a darling baby quilt! Milestone blankets are also becoming increasingly popular and adorable. 

 Cute Monthly Baby Banners – Hang a cute banner to show the age of your baby each month! We especially LOVE these gorgeous designs from Je’adore!

All About Baby Monthly Photos using Props – Looking for a unique way to capture your baby each month? Take a look at these original photos from A Mommy in the City using a yardstick, scale, and chalkboard as props!

Monthly Baby Photos in a Basket – Watch your baby grow by taking pictures each month in the same basket! You’ll love the end result!!


Newborn pics can be a huge investment and not every new family is flush enough to enjoy them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful newborn baby pic taken in your own home with your own camera! We believe in Mamarazzi! Here are a few tips to help even the most novice of photographers capture some amazing pics of their newborn!

Newborn Baby Pic Tips and Tricks

 How to Smooth Backgrounds in PhotoshopCheck out this awesome Youtube tutorial on how to smooth backgrounds in photoshop! This is a super useful newborn photoshop trick, especially if you are placing a newborn on a blanket during your photo shoot!

Tips for Shooting Indoors – Here are some valuable newborn photography tips from Angie Warren for shooting indoors! Getting a camera is just the first step, next comes learning how to use it! 

Essential Tricks for Setting Up a Newborn Photo Shoot – Turning up the temperature in the room is just one essential tip when it comes to newborn photography! Check out more awesome tricks to create the perfect newborn pictures from Kelli Nicole!

Camera Setting Tips for Newborn Photography – If you are still learning to use your camera and want to capture some beautiful newborn pictures, here are some great camera setting tricks.

Safety Tips for Posing NewbornsA crucial aspect of newborn photography is safely posing a baby! Be sure to do your research and follow tips for creating safe poses for your newborn. We all want the perfect shot, but not at the expense of the baby! 

We also have Maternity Picture tips and tricks if you are still in the gestating stage. Also, if you need help with a baby shower gift – or your own registry! – check out The best Baby Shower Gifts!

Happy Picture Taking!

 **We did our very best to find and link to the original sources of each photo, but if you see a photo that is not linked correctly, please let us know so we can fix it.  We definitely want to give credit where credit is due.  We are so grateful for these wonderfully talented photographers who capture memories so beautifully!**

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