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Fun & Creative Thanksgiving Food Ideas (Turkey-Themed)

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, our Pinterest feed has been flooded with fun Thanksgiving food ideas. We couldn’t get over all of the seriously cute and creative Thanksgiving snacks and turkey treats we were seeing, so we thought we’d share our very favorite Thanksgiving food ideas with YOU!

I love making the holidays extra special for my family, and these Thanksgiving food ideas are so cute that any kid would gobble them β€” okay, okay, any adult too!

Check out the variety of Thanksgiving food ideas we’ve compiled!

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to surprise the kids on Thanksgiving morning or festive appetizers to take to Thanksgiving dinner with friends, we’ve got a little something for everyone.

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Okay! Now, let’s get this party started! First up…

Creative Thanksgiving Food Ideas for Breakfast

First thing in the morning, start your kids’ day off right with these easy Thanksgiving breakfast recipes. They’re both festive AND delicious!

Make an adorable turkey breakfast waffle and other thanksgiving food ideas. | The Dating Divas
Thanksgiving breakfast idea: Turkey waffle

1. Turkey Waffle Breakfast: A great way to get the kids to gobble up lots of fruit in the morning. Skip the mess and put their plates on these amazing mats. They come in all sorts of colors!

Turkey pancakes are a great thanksgiving food idea for breakfast! | The Dating Divas
Thanksgiving turkey pancake

2. Thanksgiving Turkey Pancakes: I love that this version of Thanksgiving breakfast includes scrambled eggs!

Thanksgiving treats for kindergarteners that I'm going to have to try! |The Dating Divas
Bacon-feathered Thanksgiving turkey pancake

3. Bacon-Feathered Turkey Pancakes: You can never go wrong by adding bacon!

Fruit and pancakes can make an adorable turkey for your Thanksgiving breakfast. | The Dating Divas
Fruity Thanksgiving food ideas for breakfast

4. Gobble-y Good Pancake: A pear, red apple, green apple, and a little chocolate hazelnut spread were used for this cute version.

Stack your pancakes and make feathers from apples for this 
Thanksgiving snack or meal. | The Dating Divas
Cinnamon sprinkled Thanksgiving turkey pancake

5. Gobble Gobble Pancakes: I love the extra sprinkling of cinnamon on these turkey pancakes. Use these plates and napkins for even more Thanksgiving food festivity!

Add fruit to your favorite muffin for a delicious Thanksgiving finger food. | The Dating Divas
Turkey muffins for a fun Thanksgiving finger food

6. Turkey Muffins: Turn a regular muffin into a cute Thanksgiving turkey using apple slices and a grape. Grab some of these muffin liners to make them even more festive!

Thanksgiving snacks that are turkey-themed donuts are a win! | The Dating Divas
Turkey-themed donuts

7. Donut Turkeys: How cute is this? Just add paper turkey heads to some apple cinnamon donuts for the cutest (and easiest) idea ever!

Thanksgiving Food Ideas for Snacks and Lunch

Our favorite Thanksgiving food ideas come in the snacks prepared for a mid-day meal before the big turkey dinner! Scroll through and try to only pick one! (Pssst: it’s impossible!) I’ll be making everything into a turkey this year.

Peanut butter ball turkey Thanksgiving snack. | The Dating Divas
Peanut butter Thanksgiving snacks

8. Peanut Butter Turkey Treats: I love how cute and EASY these Thanksgiving pretzels are. It’s perfect for the kids to munch on while they’re waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready. Don’t forget the edible turkey eyes!

Simple Thanksgiving food ideas for chocolate pudding cups. | The Dating Divas
Turkey-themed pudding cups

9. Turkey Pudding Cups– What kid wouldn’t want to gobble up this cute turkey treat made from a pudding cup? It would also be the perfect treat to make for a Thanksgiving class party at school!

Thanksgiving treats for kids are the way to get them to eat! I love this little turkey sandwich. | The Dating Divas
Thanksgiving turkey sandwich

10. Cute Turkey Sandwich for Thanksgiving: This turkey sandwich is almost too cute to eat! Make a few of these Thanksgiving treats for kindergarteners and watch the adults gobble them up too!

Cute Thanksgiving finger foods like this simple cheese sandwich will make everyone smile. | The Dating Divas
Thanksgiving themed cheese sandwich

11. Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich– Use cookie cutters to cut the sandwich meat and cheese slices into the perfect shape for your turkey sandwich.

An easy turkey-themed bagel sandwich is a great Thanksgiving finger food. | The Dating Divas
Turkey-themed bagel sandwich

12. Thanksgiving Turkey Bagel: Check out this fun bagel turkey sandwich! You can make the perfect turkey tail just by cutting triangles out of the top of the bagel.

If your kiddo won't eat regular Thanksgiving dinner, try this turkey quesadilla for a Thanksgiving treat for kindergarteners. | The Dating Divas
Turkey quesadilla Thanksgiving treat for kindergarteners

13. “Gobble Me Up” Quesadilla: I’m loving this easy and darling turkey quesadilla… The candy corn beak just tops it off!

Let the kids make one of these Thanksgiving food ideas - a turkey pizza! | The Dating Divas
Pizza Thanksgiving food idea

14. Turkey Pizza: Decorate your pizza to look like a turkey this Thanksgiving season! The kids will definitely get a kick out of that!

Make some untraditional Thanksgiving food ideas like this turkey pizza. | The Dating Divas
Bell pepper and pepperoni Thanksgiving turkey pizza

15. Thanksgiving Turkey Pizza #2: All you need to decorate this fun Thanksgiving turkey pizza is pepperoni, bell peppers, and olives for the eyes!

Creative Thanksgiving Turkey Trays

Look no further than this simple list of the best Thanksgiving food ideas for your appetizer table. Now you just have to choose which one to take to a fall-themed party!

Make your fondue plate festive with this Thanksgiving food idea. | The Dating Divas
Chocolate fondue turkey Thanksgiving food idea

16. Chocolate Turkey Fondue: How cute is this fruit tray for Thanksgiving? I love that the fruit slices can be dipped into fondue!

Thanksgiving food ideas for finger foods - a Caramel apple turkey! | The Dating Divas
Caramel apple slices Thanksgiving finger foods

17. Caramel Apple Turkey: This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving appetizers because it is SO easy and still SO cute! Just cut some apple slices and pour some caramel dip into a bowl. All that’s left to do is add two chocolate chips for the eyes and a piece of candy corn for the beak!

A cute veggie tray is a great option for Thanksgiving finger food. | The Dating Divas
Thanksgiving finger foods veggie tray

18. Turkey Veggie Platter: Already planning on making a veggie tray of Thanksgiving appetizers? Why not arrange the veggies into the shape of a turkey like this nutritious Thanksgiving food idea?

Thanksgiving snacks are best when they are finger foods. This turkey veggie tray fits the bill. | The Dating Divas
Turkey-themed veggie tray Thanksgiving snacks

19. Turkey Vegetable Tray: I love how many options there are with this one. You can pretty much use any vegetables of your choice. It’s the arrangement that makes it so fun!

Healthy and fun Thanksgiving finger foods to make your guests happy. | The Dating Divas
Cracker and veggie Thanksgiving finger foods

20. Cracker and Vegetable Turkey Platter: Here’s another cute turkey platter! I love that this version includes crackers.

Jazz up your cheeseball with these Thanksgiving food ideas in a turkey shape. | The Dating Divas
Turkey-shaped Thanksgiving food ideas and cheeseballs

21. Turkey Cheese Ball: Stick crackers and pretzels into the cheese ball to make a cute turkey tail! Decorate it on an adorable platter and consider your Thanksgiving appetizer done!

Make your guests smile with this turkey-shaped Thanksgiving cheeseball. | The Dating Divas
Silly turkey-shaped Thanksgiving cheeseball

22 . Thanksgiving Cheese Ball: If you’re already planning on making a cheese ball for Thanksgiving, you have to try this version! I love that you can transform a regular cheese ball into a turkey just by adding some pretzel sticks, eyes, and a nose.

Fun Thanksgiving Desserts

The most delicious, creative and cute turkey ideas come in the form of Thanksgiving desserts! You’re about to discover all of our favorite, easy Thanksgiving dessert recipes!

Dress up your cupcake to make a perfect Thanksgiving treat for kindergarteners. | The Dating Divas
Nutter butter turkey cupcakes

23. Nutter Butter Turkey Cupcakes: Nutter Butter cookies are the perfect shape for a turkey face, so they’re obviously a key ingredient in Thanksgiving dessert recipes.

Thanksgiving food ideas for your dessert table should be turkey shaped, like this turkey cupcake! | The Dating Divas
Turkey wafer cookie cupcake

24. Wafer Turkey Cupcakes: Stick some wafer cookies into a cupcake to make a fun turkey tail for a Thanksgiving dessert.

Fun Thanksgiving desserts should be turkey-shaped! | The Dating Divas
Double-stacked turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving.

25. Creative Turkey Cupcakes: This might be my favorite version out of all the turkey cupcakes… And no one will complain that it uses two cupcakes!

Make some easy fondant turkey toppers for a fun Thanksgiving dessert. | The Dating Divas
Fondant turkey cupcake toppers

26. Fondant Turkey Toppers: These cute turkey toppers are made from fondant and look surprisingly easy to make.

Take your normal fun Thanksgiving desserts and make them turkey-themed! | The Dating Divas
Turkey cake for fun Thanksgiving desserts

27. Turkey Cake: If you’re looking to WOW your Thanksgiving guests, you can’t go wrong with this over-the-top turkey cake.

Dipped strawberries are a fun Thanksgiving dessert. | The Dating Divas
Thanksgiving food ideas for dipped strawberries

28. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Turkey Treats: Add candy corn feathers to some chocolate covered strawberries! How creative is that?

A fun Thanksgiving dessert twist with heart-shaped feathers for your turkey! | The Dating Divas
Sugar cookies for fun Thanksgiving desserts

29. Turkey Cookies With Heart: Use circle and heart cookie cutters to make these darling turkey cookies. Totally genius, right?

Thanksgiving food ideas for Nutter Butters. | The Dating Divas
Nutter Butter Thanksgiving turkey cookies

30. Turkey Nutter Butter Cookies: These Nutter Butter turkey cookies are the perfect edible craft to do with the kids this Thanksgiving.

Use a popular peanut butter cup to make some fun thanksgiving desserts that look like turkeys. | The Dating Divas
Peanut butter cup turkey cookies

31. Peanut Butter Cup Turkey Cookies: Use a peanut butter cup and some frosting to decorate the top of your cookies like a turkey.

Use these fun Thanksgiving food ideas to make candy turkeys. | The Dating Divas
Candy turkeys for fun Thanksgiving desserts

32. Mike & Ike Turkey Cookies: Mike & Ikes are the perfect colors for making turkey tail feathers. Hello, easy Thanksgiving dessert recipe!

Simple sugar cookies create some adorable Thanksgiving food ideas with these cute turkeys. | The Dating Divas
Easy turkey cookies for Thanksgiving snacks

33. Easy Turkey Cookies: I love how simple these turkey cookies are! They make the perfect Thanksgiving dessert or gift.

Fun Thanksgiving desserts are super sweet with these turkeys. | The Dating Divas
Sweet and fun Thanksgiving desserts

34. Reese’s Turkey Cookies: Oreos, peanut butter cups, candy cornβ€”how can you go wrong with these as your Thanksgiving dessert?

Rice Krispie treat Thanksgiving food idea. | The Dating Divas
Rice Krispie “cake balls” in a turkey shape

35. Turkey Pop Treats: Just a little chocolate and some candy corn can turn regular Rice Krispie balls into cute turkeys. Love it!

Make an easy Rice Krispie treat Thanksgiving food ideas. | The Dating Divas
Turkey treats from Rice Krispie Treats

36. Turkey Rice Krispie Treats: Rice Krispie Treats are always a kid favorite, but they’re even better when they’re shaped like a turkey.

Fun Thanksgiving food ideas with chocolate dipped turkey pops. | The Dating Divas
Chocolate dipped Turkey pops for a fun Thanksgiving dessert

37. Rice Krispie Turkey Pops: You only need four ingredients to make these cute turkey pops. Move over, pieβ€”this is the newest, most fun Thanksgiving food idea out there!

Oreo and pretzel Thanksgiving food ideas. | The Dating Divas
Oreo and pretzel turkey treat

38. Turkey Pretzel Treats: These turkey pretzel treats would be so fun to make with the kids as a Thanksgiving dessert!

Delicious and fun Thanksgiving desserts with pretzel rods. | The Dating Divas.com
Pretzel rod Thanksgiving snacks

39. Turkey Pretzels: Who knew that a pretzel rod could make such a cute turkey?!

Thanksgiving food ideas for your pumpkin pie. | The Dating Divas
Thanksgiving food ideas for pumpkin pie

40. Turkey-Decorated Pumpkin Pie: If you’re bringing the pie to Thanksgiving dinner, you need to check out this turkey-decorated pumpkin pie! I can’t get over how cute it is.

By the way, I just have to say that if you like cooking up some fun in the kitchen with your kids, you NEED to check out these three cookbooks for kids! #1: Kid Chef Bakes, #2: Kid Chef, and #3: How to Celebrate Everything. Love them ALL!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are some fun, kid-friendly Thanksgiving food ideas?

1. Caramel apple turkey tray – let the kids dip their apple slices into the caramel.
2. Turkey waffles for breakfast.
3. Turkey donuts.
4. Rice Krispie turkey pops.
5. A veggie tray in the shape of a turkey.
6. Turkey-shaped sandwiches.
7. Dipped strawberries decorated like a turkey.
8. Cracker and vegetable tray in a turkey shape.
9. Pretzel rod turkey treats.
10. Cheeseball with pretzel “feathers.”

If you loved these Thanksgiving food ideas, you’ve got to take a look at some of our other favorite ideas:



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