Indoor Activities for the Whole Family!

The Ultimate List of Fun Indoor Activities! 

It’s that time of year, Christmas has passed, the weather is still cold and yucky and the kids are going ABSOLUTELY STIR CRAZY!! Am I right!? If your house is anything like mine then this is most definitely the case! Not being able to go outside and run some of their energy off can be really hard for kids, and let’s be honest, us too!! But don’t you fret one more second on this issue because we have the perfect list of indoor activities to get you through the cold weather blues!

We have fun indoor activities for the whole family! Yep, you read that right, 85 brilliant, amazing indoor activities to brighten the mood and get the family playing together!! We have fun family activities to do indoors like indoor games for kids and even indoor activities for adults!  

In love with all of these indoor boredom buster games and indoor activities for the whole family! #TheDatingDivas #IndoorActivities #IndoorGames

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We have SO many amazing ideas, that we decided to make your browsing easier by breaking it up into the following 5 categories (hint: you can click on each category to be taken straight to the content):

  1. Fun Indoor Activities for the Whole Family
  2. Themed Family Game Night Games
  3. Active Indoor Games for Kids and Adults
  4. Game Show Games for Family Game Night
  5. Themed Family Movie Nights

Are you ready for all of this indoor activity awesomeness??! Let’s do it!

Fun Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

 I have rounded-up 31 of the most amazing indoor activities and games out there! And the best part? They are all DIY! That’s right, you can whip all of these up on your own and get playing ASAP! This list is sure to keep your family happily busy this winter!

Indoor Games and Activities That Are Fun For Everyone!

Fun DIY Games

 1. Disney Pictionary: Draw up some fun with this DIY family game.
2. Bingo: Bingo has been a favorite of my family’s for years! You just have to love Bingo!!
3. DIY Family Go Fish: Always a favorite game, this DIY version is sure to please!
4. Disney Movie Quotes: Battle it out to see who really knows their Disney movies the best!
5. Family Match Game: This Family Match Game is sure to be a favorite for years to come!

Indoor Games for the Whole Family

6. Bunco: This fun family friendly game takes very few supplies and is sure to become a favorite!
7. Bubble Gum Contest: Who will be the bubble champion at your house?
8. 20 Questions: How many questions will it take you to guess correctly!?
9. Disney Charades: Acting out your favorite Disney characters will get the whole family laughing!
10. Classification: Doesn’t get any easier than this! With just  paper and a pen you are ready to play!

Indoor DIY Family Fun

11. Family Mission Statement: Creating your own family mission statement will give your family goals that you can all work towards!
12. Flour Game: This hilarious game will be a hit for sure!
13. Don’t Eat Pete: I grew up playing “Don’t Eat Pete!” It is still a favorite in our home!
14. Family Charades:  The beautiful DIY version will provide your family with hours of entertainment!
15. Family Yahtzee: This Yahtzee takes the game to a whole different level of family fun!

Fun Family Activities

Indoor Games for Groups

16. Fishy Races: The kids will  go crazy for this family activity!
17. Family Jenga: Get the conversation rolling with this fun  DIY family game.
18. Golf: My cousins introduced us to this game a few years ago! We love golf!
19. Kit Kat Game: Candy and games is always a great combination!
20. Too Big, Too Small, Just Right: Who will be the winner of this numbers game at your house?

Indoor Games for the Whole Family

21. Marble Roll: A quick and simple game that will make for hours of family fun!
22. Skittle Vacuum Game: Your family will get a kick out of this exciting game!
23. Save the Kids: This game may look a little messy but the laughs that you will get in return are well worth it!
24. Palace: A go-to family card game!
25. Pudding Pictionary: Have a wacky family game night with this silly pudding game!

Indoor DIY Family Games

26.Thimble Game: You may get just a tiny bit wet with this fun family thimble game.
27. Pom-Poms: Have fun learning how to take turns while playing this DIY family game!
28. Dinner Table Topics: Find out more about your kid’s day with these adorable table topics! {Use this beautiful glass jar to style yours as beautifully as Diva Sarina did!}
29. Lego Game: Why not turn one of your kid’s favorite activities into a game for the whole family!

30. DIY Spinning Top Games: Fun games that can be played with your own DIY tops!

Themed Family Game Night Games

Family game night is always a night to remember… but if you’re running out of fun ideas to keep the kids entertained, look no further! Here are 12 fun themed family game night games that your family is sure to LOVE!

Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

Fun Family Games Indoors

31. Balloon Night: This family night is sure to get you all bouncing around!
32. Circus Fun: Create a circus of your very own right at home!
33. Indoor Camping: Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have a family camp-out!
34. Glow Stick Mania: Glow in the dark fun for the entire family!
35. Peeps: A sweet treat that will make for an entire night of family fun!
36. Snowballs: A whole family night of fun snowball activities while still staying warm inside!

Themed Family Nights

37. Waffle Bar: Delicious food is sure to make the troops gather quickly for family night!
38. Wii Game Night: Battle it out Wii style with this fun themed night that can easily be planned for the family!
39. Lego Game Night: A whole night dedicated to Lego fun would be a home-run!
40. I-Pad Activity Night: This technology friendly game night will get the whole family involved!
41. Spoons: Games, treats and more – this fun family night is 100% dedicated to spoons!
42. World Records: Why not break a world record {or two} while cooped up inside all winter!?!

Active Indoor Games for Kids and Adults

Get the entire family active with these indoor activities to get you up and moving!

Indoor Active Games For Adults


Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

43. Indoor Snowball Fight: No need to get cold and wet! Enjoy this fun indoor snowball fight with the entire family!

44. Glow In The Dark Volleyball: Adding glow sticks makes this twist on traditional volleyball an evening no one will forget anytime soon!

45. 100 Cup Challenge: I guarantee that you will find this game to be oddly addicting!!

46. Tin Can Golf: A family game for any age.
47. Glow In The Dark Bowling: Compete for strikes in this fun bowling challenge!
48. Obstacle Course: Use your imagination and enjoy some family time with an indoor obstacle course.

Fun Indoor Games for the Whole Family
49. Action Dice: Roll away to see what silly move you will do next.
50. Pom-Pom Curling: Get the whole family involved in this fun indoor game.
51. Tippy Towers: Who can build the tallest tower? This friendly competition is sure to find out!
52. Snowman Slam: Knocking over the tower is sometimes harder than it looks!
53. Airplane Toss: Some masking tape and paper will provide hours of entertainment with this fun idea!
54. Crepe Paper Laser Maze: Try not to touch the “lasers” as you work through this tricky maze!

Fun Indoor Games for Kids

Active Indoor Games For Kids

55. Just Add Tape: It is amazing how many activities a simple roll of tape can provide!
56. Fort Building: Fort building is always a family favorite at our house!
57. Washer Toss: This game always brings out some good competition with my family.
58. DIY Twister: Easy to make and fun to play – DIY Twister will be a fun addition to family game night! {Or if you are not up for making your own – traditional Twister
is still just as fun!}

59. Marshmallow Toss: One simple supply and you have some family fun ready to go!
60. Life-Sized Game Board: Larger-than-life this game board will be a family favorite in no time!

Active Indoor Games for the Whole Family

61. Wal-Mart Bingo: This game will keep you indoors but get you out of the house for a few minutes!
62. Straw Rockets: Simple and quick! Everyone will love straw rockets.
63. Velcro Ball: Easy DIY version of a childhood favorite!
64. Pillow Sumo: Your kids will never view their pillows the same.
65. Balloon Hockey: Get up and moving to see who can score the most points!


Game Show Games for Family Game Night

Game show themed nights that the entire family will LOVE!

Fun Indoor Family Games

Game Show Activities66. Family Friendly Family Feud: You have to buzz in quickly in this fast paced game!
67. Don’t Forget The Lyrics: Are you a music person? Find out!
68. Who’s Line Is It Anyway?: This improvisation game will leave you laughing for days to come!
69. Iron Chef: Dinner and an activity all wrapped up into one!
70. Fear Factor: What are you truly afraid of?!
71. The Price Is Right: Quiz your grocery store knowledge in this fun family game!
72. Minute-To-Win-It: 60 seconds will fly by in this fast paced game!

Themed Family Movie Nights

Themed family movie nights that are sure to get everyone involved and having fun! 

Quick and Creative Ideas for an Unforgettable Movie Night

Family Movie Nights

73. A Bug’s Life: Fun activities to go along with this buggy movie!
74. Lilo & Stitch: Printable Tickets are included in this Hawaiian movie night!
75. Family Fun Ticket Movie Night: Let your kids earn their treats for movie night throughout the entire week!
76. Cars: Create your very own drive-in movie night!

Themed Movie Nights
77. Finding Nemo: Explore the sea with this creative family night!
78. Toy Story:  Watch to see if your toys come alive while you enjoy the movie and activities!
79. Frozen: Everyone has seen this movie lately but this dinner will add an extra dose of fun to movie night!
80. Wreck-It Ralph: Make it an evening to remember!

Movie Family Activities

81. Harry Potter: Have a whole marathon or just enjoy one movie – either way the family will love this movie night!
82. Ratatouille: Movie night family fun with these cute ideas!
83. Rio 2: Make your own puppet while watching this family film.
84. Hunger Games: May the odds be ever in your favor!
85. Despicable Me: Minion Cupcakes are sure to be a huge hit at movie night!

Looking for more amazing ideas for indoor activities? Hop on over to Diva Shanelle’s 101  Winter Boredom Busters!

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