A Christmas Message

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Learn of Him and Learn From Him

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it seems like most days it’s hard to simply catch up on the endless tasks at hand. Days fall into a busy routine and a moment to yourself is few and far between. As we reflected on the Christmas message we wanted to share with you, we decided that the gift we want most for you this year is for you to have the happiest life and marriage possible. Christmas is a unique opportunity to focus on the Savior–on His message and on His life. This Christmas set aside time to reflect on the life of Christ. Specifically, on the way He lived His life, and on the ways that you can improve your own to find more happiness and better serve those you love; as He did.

Feed Your Soul, Fill Your Vessel #Christmasmessage #ChristianChristmas #Feedyoursoul

Jesus Christ was “Born that Man no more may die”. An incredible gift He was–and is–to the world, giving the ultimate sacrifice for each of us. He brings comfort and peace into the hearts of all those who come unto Him. He performed miracles, healed the broken, and lived a perfect life. Joy He offers to the world and to each person, individually. Jesus will bring joy to your life as you follow Him and follow the example of His life.

Learn of the SaviorReflecting on the life of the Savior, have you ever noticed that Christ took time to be alone? We focus on the incredible miracles He performed, on the lives He touched, on the mark He left on this world. But in addition to the lessons that we learn from the amazing life that He led and sacrifices He made, we can also learn from the quiet moments of His life. The moments when He distanced Himself from the crowds and took time away, to be alone and to be with God. In Luke 5, after performing miraculous acts of healing and miracles, we learn in verse 16 that, “he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.” Even the Savior of the world required time to be alone, to be with only Himself and God. He withdrew, He filled His own Vessel, and then we went back out to face the hardships of the day and continue to perform miracles.

Christmas Message about Reconnecting Spiritually

Seeking for solitude was a consistent practice in the life of the Savior. Taking time for Himself after miracles were performed, in times of great triumph, before big decisions, and in times of grief. Jesus Christ required time to come away, to separate Himself from others and from the chaos of the world. Perhaps this is a lesson we can learn through our study of the life of the Savior. The miraculous life Jesus Christ led and the work that He performed required Him to have his own vessel full.

A Christmas Message about Jesus Christ

Of course, there is much we can learn from the life of the Savior, but perhaps this is one lesson that is often overlooked. This Christmas season, as we reflect on the birth and life of the Savior, let’s ask ourselves: How are we taking time to fill our own vessels? We may feel guilt for taking time to ourselves, to be alone, to seek for solitude. However, taking that time to be alone and to be with God recharges us, prepares us for the work that lies ahead, and results in us being better people for it. Do something for yourself every day. Maybe you start small. Take a single minute to yourself, to step outside, breathe deeply, and let the gratitude wash over you and cleanse you–for however brief the moment lasts. No matter what you do, take time for yourself every day. Feed your soul, fill your vessel, then go out into the world ready to share your goodness.

Feed Your Soul, A Christmas Message

 Christmas is a unique opportunity to focus on the Savior–on His message and on His life. He took time to fill His own vessel. This act of distancing Himself and taking time to be alone allowed His vessel to not only be refilled, but also to be overflowing with the goodness and love necessary to lift every single person He came in contact with. So it should be with us. Take a minute, or an hour, and fill your vessel. Do something for yourself every day. Taking care of you means that you are better able to take care of those around you. You will be better and your marriage will be better.

“O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!” This year we hope you can learn of the Savior and that you can learn even more from the Savior. Let us adore Him today and every day of the year, with gratitude for His life and an eagerness to be like Him. This year the best Christmas gift you could give to yourself and to those you love is to take extra time to seek for solitude. Get away from it all. Reconnect with God. Do something for yourself every day. Fill your vessel. Share your goodness. Remember this message by pinning it on Pinterest.


Merry Christmas!


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