A Few of His Favorite Things

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Favorite Things Date Idea
One day, I was watching The Sound of Music with my kids and the classic song, “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” was playing.  It got me thinking about my favorite things and even better…my husband’s favorite things!  I quickly jotted down a list of things that I knew my husband loved.  I then challenged myself to plan a whole week worth of fun and a date for us, all for under $10.  My idea started on a Monday and ended on a Friday.
What You’ll Need:
  • Five of your man’s favorite things.
  • Print the book.
  • Cut each of the “pages” out & write on them.  These will be the notes you give to your spouse each day.
*I saw a similar book on Studio 5 for Father’s Day, so I just changed it enough to fit this date.
I placed his first item on the seat in his car. in his  On his way to work, he called to thank me for the treat and expressed his excitement for the coming week!
Later that night, I placed his first treat by the bathroom sink along with a page from the book.
I placed his favorite cereal out for breakfast with a new note.
Inside his lunch I left Hershey bars and you guessed it…another note!
My man loves to read the sports section each morning, so I left a package of heavenly coconut M&M’s, along with another note.
The last note was left with some of his favorite jerky.
Onto our actual date!!



The first thing we did was head to Wienerschnitzel.  Each week in the mail I get awesome coupons, so dinner was less than $5!  My husband LOVES the chili cheese dogs and they did not disappoint!

The next thing we did was head to my husband’s favorite store…BEST BUY.  That’s right!  We spent over an hour looking at TVs, music, computers…you name it!  Best Buy is my man’s version of Disneyland!

The last thing we did was head home. Once we were home, we headed for the family room. We then laid down and listened to music.  My husband LOVES music and we went through his IPOD.  We talked about songs we love and why.  We did this for over two hours!  Even if you don’t have an IPOD, you can use the Internet or CD’s.
The best about this date was celebrating my husband’s favorite things!  I knew it would be a hit because everything we did was centered around things he loves.  At the end of our date, my husband informed me that we would be doing my favorite things the next day!  Wow, talk about a win-win for both of us!
Once the week was over, I collected the notes back and put them together to make my book.  I lined them all up on the right side of a piece of scrapbooking paper & glued the left edge of the pages so they were secure.
I then folded the scrapbooking paper over so it just barely overlapped the pages & glued those down.
Last of all – I added a fun ribbon on top.

What a keepsake!

What are some of your man’s favorite things?
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  1. Made this into a week by giving my H a different favorite thing each night when he got home from work. I made his favorite foods, got his favorite candy, bought him a book by his favorite author, framed vacation pics from one of our favorite places, created a shadow box with souvenirs from that place and had his ipod serenade him with his favorite music when he came home.

    It culminated with a romantic night where I created a menu of behind closed doors favorite things for him to choose from.

    His love language is Acts of Service. To say he felt loved by all the intentional attention is an understatement.

    Thanks Corie for inspiring me to love him in such a meaningful way!

  2. Corie – you did such a GREAT job on this date! I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for the inspiration! This date can be as pricey or as inexpensive as you want to make it! Jamie is gonna DIE when we do his favorite things! 🙂

  3. This is great Corie! My hubby definitely loves any outdoor motor sports store. This would be perfect for that! I've been with a few times, but to make a date out of it would be a lot more fun. Lol. Love this!

  4. Awesome! I love that all these ideas are for families on a budget! What a great way to express your love without putting a hole in the wallet! Love love love it!

  5. What a CUTE idea!! I am even wondering about tweaking this for a 12 days of Christmas for my hubby! Great idea, Corie!!

  6. I LOVE this!! It's so do-able, yet so high-impact. And, I've been getting the feeling lately that my sweetie needs a "pick-me-up"!! Thanks for the fab idea. You girls have really helped me remember that dating doesn't ever have to end…so, thanks for that, too!!