Affiliate Director Position

Affiliate Director Position

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Our Affiliate Team is one of our biggest {and fastest growing} departments! Our current Affiliate Director {whom we LOVE and is an amazing leader and asset to the team} will soon be leaving but will be training her replacement one-on-one for a period of time and then… passing off the reins! It is the responsibility of our Affiliate Director to provide our readers with quick-and-easy product ideas that make their reader experience the best it can be! We are looking for someone who can enhance our readers’ experience by finding deals they will love throughout the internet and using our site as the platform for them to find everything they need!

This position is for a VERY strong leader who is ready to take charge and dive in! Along with being reliable, excellent at communicating, great at coming up with solutions (and implementing those solutions), we are also looking for a deal hunter, savvy shopper, go-getter and a strong leader! This person will be setting quarterly goals and creating plans to hit each goal, heading up meetings and prepping agendas for the meetings, and continuously seeking out and learning how to improve this program further. Furthermore, we are looking for someone who will be able to fill in on other teams if/when needed.

Finally, this position is for someone who is passionate about saving marriages. Above all else, we firmly believe in what we do… which is bringing couples closer together and helping them create the marriage of their dreams! We are looking for someone who resonates with our core values as a company, which include but are not limited to honesty, integrity, hard work, open communication, passionate living, and of course… staying drama free! We are ONLY looking for individuals who are examples of these values and can display what it truly means to be a Dating Diva!

If this is YOU… then please read on! If you don’t think this is for you BUT you know of anyone who might be a great fit – please forward the link to this post!

Qualities We Are Looking For:

  • STRONG leadership skills
  • Highly self-motivated individual {A go-getter}
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent communication skills
  • STRONG writer {this person needs to know how to SELL! But with just the right amount of tease to draw people in 😉 }
  • A deal hunter/savvy shopper {this person needs to know what products are great for OUR readers, and WHY!}
  • Amazon Fanatic {yes, this is a real thing…}
  • Problem solver
  • Creative marketing ideas & strategies
  • Experience with Google Docs {A MUST!}
  • Computer-savvy
  • Social media expertise {is a must}
  • FAST learner
  • Hard worker
  • Positive outlook {we only work with HAPPY people!!}
  • Customer service experience
  • Team player/works WELL with others
  • Able to hit ALL of the deadlines
  • Extremely strong skills in organization, prioritization, & time management
  • Must possess project management skills {A MUST!}
  • Fun to work with
  • Creativity {you may be prepping posts…}
  • Experience with blogging {Blogger/Blogspot – OK, WordPress – AWESOME!!}
  • EXTREMELY efficient at editing {A MUST!}
  • Able to commit to a two-year partnership or longer
  • Passionate about what we do on our website & excited to help promote strengthening marriages
  • Photography/Photoshop skills is a HUGE bonus!!! {This will get you brownie points!!}


  • Affiliate program management {communication, brainstorming/implementing changes}
  • Analyzing data & stats {setting quarterly and yearly goals}
  • Heading up monthly meetings
  • SEO knowledge/implementation
  • Online marketing expert
  • Expert project manager {develop strategy, head up, and execute projects}
  • Attend {and/or head up} monthly Affiliate Team meetings
  • Building brand recognition
  • Creating & implementing marketing/affiliate funnels
  • Creating/heading up new loyalty programs
  • Conducting surveys
  • Communicating with our Webmaster on tech issues
  • Communicating with Diva Team on Skype on a weekly basis
  • Helping/prepping posts for website
  • Social media expert
  • Replying to emails
  • Communicating with other websites/companies on big projects
  • Creating/maintaining Google Docs
  • Continuously seeking out new ways to improve existing program


  • This is a paid position – depending on experience. We are ONLY hiring for long-term, which means we want a minimum of 2 years, but ideally this individual would be on our team for 5+ years.
  • This will be a part-time job, although, while training & learning the “ropes” – it may seem closer to a full-time job. The hours put in each week will all depend on how efficient you are. We have a set of tasks that our new Affiliate Director will need to complete, which will vary every week. At first, things will take you longer, which is why we’ll have a training period in place. Once the new Affiliate Director is comfortable with the tasks at hand, then the projects will go a lot faster. This individual needs to be absolutely amazing & have all of the qualities/skills/knowledge listed above in order to complete the tasks in a timely manner. **Please do not apply if you don’t understand or have knowledge of the responsibilities listed above.

How to Apply:

  2. We will review all of the applicants who complete the application & narrow it down to our top favorites. A reply email with more specific details regarding this position will be sent to those individuals along with a breakdown of the remainder of the hiring process, a timeline, and information for the next step. NOTE: a large part of the application process is completed in this first step {in the application linked above}. We front-load our interview process with an extensive application to ensure we are attracting the right talent. If you are serious about this position, please take your time on the application and also clear your schedule for the remainder of the hiring process.
  3. All applications need to be submitted by March 29th.
  4. Our decision will be made by the end of May 27th.

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