All “TANGLED” up in Love!!

A Tangled Movie Theme Date

Is everyone out there a HUGE fan of the Disney movie Tangled?!?! I am! And THE second this show was over in the theater, I knew it was my next date! I had all sorts of ideas overflowing my brain! And I have to tell you, this was the most fun and could be the most romantic date ever!!! If you haven’t seen this movie, you are definitely missing out!

THE SET UP! Order yourself some Chinese lanterns and some wish lanterns. Make some of the below WANTED posters, I found a picture I wanted to use and went HERE to have it pencil sketched (to save ink), then put it on the flyer.

NOW! For theeeee date!

I decided since we were going to a dance, I would ask my hubby the same way I would have asked someone to a dance in high school. Letting him know as well, that he was expected to answer back!

Here was his answer!

It said,” help me get untangled (he knew my theme) odd number of  jelly beans means yes,and even means no”. Honestly… I didn’t bother counting! {wink wink}

NOW…The date… Picture the cute little cottage… the one with all the grungy guys in it.  Then take your hubby to a cute little cottage restaurant OR… you could totally just find a hole in the wall (since we all know they have great food) and take him there!  I decided to do this as a double date as one of my friends also loved the movie, Tangled. 🙂

After dinner, we had our men paint murals (just like Rapunzel did all over her tower,) we gave them regular cheap watercolor paints and brushes from any store! They were assigned to make a masterpiece of themselves (staring as the prince,) their princess (me,) and of course our noble steed, after all we couldn’t leave Maximus out!!

Now it was time for the action! To the park we went to swing on the swings!

Then, we had a city and church dance this night going on, so of course we went and danced with all the {quote-un-quote} townspeople!! Since this is not a regular occurrence, you could totally have a romantic dance out under the stars with your honey… OR throw a dance! Invite all your friends! It was quite entertaining! Little did we realize how much of that groove we once had – is lost when we don’t go out dancing anymore! {WINK WINK}

On to the “sweetest” part of the night… DESSERT! Which was just a good excuse to get us back home for a moment to pick up the next activity! Everyone is always game for food right??? LOL We had total romantic lighting, Chinese lanterns hung from the ceiling! Giving us the glowing lights feel!

While eating dessert, we asked our “Prince Charmings” to give back the stolen royalty crowns, and place them back on our heads where they belonged! {Yes, your Highness} Snapped a few fun pictures and away we went, to the nearest park…

Here, we pulled out our very own wish lanterns. YES! The wish lanterns like they use in the movie! You actually light them on fire, make a wish, and set them free like a hot air balloon!! It was so incredible! Even standing in the freezing cold weather. We watched them for about 15 minutes before they went out. It was such a fun fun night. Our hubby’s were in-“ah” at the whole thing.

And away they went… and we all made a wish!!

I have a list of other optional activities you may add to this date, to make it better or to make it fit your budget! You can totally make it your own, like all the other dates we do! 😉

  • Go indoor (or outdoor) rock climbing
  • Horseback riding
  • Decorating royal crowns (cheap foam ones with jewels)
  • Throwing flower petals in a lake, stream, or pond
  • Wear flowers in your hair
  • Let your hubby braid your hair OR get some yarn and see how well he does with that
  • Go canoeing or on a boat ride
  • Sing a love song {karaoke} together

The ideas are endless to me, there is sooooo much you can do with this date. And it is a MUST do! The wish lanterns are soooo neat!! Hurry, get yourself some soon! I have found them everywhere… EBAY, Amazon and google-ing them… 🙂

Disclaimer- We do not know if these wish lanterns are legal or not, it may vary by state. And The Dating Diva’s do not claim responsibility for anything that may happen while engaging in this activity.

About the Author: Wendy

I am crazy athletic and super fun! And I can’t get enough of my family and friends! I have an amazing hubby and 3 incredible kids! Life is great as we know it!!

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15 Responses to All “TANGLED” up in Love!!

  1. Just so everyone knows, the wish lanterns are not legal in Utah…..ANYwhere in Utah…….I was truly bummed, but I wanted to be sure before the fire department came pounding on my door.

    I called the fire department and they did the research for me and determined that they are not legal.

    I’m sure you could have almost as much fun putting a wish in a balloon and setting them free…….o.k. maybe not.

  2. I found wish lanterns at Zurchers (don’t tell the fire department) for $4
    super excited for this date I haven’t even seen the movie yet so I was grateful for some ideas without spoiling it 🙂

      1. we watched it last night and also painted a mural like you suggested. We had a ton of fun but the wish lanterns didn’t work so well, we think it was too windy so we’re going to try again 🙂

  3. We’re doing a Disney/Fairy Tale themed wedding and I never realized how inexpensive these lanterns are! SO excited, we’re going to release the lanterns between the ceremony and the reception!!!

  4. I am doing this date next week. I made reservations for a painting class called wine and canvas. We will be having dinner and wine while we are painting. Its an actual date night class for couples. Each of us will be painting a half a picture and when you put them together it makes one big picture!! The painting we will be dong is Starry Night! So excited because it goes along with the theme, after the painting class we will be having a wine and chocolates on a blanket under the stars by a romantic pond that has lights and a fountain. We will end the evening releasing our paper lanterns. I plan on ordering several so we can make many wishes and have the sky full of lanterns like the movie. I wanted to to the night time canoe thing but it just isnt going to work out this time due to the fact our date night has to be during the work week and wont even end until late, so Im subbing the blanket by the pond for the night time canoe trip. Thanks for the idea!!! We are going to watch tangled tonight so when the date occures my husband will have that ah ha moment!

  5. Does anyone know how to MAKE the wish lanterns? I’d rather save the $ & make them myself if possible, not to mention I have no idea where to buy them!

    1. You can get them at party stores, I bought mine online our of AZ. Super fun, but it is illegal. You could do the glowstick in a balloon or something to that effect. Also, maybe try searching how to make them on youtube??