Anniversary Gift Idea

The Memory Jar Anniversary Gift Idea
My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary! I have been working hard on making his gift…a memory jar! Jared and I have known each other for over 14 years, so we have A LOT of memories. So I thought up this idea that I think you will all really love! It’s inexpensive, but extremely thoughtful and is sure to bring you spouse a giant smile and warm fuzzies… it’s the Memory Jar!
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Here is how I made the jar…
STEP ONE: Find a jar!
STEP TWO: Decide how many memories you want to write about and then cut that many tiny papers! ( I decided to do 100 memories.)
STEP THREE: On each paper, write a memory that you and your husband have shared. I like to write about vacations, fun and hard times, concerts, movies, restaurants, etc.! Each memory is only one to two sentences long. Just a quick reminder on the memory. In all honesty 100 memories took me about an hour. Remember, each memory is only one or two lines. Keeping it sweet, yet simple! 🙂
STEP FOUR: Put all your memories together in a jar and give it to your spouse.
STEP FIVE: Two or three times a week before you go to bed, pull out a memory and read it together! I am excited to remember back to those times we so easily forget.
When my husband went on his mission, I did this same idea. I sent him off with a jar of memories. In each letter he wrote, he would write what he remembered on the back of the memory! It was a fun way to remember all the great things that made our relationship what it was. 🙂

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