Apology Ticket

Apology Ticket

A fun way to say “I’m Sorry!”

We live in a busy, stressful world and disagreements and arguments happen – to everyone! Gathering all of your courage and words to apologize can be a challenge. So, we’ve made it a little easier! Today, we have a fast, fun way to let your spouse know how sorry you feel and put a little smile on their face at the same time. You’ve been cited by the LOVE POLICE and now it’s time to pay your TICKET!

Apology Ticket Printables

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This darling printable created was by the amazing Crystal at A Well-Feathered Nest– Seriously CUTE stuff! The Apology Ticket includes all of these fun areas:

  • Two CUTE Colors Options: Blue or Orange  {You get both!! One for now and one for later! Woot!!}
  • List of Infractions – Check all of the boxes that apply.
  • How Sorry You Feel  – Check all of the boxes that apply.
  • Level of remorse – Check all of the boxes that apply.  {Hint – There is a right and wrong answer here.  If you want to get OUT of the doghouse, make sure you mark the correct box . Wink!}
  • An area for a personal note – Give it that special touch.
  • All stamped and sealed by the “Love Police”!

All couples have disagreements {totally normal!}. If you’re going through one of those moments, this might be the perfect thing to apologize and get you both back on the same page. Print off your ticket, fill it out and you’re on your way out of the dog house!! {It may even be a good idea to include something like this, or maybe this… you know for the times that you REALLY need to say SORRY!} You’ll soon be ready for “make-up time.” {Wink!}

Apology Ticket Free Printables


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