At-Home Couple’s Dance Classes

The Perfect Date Night: Dancing!

There is something so romantic about dancing with the one you love. Having your sweetheart hold you close as you move to the music is so bonding and memorable. While the idea of dancing seems both fun and romantic – it can also be really intimidating for many couples. Many people don’t consider themselves dancers, or they might feel like they have “two left feet” so they are hesitant to try. Getting private dance lessons can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. However, we have found a company that solves all of your hesitancies! “Show Her Off” Living Room Dance Class is a website that provides inexpensive couples dance instruction videos to teach you sexy, fun and romantic dance moves right in the comfort of your own home! Dancing together is the perfect date night!

An at-home online dance class for couples?! I think my husband would actually go for this! I am thinking this is our next date night! #showheroffdanceclasses #onlinedanceclass #couplesdanceclass

Show Her Off Living Room Dance Class is a simple and easy way to learn to dance as a couple! Never go to a wedding again and sit on the sidelines! Sweep your partner off their feet with a few moves that are romantic, flirty and fun! Learning to dance does not have to be difficult, time-consuming, costly or embarrassing. These Living Room Dance Classes give you all the instruction you need in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost!

How The Online Dance Classes Work

When you sign up for Show Her Off Online Couple’s Dance Classes, you will get a private link sent to you that provides you with instant access to their online library of dance instruction videos. You can then watch these videos from your computer, TV or smart device. The series of dance instruction is broken down into 19 videos making everything easy to access and to move at your own pace.

Couples will learn social swing from great instructors in a way that is easy and fun! After completing the course you will have learned 11 romantic, sexy and fun moves that when done in different combinations will look like you are a master to anyone watching!

And best of all, after purchasing your online dance course, you will have unlimited replays and lifetime access so you can continue to brush up on your moves, and review at any time!

The Perfect Date Night: Dancing

Dancing together has all of the ingredients for a great date night. It has physical touch, it requires teamwork, and provides plenty of opportunity for complimenting each other and, of course, flirting! To make the most out of your dancing date night together:

  1. Create a space that can be your dance floor.
  2. Have a speaker or phone ready to play your favorite tunes.
  3. Have some favorite drinks and snacks on hand (optional).
  4. Fire up the dance tutorial playlist on your TV, start with the first video, and go through them in order, PAUSING as you need to practice.
  5. When practicing, play the music on your phone/speaker.
  6. Take your time, and have fun.

Online Dance Class For Couples

Then, repeat! Something we really love about this date night idea is that it can take more than one night. In fact, you could line up a series of date nights all using these online tutorials and really master the moves! Then, when you are feeling confident you could do a date night together out on town. Find a dance hall and dance the night away with your new moves!

What We Love About These Dance Videos

There are so many things that we loved about these online couple’s dance classes. Here are a few things that we think you will love as well:

Learn to Dance With "Show Her Off" Online Tutorials

  • The videos are so convenient. You can do these tutorial videos at your own time and in your own space.
  • The classes are inexpensive. If you have ever looked into taking dance classes before as a couple you know that it can be costly. With the price they are offering our readers, it is less than dinner and a movie. Plus, your one-time payment gives you lifetime access to the videos so you will always have them.
  • You can go at your own pace. If anyone feels like they have two left feet this is the best way to learn. You decide how many steps to learn and when. Also, you can rewind again and again as many times as you need until you are comfortable.
  • It is private. It can be intimidating to be in a class with other people and with an instructor watching you. These videos give you the comfort to learn without the pressure of others watching!

What Husbands Are Saying About The Online Couple’s Dance Classes

Some of you reading might be thinking, ladies love to dance. Of course, she is going to rave about these online dance videos. But what about the husband? Here is the thing. If your man “doesn’t dance” this might just be the perfect solution for you! Taking a public dance class can be really intimidating for someone who doesn’t consider himself a dancer. The privacy feature of these classes really gives the perfect environment for stress-free learning.

Dancing Date Night

My husband does not consider himself a dancer and has very little experience with dancing. That being said, he was willing to do the classes with me to give it a try. Here are a few things he had to say:

  • “I think what I loved the most about these dance classes was that the steps weren’t super overwhelming. There were actually only 11 moves, but part of the instruction was showing me how to mix up these 11 moves in a way that no one can tell I am repeating. I realized that I didn’t need to learn 100 moves to look good, I just needed to be comfortable with a few. Then, I could mix and match them so our dancing looked smooth and effortless.”
  • “I have done ballroom before with my wife and this style of couple’s dancing was much easier. The focus wasn’t so much about foot placement and rhythms but rather about visually interesting handholds and ways to spin and move around each other. It was a lot more simple and because of that I was able to let loose and have more fun!”
  • “I was told I had ‘cool moves’ by someone observing and it gave me confidence and drive to learn more.”

What Wives Are Saying About The Online Dance Classes

Ladies – if you have been wishing and hoping to be swept off your feet – this might be the solution for you! You will LITERALLY be swept off your feet with one of the moves taught in the video tutorials!

When trying these couple’s dance classes out, we also had Diva Becca & her husband Enoch do the dance classes together as well! This is what she had to say:

  • “We had so much fun dancing together! I loved that we could do it from home after the kids were in bed, and it was so nice being able to rewatch the videos as many times as we needed until we mastered a move and could move on to the next. We’re already planning another dancing date this weekend.”

Start Your Couple’s Dance Classes Now!

Now, next time you are at a wedding or social gathering you can do so much more than just sway back and forth. After one round of classes, you will easily be twisting, turning, and oh yes, even dipping! That is right – the course includes a handful or dips – including one where you can sneak a kiss! We approve!


So grab your partner and get set for some dancin’ & romancin’ as you confidently take to your living room dance floor for the perfect date night!

Show Her Off Couple’s Dance Classes 

About the Author: Sarina

I met my Prince Charming when I was 15 years old and 12 years later we created our own happily ever after. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a handsome baby boy. I love dancing, photography & chocolate!

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  1. I have been thinking about buying this course for my husband and I for a while now, and after seeing this article I’m going to go buy it right now!

  2. I have seen these classes and they look fun. My husband and I have taken ballroom classes before. Is this something that is only for beginners or would intermediate dancers enjoy these classes as well? We can’t always remember the moves we have learned in class. Being able to review is a plus.

    1. Intermediate dancers would definitely enjoy this! My husband and I both have some ballroom (me advanced and he beginner) and we both had a blast. It is technically country swing style dancing so there isn’t a certain rhythm or specific footwork. This made it really comfortable to have fun and get fancy with spins, turns, arm holds and dips!
      Also – they DO have a 100% money-back guarantee no questions asked (within 30 days) if you are not completely happy. So, you might as well try it, right?
      Enjoy! I hope you love it – we did!