“Don’t Stop Believing” Flash Mob

Don't Stop Believing Flash Mob

Wedding Party Jams Out In "Don't Stop Believing" Flash Mob
Okay guys, THIS is too good for words! I wish every wedding could have something like this go down.

By the look on this bride's face, this wedding party pulled off quite the surprise! I would definitely have been shocked if this happened at my wedding. Shocked in a good way, of course. My question is, when did they all have time to practice... right?

This is such a fun way for all of those family and...

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Father Surprises Stepdad at Daughter’s Wedding

Father Surprises Stepdad at Daughter's Wedding

Watch As This Sweet Father Surprises Stepdad at Daughter's Wedding
This bride's father grabbed the hand of his daughter's stepdad and together they walked "their" daughter down the aisle.

Photos and news coverage of this story have been going viral, and for good reason! Todd Bachman, the bride's biological father, recognized that her step-dad, Todd Cendrosky, had just as big a role in her life in many ways. This was a special moment for him too.
This story is so...

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Mom Finds Out How Dad Watches Kids And You’ll Never Believe What He Does

A Mom Finds Out How Dad Watches Kids And You'll Never Believe What He Does On Camera
This dad is too funny and really adorable with his kids while his wife is gone. You'll just die when you see what he does!

He jams out with his kiddos to Katy Perry's "Extraterrestrial" and it seriously made my day. I totally think every kid would love to have a dad that is as goofy and silly as him! Not to mention, he's totally doing the laundry too... brownie points for the wife....

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Taylor Swift Mash-Up Gives Chills

 This Taylor Swift Mash-Up Gives Chills And Is Sure To Blow You Away!
So Taylor Swift may or may not be ruling the music world these days. She is an icon, yet still seems to have goodness about her. Maybe that is why she has reached {do I dare say this} Michael Jackson status. I mean, she is getting close, if she's not there already.

So this song is a mash-up of two of her current chart-toppers, Blank Space and Style. This duo does an excellent job. Louisa Wendorff...

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We Thought This “UP” Inspired Couple Was Adorable And Then They Did THIS!

Up couple in real life piano duet

We Thought This "UP" Inspired Couple Was Adorable And Then They Did THIS!
One of my favorite parts (and probably everyone else's) of Disney Pixar's UP is the sweetest love story that takes place within the first five minutes of the movie. Carl and Ellie's story began and ended and stole everyone's hearts.

Say hello to the real-life version of Carl and Ellie. These two sweethearts are celebrating over 60 years of marriage! They not only look the part, but charm everyone...

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Love and Marriage 50 Years Later

These Sweethearts Reconnect To Find Love And  Marriage 50 Years Later
Do you remember what it felt like to find true love? It is one of the most elevating feelings in the world. Cloud 9 is the only way I can think to describe it. This couple found just that, but then experienced the ultimate heartbreak.

Janice and Prentiss Willson met in college in 1961 and they fell in love. That Cloud 9 kind of feeling! The couple got engaged, but Janice's father had different...

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Justin Timberlake And Chris Stapleton Stole The Show At CMA’s

Chris Stapleton Justin Timberlake CMA's

Justin Timberlake And Chris Stapleton Stole The Show At CMA's Last Night
Calling all music fans! Regardless of if country music is your cup of tea or not, if you love music, you have GOT to check out this brilliant duet from the 2015 County Music Awards held last night in Nashville.

You know that this performance is a good one because (as you'll see), even superstar Keith Urban is filming it on his phone to watch again. Chris Stapleton took the cake last night after...

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The Shocklee’s Pregnancy Announcement – “Our Family’s Growing”

The Shocklee's Pregnancy Announcement

Check Out The Shocklee's Pregnancy Announcement - "Our Family's Growing" 
The Shocklee family nailed this pregnancy announcement. They include their little girls in the announcement too.... SO CUTE!

Really, I love when people take songs and create their own little twist with the lyrics. This family of 4 (and a half) did just that using Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Movin'" as their starting point. From the dad's "rap" to the mom's killer vocals to those adorable girls...

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Hilarious Wedding Vows

Hilarious Wedding Vows

Bride Can't Contain Her Laughter During These Hilarious Wedding Vows
This groom accidentally mispronounces a word during his wedding vows and his bride finds it quite hilarious!

I think I may have done the same thing had my hubby done this at our wedding. This is definitely a moment they will remember forever! In fact, I'd dare say their whole wedding party will remember. {wink!}

My favorite part is when the pastor tries to begin again and they still can't stop...

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