Give me ALL the cute things! Cute hubby, check! Three cute kiddos, check! Cute puppy, check! I believe being positive and helping others along their way is the key to a happy life.

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CRAZIEST THING EVER DONE: I have the ultimate accident story: I broke 13 bones at once, (3 of them in my back) and had to have surgery where the doctor damaged my sciatic nerve leaving part of my left leg paralyzed. He told me I'd never walk normally, but here I am, WALKING like nobody's business. #Woot
GOOD AT: Being Creative, Finding Silver Linings, Making Cookies + Eating Cookies.
SCARED OF: Heights and falling! #NoThankYou
IN THE “BEFORE” LIFE: Preschool Teacher
WORST HOUSEHOLD CHORE: Folding laundry. (Why hasn't someone invented a folding machine?)

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