Babysitter Activities: Camping Edition

Done-For-You Babysitter In A Bag! 

Getting everything organized to leave the house for a date night can be STRESSFUL! With our Planning Binder and Babysitter Activities for Kids – leaving your kiddos home with the babysitter just got easier! This printable pack includes an easy way to organize all the need-to-know information for your babysitter PLUS a super fun activity pack for the kids to enjoy while you are away!

Babysitter in a Bag Bundle

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We know that the stresses of leaving the little ones at home with a babysitter can put a damper on date night so we have the perfect solution for you! We have not one but TWO great ways to make the transition out the door flawless! Our super talented Diva Designer Courtney from All Things Bright and Beautiful has pulled out all the stops on these one-of-a-kind designs! With her gorgeous graphics and colorful designs this printable bundle is both functional and beautiful!

You can choose from:

The Babysitter Organizational Binder- The perfect place to keep all of the important information your babysitter needs to know in one convenient location!

The Babysitter Activities for Kids: Camping Edition-  The first of a series of fun activities that the babysitter can do with the kids while you are away!

Check out the details for what is included in each of these two amazing printable packs:

Babysitter Organizational Binder 

Watch this video from The Dating Divas’ You Tube Channel to see the printable pack for yourself!

Babysitter Binder

This babysitter binder has everything you need to be able to leave the house with a peace of mind! In one simple location, your babysitter can access all of the important information to help make the evening a success!

Babysitter Binder

You can use the gorgeous binder and spine cover to dedicate a 3 ring binder to keeping all of your information together in one place. Then, fill out and insert the pages of the Babysitter Organization Binder.

 Binder Planning Kit includes:

  • Contact and Emergency Information
  • House Rules and Guidelines
  • Mealtimes and Bedtimes
  • Allergy Alerts
  • Sleeping and Eating Schedules (Specifically for Baby)
  • Information about Each Child
  • Notes for the Babysitter

Babysitter Binder Set

No more worrying that you forgot to relay important information to your babysitter! You have it all in one place – all the time! Amazing!

And it that wasn’t enough – our Babysitter Organizational Binder Pack ALSO includes some helps to make the evening with the babysitter even easier. It also includes:

Special Letters for your Kids

Beautifully-designed “Open When…” letters for the kids that lets you leave simple notes for your kids to read while you are away.

Babysitter Open When Letters
Babysitter Bucks Rewards System

A Babysitter Bucks reward system helps ensure good behavior with the babysitter! Kids can earn bucks throughout the evening and redeem them for set rewards that you choose!

Babysitter Money Rewards

Babysitter Binder Kit

Can you imagine leaving for date night without the hassle of spouting off information to your babysitter? This way you never miss important information and you can know that your children are in safe, knowledgeable hands!

This entire binder set is yours for just


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 To make your evening away more special for the kids, check out the

Babysitter in a Bag: Camping Activity Set

See the Camping Kit in action in this NEW Diva video!

Babysitter In A Bag Camping Edition

Our Babysitter in a Bag series includes prepared activities to leave behind with the babysitter. The kids will be so excited to find out what’s in the bag that they won’t be sad when you leave! And you can completely enjoy date night! This Babysitter in a Bag set is the first of a series of amazing kids activities that will have your little ones wanting you to leave on date night! All of the activities are easy to prep and can be placed in a bag – ready for the babysitter to start the fun!

Babysitter Bag Camping

Our first Babysitter in a Bag printable pack takes your kids on an amazing CAMPING adventure! The pack includes activities and ideas for the kids to do with the babysitter that all have to do with the great outdoors!

Inside the Camping Bag you’ll find:

  • A Nature Scavenger Hunt (with indoor and outdoor options!)
  • Camping Bingo Activity Set
  • Scouting Badges for Activity Winners
  • Unique Ideas for Camping-themed Snacks (plus printables!)
  • Play Dough Activity Challenges
  • Recipe for Indoor S’mores
  • and even more fun ideas!

Babysitter Bag Camping Set

So much fun right? There is plenty to do to keep the kids busy and having a blast! They won’t even know you were gone and you can enjoy your date night worry-free!

Check out some of the gorgeous printables that are included in this pack:

Camping Bingo Activity for Kids

The camping bingo card set includes 6 individual playing cards in a variety of colors!

Babysitter in a Bag Camping Bingo

Campers Scouting Badge

And for the winners of the games we have 8 different special scouting badges the kids can earn!
Babysitter Award

This entire fun-filled evening can be yours for only


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The Babysitter Organizational Binder and The Babysitter in a Bag Camping Kit go perfectly together! Both make leaving your kids with the babysitter a breeze and because we love you – we are offering our readers BOTH our Babysitter Organizational Binder Set AND The Babysitter in a Bag Camping Kit in a special combined offer price!

You can get BOTH of these amazing printable sets for just


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Leaving kids with a babysitter can be stressful on both the parents and the kids but this printable bundle is sure to make the transition easy-peasy! Speaking of babysitters – have you considered starting a babysitting co-op? If you haven’t heard of a babysitting co-op you must check out our post on How To Organize a Baby-sitting Co-op! It makes finding a reliable babysitter much easier! And you could totally incorporate this binder and activity bag into your group!

Keep checking back with us– 

there are even MORE darling Babysitter in a Bag sets coming your way!

And if you LOVE camping as much as we do, don’t forget to check out our printable Family Camping Trip Kit! 

Camping KitThis sucker is loaded with EVERYTHING you need to organize your next camping trip and makes it easier than ever! Including…  

  • Camping Binder with a Packing Checklist and To-Do List to help take the stress out of preparing for your camping trip!
  • Camping Menu to make meal planning a breeze!
  • Camping Games for some fun family bonding around the campfire.
  • Scavenger Hunt to keep the kiddos entertained around the camp site.
  • Campfire S’mores Kit to make the BEST part of camping an even bigger treat!

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