Babysitter In A Bag

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Babysitter In A Bag

  Everything you need to surprise your kiddos with a whole night of serious FUN! (So you can finally enjoy date night!)


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Sometimes the hardest part about making date night work is leaving the kids with a babysitter.  Am I right?  As soon as the sitter arrives, your little one starts crying and clinging to your legs.   You finally manage to peel him/her off and head out the door.  But instead of being excited for a night out with your hubby, you’re still worried about your baby and wondering how long he’s gonna cry.  Sound familiar at all?  Well, you are going to LOVE us after this post because…

Today we’re gonna share a way to make the whole babysitter experience SOOOOO MUCH MORE FUN! 

 Introducing… Babysitter In A Bag! 


Yep, tucked inside this little bag is the solution to all of your babysitter woes. 

 Wanna know what’s inside?!


EVERYTHING your babysitter will need to surprise your little kiddos with a WHOLE night of serious FUN!  It’s pretty much a party in there.   I can almost guarantee that those tears will turn to giggles in no time at all!  {And YES- we are totally hooking you up with all of the darling, free printables you’ll need to pull it off.  You love us, huh?}

To Make Your Own “Babysitter In A Bag,” You’ll Need…

With little kids at home, chances are you already have most of those things lying around the house.  And if you don’t, you can find them all at the dollar store- SCORE!

Here’s How It Works…

The morning of your date, pull this baby out and set it out somewhere the kids can see it.  But DON’T let them touch it, look inside, or play with it.  When they ask what it’s for- let them know it’s a BIG SURPRISE, but they can’t open it until the babysitter comes tonight.  With the anticipation building all day long (and with any luck) they’ll be begging you to leave.

Once date time finally arrives, give the babysitter the bag along with the printable instructions.  That’s it!  The instructions explain it all, and everything they’ll need will be inside the bag.

Here Are The Details…

We are SOOO excited to introduce you to a brand new website.  If you have little kids (or grandkids) you are seriously gonna LOVE it!

 It’s called and it is brilliant!

 They write sing-along storybooks for kids with catchy music and playful illustrations.  And every month they put up a new one.  You can watch and listen to all of their stories/songs online for FREE or you can purchase a paperback copy for your home library.  All three of my little girls are IN LOVE with these stories!  My 3-year old is constantly bringing me my phone so I can play a song for her to dance along to.  My 6-year old loves reading and singing along with the words on the screen.  And on our recent cross-country road-trip, that “Little Monkey” song literally saved me by appeasing my screaming little 18-month old.  Basically, it’s a mom’s best friend!  ;) 

And here’s the BEST part of it all…

We teamed up with Sing A Story to fill your “Babysitter In A Bag” with all sorts of  GOODIES!

We knew we could count on Sing A Story to deliver imagination, education, and just plain FUN!  First up….

The Babysitter’s Instructions


As soon as you’re out the door, the Babysitter’s Instructions will tell them to…

1.  First, go to and listen to “My Babysitter”

Yep, Sing A Story wrote a brand new song to go along with our “Babysitter In A Bag” JUST for The Dating Divas’ readers!  How cool is THAT?  Not only will it help comfort any sadness and crying that may occur when you leave, but it will also explain all of the FUN that they are in store for tonight.  Each verse of the song shows different activities that your kiddos can discover in their “Babysitter In A Bag.”  You’ve gotta check out this cute song…

2.  Then, set out the Activity Cards and let the kids take turns choosing one.

{Included in our free download of printables are these activity cards.  You’ll find 2 pages with the fronts of the cards along with 2 pages with the backs of the cards.  You’ll want to cut these out and glue them back-to-back before putting the cards into the bag.}


3.  Listen to the song on the card and then do the activity! 

Each card has a different song they can listen to AND an activity to go along with it.  This is where your bubbles, crayons, chalk, and ALL of those fun things come into play.  They’ll get to use a different one for each card.  See… we told you it was a party in there!


Card 1:  Listen to “The Really Silly Robot” while you dance and blow bubbles”

Card 2:  Listen to “A Zoo in the Clouds” while you eat animal crackers”

Card 3:  Listen to “Raining Colors” then use all the colors of sidewalk chalk to make a rainbow.

Card 4:  Listen to “The Alphabet Song” then use your alphabet stickers to spell something.

Card 5:  Listen to “The Bumble Dragon” and make your own Bumble Dragon out of playdough.

Card 6:  Listen to “Paulie the Pirate” while you color a coloring page.

Card 7:  Listen to “A Rock in the Park” while you try to keep the balloons off the ground.

Card 8:  Listen to “Little Monkey” then play Hide-N-Seek.

How fun is that?!

 It’s sure to keep them smiling all night long.  (Oh, and this isn’t just for babysitters.  It always works perfectly for a fun at-home mommy date or a memorable playdate with grandma!)

 Get your amazing printables below!


Looking for even MORE FUN?!  Sing A Story also has FREE Coloring Pages with all of their story characters.


 Print off a couple pages to stick in your “Babysitter In A Bag” {and maybe a few extras to have on hand in the diaper bag.}


AND as if that’s not enough –  Sing A Story also has FREE Playdough Mats!


Simply print out the Playdough Mats and cover page, laminate each sheet, and keep them together with metal rings.   Pair it with homemade or store-bought playdough for hours of fun!



Don’t you think?  Who wouldn’t LOVE to receive a “Date In A Bag” for a night of romance with their honey paired with a “Babysitter In A Bag” to keep the kids entertained while they’re gone?!   And you’re in luck, we included the coordinating “Date In A Bag” printable in your download- along with matching gift tags to tie onto the handles.  You’re SO welcome!   (Oh, and if you need ideas of what to put inside your “Date In A Bag”, never you fear, we Divas ALWAYS have you covered when it comes to dates.  Check out Corie’s Date Night in a Bag for lots of ideas!)

Phew!  It doesn’t get much better than that!


Free Download

Babysitter in a Bag PART 1 Printables

Printables Designed by Becca @ The Dating Divas Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

Babysitter in a Bag PART 2 Printables

Printables Designed by Becca @ The Dating Divas Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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