Becoming Fireproof

Fireproof Your Marriage
Like many of you, my husband and I are movie fans! A.K.A “cuddle on the couch with a good flick after the kids are in bed fans.” With the standards of Hollywood, it’s not often that a movie comes out that actually is centered around morals and values faith, but I think it’s a glorious event when it does happen, and I like to support those kind of film makers. So… I just wanted to mention just such a movie that my husband and I saw a while ago.
Yeah, yeah… I’ll be the first to admit that it can be a little cheesy in some spots, but the message is powerful!
In a nutshell, the story is about a struggling couple (Kirk Cameron is the husband) who change their lives to be the very best they can for each other…

SelfLESS vs. Selfish
Isn’t that what all of us here are striving for?

You can see the trailer here and easily pick this one up on Redbox.

~ don’t forget the popcorn!

P.S. There is a GREAT website called The Romantic Vineyard which features ideas and resources that will help couples strengthen their marriages. They are Christian – based, which I love and a very neat couple “runs” it all. They have a webpage dedicated to the 40 Love Dare Challenges that are discussed in the movie and if you click HERE, you can read all about the challenges!

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13 Responses to Becoming Fireproof

  1. I saw this movie last year and loved it too! I was amazed at what a good actor Kirk Cameron had become over the years. (Yeah, he made me cry.) What I thought was really cool was that in real life he refuses to kiss anyone other than his wife, so during the kissing scene, his real wife stood in and they used creative lighting so you couldn't tell it wasn't the actress. That's what I call standing up for your beliefs.

  2. Kiirsten – thanks for sending your readers to our blog to check out the Love Dare 40 Day Challenge. We LOVE your site and have added you to our blogroll. If we can help you in anyway don't hesitate to ask! We would like to feature your blog in an upcoming post – would you be interested in this?

  3. I love that you posted about this. My husband and I watched it a while ago. I really got a lot out of the message and I appreciated how it showed that just about any couple can turn their marraige around.

  4. We love this movie and pop it in quite often… just to strengthen out marriage. We also have the book and have implimented quite a few of the ideas there.
    On a side note… if you want a great laugh… check out the special features and watch the fireproof in 60 second… IT'S HILARIOUS… We always watch that first!

  5. My hubby and I loved this movie, it’s one of our favorites, definitely a powerful and great message! I love feel-good movies like this! 🙂

  6. That is such a GREAT movie! I totally agree with your review. I watched this movie in theaters with my sister. We had no idea what it was about going in the theater. I’m so glad to be reminded of it again. I have to watch it with my husband. It’s the same thought i had as I was watching it a few years ago.

  7. My husband and I were given these the movie and also the books that go with it, when it seemed like there might be no hope for our marriage. We both watched the movie seperately and have just started the Love Dare 40 day challenge. I have to admit although I am not extremely religious this book has an amazing message and every word really rings true. It is definatly worth a shot this 40 might just last a lifetime.