Best Daddy Ever Jelly Beans!

I love jelly beans!  I really do.  I love trying to guess each flavor.  When I stumbled across this idea, I knew you would LOVE it too!  Jade over at The Letter 4 shared a fun printable using jelly beans!

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All you need to do to create this darling idea, is a jar of jelly beans and this darling printable!  Your spouse will love eating the jelly beans while looking up what each color represents.

This quick and easy idea is delicious, fun and meaningful!

Check out the user friendly picture tutorial…

The finished product…

Isn’t this idea awesome? Thanks Jade for letting us share!

What is your favorite kind of jelly bean?


Since this printable is no longer available over at our friends, The Letter 4, we have a new one just for you!  Click below for this darling printable to give to your SUPER DAD with 45 fun flavors!


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26 Responses to Best Daddy Ever Jelly Beans!

  1. Hi, Ladies. I shared this on my site last year, too. A reader is looking for the download, and the post is gone. Do you know where I can send her to download it? I have it, but I want to be sure she can’t get it somewhere else before I share. I’m sure lots more people will be looking for it as Father’s Day gets closer!

    Thanks! I’ve also commented on The Letter 4, but I’m not sure if she’s still blogging.

    1. Heidi, they have stopped blogging temporarily that we know of. We are trying to get a hold of the printable so we can offer it to our readers still. 🙂 Thanks for your patience!

      1. I am so glad to hear this. I have been looking all over the web hoping someone would have the printable and just came back to your site to ask if you knew how I could get it. Thank you for checking into this for us!

  2. Hello,
    This is absolutely adorable! Would you be able to send me the PDF with the images reversed? I’m trying to do a photo transfer onto a glass jar, and cannot seem to get it to reverse on my end. Thanks!