Birthday Bingo

Adult and Kids Birthday Bingo Cards

Check out these Birthday Bingo Cards and give your husband the most creative birthday gift ever! We have a kids version too!

You are going to fall in LOVE with this fantastic birthday gift idea!! It is a game and gift all in one, what could be better?!?!

Birthday Bingo Card

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If you have been searching for an EXTRA- creative birthday gift for your husband {or wife!!}, then you are in the right spot! This may be your best birthday gift idea yet!!

These custom made birthday bingo cards are one-of-a-kind-amazing!! Darling Courtney of All Things Bright And Beautiful designed these gorgeous birthday bingo cards and markers! Aren’t they the best?! I just LOVE them!! Pop on over to her site and let her know how amazing she is! The best part is that we have two versions  of these bingo cards – kid and adult! Whoot! Whoot!!

Birthday Party Bingo Card

This gift is super easy to put together!! Just print off your FREE Bingo cards {at the bottom of this post} and number/letter circles {link at the end of this post}, and cut them out!

Birthday Bingo Card Markers

Read through the bingo card you print off and make sure you have the items needed for each of the squares – most everything you should already have around the house, but you may need to zip out and grab a few odds and ends like balloons and streamers… and maybe some Aromatherapy Massage Oil {wink!}

Bingo Cards for Birthday

Present your sweetie with the fun game on their birthday… or you could do this for their whole birthday week and just draw out one or two squares a day!! Why limit yourself to a one day birthday celebration when you can celebrate ALL WEEK long, right!?!

Creative Birthday Bingo Present

No boring bingo dabbers for this game. We want it to be delicious! Choose some tasty markers for the game board. I used Gummy Lifesavers, but pick your spouse’s favorite treat like Skittles, Starburst, or gummy bears… I would say avoid chocolate for this game so it doesn’t melt all over your Bingo Card.

Put the circle cards in a cup or bag and draw them out. Complete each gift or event as you draw them out and have a full day of birthday fun!

Birthday Bingo Adult and Kid Cards

Whoever you surprise with this birthday bingo card is going to be thrilled to say the least! You may want to laminate this card or tuck it into a plastic sleeve so they can use it for YOU on your birthday, too! :)

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