Birthday Care Package Ideas For Your Spouse

A Birthday Care Package Made Easy!

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to show you care. When someone you love is having a birthday, you want to make their day as special as possible, but what if they are far away? What can you do for someone you love when you won’t be with them to celebrate their birthday? A birthday care package is just the thing! Send your love a special delivery filled with our birthday box gift ideas and printables. Surprise your loved one with one of our many birthday care package ideas.Have a loved one far away on their birthday? Use these birthday box gift ideas and free printables to personalize a birthday care package for your loved one! #carepackage #birthdaycarepackage #longdistancebirthday #birthdayboxideas

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When your loved one is away on their big day you can make their birthday special with a birthday care package! With the bright and cheerful printables designed by Courtney from Paperelli designs making your own birthday box is super simple! Here is what we have for you in the free printable download:

The pack includes:

  • Printable AND Editable Box Flap Covers
  • Birthday Box Gift Tags
  • Birthday Card
  • Personalized Gift Jar
  • Birthday Mad Lib Game

Birthday Care Package Box Idea 

Birthday Care Package Surprise

From the moment your loved one opens the box, the bright colors of the birthday care package will bring the birthday fun! The printable box flaps can be trimmed to fit any box. My favorite feature is that you can personalize the side flaps with your loved one’s age using a free Adobe program but that is totally optional! Adding the box flaps is something that is so easy to do but can make a big difference in giving your birthday care package that extra tender loving care!

Birthday Box Gift Ideas & TagsBirthday Care Package Free Printable Tags

Now for the fun part! Now you get to fill the birthday care package with all sorts of fun birthday items. We have some colorful tags to add to the items you choose to put in your box to make it even more special. Think about what your loved one would enjoy most on their birthday based on their situation.

Here are some birthday box gift ideas to inspire you:

  • A birthday cake or cupcakes items:
    • Cake mix, icing, cupcake liners, birthday candles, etc.
  • Ice cream sundae (minus the ice cream) items:
    • Sprinkles, cone, fudge topping, fun spoon, etc.
  • Birthday decor items:
  • Gifts (of course!):
    • Letters from loved ones
    • Photos from home
    •  If you need some gift inspiration we have a birthday gift guide with over 100 ideas for the whole family!
    • Gift jar (see idea below!)

A Birthday Card For Your Care Package

Birthday Care Package Card

No matter what you put in your package, make sure you take time to leave a little note. This birthday card goes perfectly with the long distance situation and gives you a place to let them know you miss them and love them.

Fun Personalized Birthday Gift

Birthday Box Gift Ideas

For a very personalized gift, we have included an editable wrap. Using the free Adobe program you can actually insert your loved one’s name into the printable! How impressive is that?

Here are few ideas of how you can use this printable for your own personalized gift:

  • Wrap the printable around a gift. Anything from a candle to socks would work!
  • Wrap the printable around a jar and fill the jar with their favorite treat
  • Wrap the printable around a box and fill the box with notes containing things you love about them.

More Birthday Package Ideas

Birthday Mad Libs

Finally, we have a fun little game that you can slip into your care package. Everyone loves a classic Mad Libs game and this birthday edition is a simple but fun addition to your box. If your recipient is a little bummed they can’t be with you on their birthday this will certainly liven things up and give them a good smile (and chuckle!).

What I Love About This Care Package:

Personalized Birthday Care Package

  • The ideas and printables are perfect for any age.
  • I love being able to personalize the printables.
  • It is very easy to put together but it looks like I put a lot of effort.
  • I appreciate that I can use this for my spouse, my kids, neighbors – anyone really!

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  1. This is SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!! I could have used this a couple years ago when Jamie/I were apart on his bday but I think I can STILL think of a fun way to surprise him with this in the future! 😉

  2. This is an absolutely adorable idea to celebrate a birthday when you can’t physically be with the loved one. It would also be fun to do a birthday care package even when can celebrate with the loved one. I would love to do this for my husband and daughter. I think they would both love this.